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How do you handle conflict in the workplace?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Really I have never had too. I got along with my co-workers and managers .
When a parent accused me of yelling at her child, I handled the situation in a professional manner and explained the situation.
Usually in most cases id walk away we had a no tolerance policy so their was nothing worth losing your job over.
When I come across confrontation in the work place, I always keep a calm voice and control the situation with the particular words I say. Even if we don't see each others side I try to be open and see where they are coming from.
Confrontation is something that we see a lot in the field we work in. Many times this is a result of fear and frustration due to the situation they are in. Recently had a customer who had been looking for employment for quite some time. She could not get past the interview. In going over her interview skills, realized that she was not specific or confident in presenting her skills. When this was addressed, she became defensive and aggressive. As we discussed the way an employer is looking for skills and process, she became more receptive. The acceptance that she would not be returning to the same job with the same pay was a turning point for her. After that she was able to look at the new ideas in more open and receptive manner. As a result, she was able to pass her interview and gain employment. I find that the best approach is to look for the best possible way where a customer will understand and gain the knowledge and receptiveness necessary. Getting past the fear is very important.
I manage myself frst thn I do handle that situation.
No I had not met with any confrontation as I am go along with my coworkers.
N/a but I would try to defuse the situation.
I have had to deal with confrontation whilst working in the prices arms I handled this confrontation very well and I was happy to help them.
I dealt with confrontation last month. I listen to both sides of the stories, and ensure that the stories are told in public, not behind closed doors. I ensure that each party has a fair opportunity to speak fully to present all of the facts.