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How would you describe your work ethic?
When the interviewer asks about your work ethic they are looking for specific examples or keywords they can relate to. When you read the company job posting or job description do they refer to particular company ethics? Talk about their values and how those align well with your personal work values. Some characteristics you may want to use are: - Determined/Driven - Accountable - Humble - Respectful - Dependable
Answer examples
"I am a very dedicated and loyal employee. I saw on your website that you describe your company as honest, transparent and you go the extra mile for your clients. My work ethic is the same. I am honest, flexible, and come ready to work hard for my employer every day."
"My work ethic can be described as reliable, honest, and consistent. You are welcome to speak to my references in regards to my work ethic. I am very proud of my reputation in the industry."
"I am honest, dependable, and hard working. I am sure that any of my coworkers would agree."
Sales answer example
"I'd describe myself as really driven and goals-oriented. I love competition and am driven by it. Nonetheless, I am a team player. I never want to disappoint and will always go the extra mile both for my own goals and team ones as well."
Retail answer example
"I see myself as driven, dependable, and loyal. I always have my eye on the prize and what I want to achieve; I am always ready to jump into action whenever someone needs me; I stick with a company for the long term and love to grow with one organization, and help it grow in the process. I believe that my managers would describe me this way, too."
Teacher answer example
"I count myself among the most dedicated teachers, not only to my students, but also to my school. I am hard working, humble, kind, and passionate. I wake up every single day excited to go to work, excited for my job, my students, my school community. I want to bring my passion, humility, and drive to light up a new room and new school, hopefully yours."
Marketing answer example
"I would describe myself as excited to learn, driven towards growth, and someone who executes. I am certain my pasts bosses and clients would concur and I'd happily provide them as references."

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User-Submitted Answers

How would you describe your work ethic?
Hard worker gets the job done works well with others.
I would describe my work ethic as a good citizen who is always there to help others and to respect others. I would like to be treated as how others would treat me. I am a hard working person who enjoys being with others.
If my task is incomplete then I will not get sleep you know why my task is incomplete as I said you that I am responsible person in the organisation.
As I was not fnished my task I wil not get sleep.
Work: lots to do ethic: wtf.
I would describe my work ethic as determined.
I am extremely reliable I hate eing late to work, I am hardly sick and love being at work.
Punctual to work, being passion in your work and devoting your time and energy in the development of organization.
Committed, driven, self motivated with a friendly yet professional persona.
I'm organised. I prioritise well. I am helpful, and will be involved hands on.
Good, I make sure I get done what needs to get done, do what I am asked of.
Strict and persistent, I am also working toward a goal and am always looking to improve not only my physical state but my mentality as well.
One who goes down with the ship. I believe that you give 8 hours work for 8 hours pay. That no matter what others are doing, you have to stay true to yourself and do the best you can. To go above and beyond what is expected of you. That at the end of the day, you have to look at yourself honestly, look at what you did and be able to say that you did your best.
I always get my job done. I never try to mess around.
I work hard in order to acheive a good outcome but also understand the need to get things done in a time limit sometimes. I like to balance the importance of perfection and timeliness in order to acheive an optimal result.
Work ethics whic I am going to follow should be working wiyh resposibilty, working with full dedication along with descipline and giving respect to each and every single employee of the company.
I am patient, hardworking, and friendly.
I think I'm a professional witch like doing everything by the book according with company polici.
I am most proud of my work ethic. I had my first job delivering newspapers when I was 12 years old. Being punchtial and reliable is very important and I have little tolerance for those who arent.
You have to be responsible of your work, quality in the work you do and team work is important.
I am a Teamworker, responsible, and emphasise on quality.
I am a very determined and hard-working individual who strives for the best outcome and quality of work.
My work ethic leans toward values in society, wheras I put thought and consideration into what I do. I believe in promptness, honesty, and standing behind my work 110%. I'm very dedicated, work well with animals and others and complete all tasks that are given to me with enthusiasm and hard work.
I strive for excellence in my work and hence give my best at every task assigned to me. Honesty and integrity also play a major role in how I work.
I am an honest and sincere individual and I do not like to ‘Boss around’ to make my presence felt.