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Why is this job right for you at this time in your career?

Discuss with the interviewer why you are looking to make a change, and how this particular role fits well with the changes that you are seeking. Be sure to give a more in-depth answer than the typical 'I am looking for growth' answer that so many interviewers hear. Be thoughtful and draw upon the research you have done on the company.


Answer Example

"I have been passively seeking a new position for quite some time and haven't jumped on anything yet because I want to make sure it's the right fit. I feel that this job is right for me, at this point in my career, because it offers an opportunity for me to utilize my new education in GIS while giving me an opportunity to advance in my management skills."


"This job is right for me at this time in my career because I am prepared and ready to take on an executive assistant position in the c-suite. I feel that your company would appreciate the training and coursework I have diligently attended. I am ready for further diversity in my work responsibilities."


"I currently manage a small production team of 12 operators. Although I love the work, I am ready to stretch myself professionally into an organization with a bigger production floor, and teams of 25 or more. This year I dedicated myself to taking two leadership workshops which I feel greatly prepared me to take on the challenge of the work volume present in your company."


"Your marketing director position is the position I have been striving for, for the past twelve years of my career. I have run smaller agencies with large clients, in the past. Now, I am ready for a large agency that handles multi-million dollar marketing accounts."


"I have been an assistant manager in my clothing department for three years. I am ready for advancement in a management role; however, my organization is unable to promote me without a transfer to another city. When I saw your position open for a management role, and so close to my home, I was excited. What excited me even more; however, is that you are a label and brand that I have closely followed for many years."


"This position offers me the exposure to the c-suite clients with which I have been looking to become involved. I currently sell to the decision makers, but generally, it's small business owners, or mom and pop shops. I am ready for the next important step in my career."


"I have been working as a substitute teacher for a couple of years, applying solely for full-time permanent teaching positions in this district. I was thrilled when the principal of my current school told me about this opportunity. This role would offer the career stability I have been seeking since I graduated with my Education degree."


"I am looking for growth"


"I have spent many years as a meteorologist at television stations across the country, but many of my friends and family live here. I wanted to be closer to them so I would have the opportunity to deliver the weather to an audience that I know and care about."

Account Manager

"I have been passively seeking a new position for quite some time but hadn't jumped on anything until this; when I read your job ad and researched your company, I knew this might be the perfect fit for both me and you. I think I'd fit really well in your company culture, and I possess the experience and knowledge to be very successful within this role. While I like my current job and employer, I am ready to move on to something different that will allow me learn more and expand my sales and management skills."

Newspaper Columnist

"I believe this columnist job is perfect for me at this stage of my life because I am no longer able to be a doctor because of the long hours I had to work along with having a family. Being a columnist for a health newspaper allows me to give my expert advice and opinions while spending more time with family."

Entertainment Anchor

"I believe this entertainment anchor job is right for me at this time because I have worked hard in the news industry to learn how to write and be on television and now I feel that I am ready to take on my true passion, the entertainment world."

News Director

"Becoming a news director feels right for me at this point in my life. Previously, I worked as a news reporter, so I have ample experience in the news department, but as I get older, I realize that I no longer have the energy to go out every day and interview people. I feel that my extensive knowledge of news will benefit the news department, and I am ready to stay in the office every day and help others."

Political Reporter

"I believe this job is right for me at this time because I have been working at becoming a political reporter for years and I am finally ready to take on the challenge."

Field Producer

"I think being a field producer is great for me right now because I have the freedom to travel for stories. I am young and have the drive in this field to find new stories and do deep digging during my travels."

News Researcher

"I believe this job is right for me at this time because I am looking forward to learning more about the news industry. I have great skills at researching online and want to learn more about how to investigate."


"I believe this job is right for me at this time because I have been preparing to be a screenwriter for years. I have been taking other writing jobs to learn from others and practice my skills, and I am ready to jump in and do it."

Production Director

"This job is a perfect fit for me at this stage of my life. I have been working in productions since high school and I have worked my way up the ranks and have learned what it takes to succeed in this industry. I am ready to take on this large role, and I feel the creative juices I have been stimulating for years are ready to be put to good use."

Assignment Desk Editor

"I want to get my start in news, and I do not think that being a journalist is a good right start for me. I would rather do something where I work closely with them but ease into the business a little slower. In the meantime, I am passionate about storytelling and breaking news, so I believe finding stories is the perfect job for me, and will help me learn more about reporting."

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