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What is the worst thing a previous manager could say about you?
Nobody is a perfect employee! Think about some mistakes you have made at work or any suggestions for improvement that you have been given. If a manager were to give you feedback or criticism, what might they say? Keep your answer brief and be sure to finish on a positive note by discussing your willingness to improve and take constructive feedback.
Answer examples
"When I started my most recent job I had a pretty big learning curve. The software and my daily tasks were all very new to me. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, because I felt rushed and wanted to learn as quickly as I could. My manager suggested I slow down and not worry so much about keeping up with the people who had been there for a while. He was understanding, and it helped me to learn that it's okay to take my time to avoid mistakes."
"My previous manager could comment on my willingness to adapt to change. We went through a major merger which brought many significant changes on a weekly basis. The uncertainty was difficult on me and I feel that I could have handled it better."
"When I was first out of school I had issues with getting to work on time. Chalk it up to youth, laziness, whatever, but he told me then, and would tell you now, that my inability to get to work on time was a noticeable shortcoming. I have since resolved this problem."
Sales answer example
"Probably the most critical thing a manager has said about me is my need to slow down and stop chomping at the bit for the next big thing. I always have my eyes on the prize for the next position to move up the ranks. I know it's great to be goal oriented and driven, but I also know that I need to take time to slow down and truly learn all of the foundational tasks that will help be really succeed in that next position. I think I've learned that this time around, and while I am always planning for the future, I know I am building the skills to help me be a better leader when the time comes, too."
Retail answer example
"Hmm, the most critical thing a manager could say might be that I need to thicken up my skin a little. I am always wanting to learn and improve, so I take comments very seriously and to heart when they come from someone I respect. Occasionally, this can dampen my morale if I'm given negative feedback. I know that I need to work on taking their feedback in stride. I already work on incorporating it immediately, I just need to skip the middle step of letting it bring me down or letting others notice that it has brought me down."
Teacher answer example
"I'm happy to report that I've had mostly really great reviews in my tenure as a teacher. That said, I believe my boss would report that my area for improvement would be being more accepting of how the system wants us to do things. I struggle greatly with the standardized test era in which we live. I'm working on it, but it's definitely a bitter pill to swallow, when the bulk of teachers as a whole are like minded and think the way our policies are changing is in the disinterest of the students."
Marketing answer example
"I think the most critical thing a manager could say about me would be that I can sometimes be too emotional about work. I am very passionate, so I advocate fiercely for what I believe in but I know that it is an area for improvement. I'm working on this, taking the emotion out of it. Follow my gut but lay out the facts in a matter-of-fact way, leading to the conclusion with facts, money, and "what's in it for me" for the other person to see my side, without emotion on the line."

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User-Submitted Answers

What is the worst thing a previous manager could say about you?
That sometimes I will tell the truth when answering a customers questions.
Always in hurry to complete the task.
Not giving me enough hours.
Spontaneity, see something that needs to be changed and I start changing it.
Always whenever he was having any task incomplete then he tells as a hurrily.
He says everytime that in a hurry manner.
The worst thing my previous manager could say about me is that I sometimes need some direction while performing certain tasks.
You were not completing the task on time.
The worst thing a manager could say about me is that I struggled when first presenting. I was not able to pick up on how to present confidently. But after more engagements and better understanding of the technology. I am very successful and confident when presenting.
I need to have better presentation skills.
That sometimes I am too nice and I make too good a friend that the customer has an easier time saying no to me.
That I'm too caring of other people's needs, and can often neglect my own.
Possibly saying things about other people behind their back.
I often did not get to work on time in my early career years. Over the years, this has changed as it has major implications on my ability to perform my work well.