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What do you know about our organization?
Recruiters and hiring managers often receive hundreds of applications per job. If you are lucky enough to land an interview, make some effort to conduct research on the opportunity. You don't need to be an expert, but you do need to be knowledgeable on the company before your interview. Start by searching the company website and take special note of any recent news articles, events or contributions they have made to the community. Identify their mission and values so that you can be clear on what they stand for.
Answer examples
"Your company mission of excellent customer service and loyalty really jumps out to me. It is probably why you are the longest standing business of all your competitors. I also love that you are working to make your office green by recycling and minimizing energy costs."
"I have researched your organization a great deal and see that you recently earned the 'XYZ Award' for industry innovation. You had a lot of competition when it comes to winning this award so it tells me that your team is incredibly dedicated and focused."
"I did some internet research before coming in today. I saw that you are expanding existing business into South America. Expansion is a good sign."
Sales answer example
"I have been looking for a high-growth startup for quite a while and GHI is exactly what I've been searching for: you value your people and have an awesome culture centered around achievement, growth, and accountability, and you are disrupting an industry that needs some shaking up and you have science that is allowing that disruption. Honestly, the energy in here is contagious, which only make me even more excited about the opportunity."
Retail answer example
"I know that, without a doubt, you are the industry leader, both in thought leadership as well as sales. Not to mention footprint. I know that this is my dream job in my dream company, and I have been working my entire career up to this point to get me ready to take the next step with your organization. I love that you heavily educate, train, and promote from within, and that your average tenure of full-time employees is over a decade. That is something to really be proud of, and something I value in my next employer."
Teacher answer example
"I know that your district is a leading district in the state both for test scores, as well as one of the best places to work. I live in the community and send my kids to these schools, so I know first hand how great the district is. I grew up here and I like to think that I am a great representation of all the good teaching that goes on in the district, too- ha!"
Marketing answer example
"I know that you are totally shaking up a commodity that is so beloved worldwide but barely consumed in the US, and you're working to make it accessible, understandable, and affordable, which I think is so great. The three pronged tagline really hits your value prop home and resonates with me as a millennial consumer of tea. As I mentioned, I've been a customer for a few years now, and so I believe I have an additional something to add now if I were brought onto the marketing effort."

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User-Submitted Answers

What do you know about our organization?
From what I see and was told. You are a company that help with inbound calls for Ford Dealership.
Committed to research, leading MS therapy and hemophilia development, willingness to help pts.
Dedicated to social change.
I think its the number one sports retailer in the world. Endorsed by some of the top athletes on the plantet . And know you have right to the NBA and NFL
It is a it based company and world class products dedicating to a social change.
It is a it based company which is having world class products and chairperson is santi who had 13 years of experience in it industry and auditor and coming to the ceo satyajeet prasad who was a studied in iit kharagur iim lucknow.
I know that it was founded by Tom Morris in 1976 in Liverpool, the company has over 400 stores nationwide and there is over 17,000 employees.
Have a good reputations and its a great healthcare solution company the provides the best outcome to the consumers.
You are the top leading oil palm plantation company.
Provides honest and safe care without judgement.
I would like to know a little more about what you do here.
The organization works to inspect products and ensure that they meet the requirements and policies that are levied by the company.
You are a full spectrum lender that is consistent.
Humana was founded in Louisville KY in 1961 by 2 young lawyers that had a dream to create nursing homes where patients would be treated like family. Since then it has evolved to become the health solutions company it is today helping people achieve life long well being.
Te organization helps out with wellness of the community.
Your organisation is a subsidiary of bank of america.
Our organisation is an esteemed organisation with a strong motto and dedicated employees who work for the growth of the organisation and serve our clients better.
I have worked in multinational organization operating in telecommunication industry and represented in more than 30 countries.
This is an non profit organization founded 25 years ago to fight education inequality in our current education system. You have offices all over the country and your primary goal is to attract young talent from top colleges in the country to serve in under resourced schools around the country.
Is a non profit organization that provides job training and/or placement and vocational rahabilitian for veterens and disabled people and operates thift retails stores. Was founded in 1902 by rev. Helmes. Ceo is jim gibbons.