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Tell me about your dream job.

Example #1
"My dream job is to work for a company that will allow me to grow in the hospitality industry while applying the knowledge I gained while earning my Hospitality Management diploma. I am most excited about this role with your hotel group because it will allow me to put into practice everything I learned about guest services, business management, human resources, and hospitality marketing."
Example #2
"My dream job is not necessarily a specific function but more focused on the workplace vibe and company culture. I set my sights on your organization after I saw your name on the city's 'Top 25 Employer' list. I researched your methods and mission and was very impressed. This company would be a dream 'fit' for me."
Example #3
"My dream job is one where I have the tools and support to be a great mentor to my team members. I am passionate about investing in my top performers, so a dream employer would be an organization that supports this passion. Would you agree that this describes your company?"
Example #4
"My dream job is one where I can exercise my creativity in a variety of ways. I appreciate that your company works in pods and that you allow engaged team players to try their hand at a variety of tasks that interest them. I look forward to joining your talented and diverse team."
Example #5
"I love retail and fashion, which is why I applied to your company. Although it isn't my dream to be a floor sales representative all of my career, I am deeply interested in working my way up in your organization, perhaps in a merchandising or even a buyer role one day."
Example #6
"Being a business development representative IS my dream job! I am thrilled to be considered for this role and career path with your company. The fact that you will provide international travel and continued education opportunities makes this position even more enticing."
Example #7
"My dream is to be an educator in a school that focuses' less on traditional learning methods and allows for creativity in the classroom. When I read an article about the new teaching methods you have implemented in your classes, I knew I had to apply."
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