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How would your most recent manager describe you?
When you answer this question, draw from your last performance review and/or a piece of feedback you have received from your most recent boss or coworkers. You do not want to simply guess what your manager thinks of you. Solidify your answer by referring to the strong employment references you are able to provide.
Answer examples
"In my recent performance reviews and discussions, my manager describes me as a hard worker, motivated, and consistent employee. I always strive to exceed expectations when I can. My current manager is happy to speak on my behalf as a positive reference as well."
"My last manager and I had a close relationship. She really appreciated all of my efforts when it came to working overtime and taking my work home when required. I believe she would describe me as unique, reliable and energetic."
"My manager and I get along well. He valued my knowledge and abilities and gave me the freedom to do my job however I wanted, as long as I got the job done. I think he would tell you that I am dedicated and will go the extra mile to deliver results."
Sales answer example
"My manager has always had really nice things to say about me. In my most recent performance review, just after being promoted to my new role, he expressed how impressed he was when I exceeded my first monthly sales target within the first week on the job, and also mentioned how he appreciates my initiative into tackling new projects such as the new market I am working on from scratch. I feel fortunate to have always had great rapport with my managers and while I don't want to tip this current one off to me leaving, I would be happy to put you in touch with my two previous supervisors when the time comes."
Retail answer example
"My most recent manager would be a glowing reference, and actually can be, since she has since left the company. She actually lobbied for my promotion into her prior role and taught me so much. She would describe me as dedicated, loyal, a quick learner, and flexible. I am proud of these traits and love that she has, and others have, recognized them in me!"
Teacher answer example
"My department lead at my current school would describe me as impassioned, excited, and dedicated, as you can see in my review from last year. I am very proud that my passion and love for the language and the job has been so clearly communicated with my department, students, and coworkers."
Marketing answer example
"My current manager has reviewed me noting that I am a hard worker, dependable, and effective in my execution. My results would corroborate this as well, and I also would happily provide Ashley as a reference when we get to that stage."

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User-Submitted Answers

How would your most recent manager describe you?
Always on time, willing to work on any campaign, and outgoing.
Haard worker, dependable.
Ambitious, goal-oriented, hardworker, leader.
My priority is to build team work and effective.
They would say he was one of my best employees some one you could tell to do something and not worry about it not getting done.
Always he says about me that I am hardworker and responsible person (i will do his work immediately)
He describes everytime that you are the responsible, hard worker and helping nature respectable person.
My last manager would describe me as friendly, happy and helpful.
Other co auditors should try to emulate me.
Someone who is helpful, hardworking, intelligent, confident and a motivator.
I've got my appraisal from Aga Ken Jones.
Great personality, works hard to get things done.
Approachable, good in programming, a very practiced code maker.
As someone looking to be a expert at my field and also looking to improve friendships and relationships in the work place.
Hard worker, team player and trust worthy.
Actually, in my most recent performance review in April, my direct supervisor described me as someone who takes initiative and doesn't shy away from hard problems.
Spunky, yet hard working, tends to sometimes lollygag around.
My last manage would describe me as someone who is a fast-learner, curious and hard working.
HArd working, intelligent, easy to work with.
Very dependable, dedicated to work, and is very liked by everyone.
Works well with others. Also that I am good at problem identification and resolution.
This is my very first interview for any job.
I think I will be describe as a hard working person.
The person they could most count on. Always there. Always ready to help.
I believe they would describe me as friendly and approachable and always willing to help.
My last manager would describe me as passionate with animals, friendly with customers, and very dependable.
Team player, responsible, reliable and getting things done.
She would say I am dependable and that I go out of my way to get tasks done within set timelines. I have a sense of urgency when attending to work assignments.
Dependable reliable punctual on time ready to work in a team player.