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If you were not able to be in this profession, what other careers do you see yourself doing?
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"I cannot imagine being unable to work in this profession because I enjoy it so much! If I had to draw on my other skills and passions I would choose to work for a non-profit organization such as the local animal shelter. I am a big animal lover so that would be a lot of fun."
"I am a very creative person who has always had a penchant for the arts. I realize that it's completely different than my career path but if I knew, early on, that I could have made a career as an artist - I would have explored that option further. Of course, I am very satisfied with the choices I made and never have any regrets."
"I am a people person, so any position where I can help people on a daily basis would be good for me. Whether it be in retail, healthcare, etc."
"I am definitely a people person, which is why I'm in sales, but I also love to write. I have always written in my spare time and actually really enjoy writing emails or proposals daily for work, so it's definitely something that I'd love to do in an alternate universe. In this universe however, I am happy to continue in sales to learn, grow, and take on the extra writing work for proposals when it arises."
"If I weren't in retail, I would probably have become a teacher. I knew that I wanted to make a career in retail since my very first job as a retail sales associate when I was sixteen. However, up until then, I had wanted to be a teacher, like my mom. I have so much respect for teachers, but truly think I found what I was meant to do."
"If I were not teaching, oh goodness, that's hard! I have wanted to be a teacher since third grade: I distinctly remember the moment when I decided, too. Hmm... I suppose I would probably be a speech language pathologist, if I weren't a teacher. It would still allow me to work with children, and the work they do, how they understand the brain, it's all just so fascinating."
Show the interviewer that you know your strengths and talk about a profession that seems exciting and interesting to you. It's great to talk about a dream job but be sure to solidify your interest in the role and career path you are currently interviewing for.
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User-Submitted Answers
Heath Care maybe or Data Entry.
Professional athlete I could play all the sports just wasn’t the best at it.
I will be as a sales in my shop.
I would like to see myself in a social work career.
I see myself being in music, because it is a passion of mine. I was told always follow your dreams and work hard to do what you want to do in life.
I have always been a caregiver. Previously worked as a nurse. After retired from the field, realized that still had a lot to give. Thus began my second career. Now would like to continue helping others to become self sufficient. To gain skills that will make them a better candidate, thus gaining employment.
Computer programmer, housewife, grocery store employee, painter, writer.
Working within the human resource department to help others.
I really enjoy interacting with people. If not in sales I really enjoyed my brief experience in human resources.
I would see myself in the nursing field and teaching field.
Painting, Arts and computer programming.
Prior to this, I was a marketing professional working for profit organizations selling products and services to consumers. I enjoy working with numbers and would really enjoy a career analyzing data and deriving sense out of numbers.
Have you equipment operator or still working for the water utilities department.
Massage therapist and elementary school teacher.
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