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What is your dream job?

Example #1
"My dream is to be the Controller of this company one day. I plan to start in this cost accountant role and work my way up over the years. It's exciting for me to think about all of the possibilities present in your company."
Example #2
"I am looking to make my way into an executive assistant position. Supporting your c-suite would be a dream position for me, and I look forward to earning my way into a role like this with your organization."
Example #3
"I thoroughly enjoy being a manager and a dream role for me would include leading a bigger team, within the production industry. Your position caught my eye because you offer these opportunities and more."
Example #4
"My dream is to be a marketing director. To get there, I am committed to continued education, taking courses on leadership, and gaining more project management experience. I see that your agency has a few paths available to reach a goal like this one, which is very exciting to me."
Example #5
"I am very analytically minded and have my eye on becoming a strategic buyer for a large retailer like yours. I look forward to learning the business with your corporation, and earning my way into a buyer position."
Example #6
"My dream job is one that takes me traveling, offers me a great lifestyle, and opportunity for uncapped commission. I am thrilled that your organization offers all three of these factors and I look forward to showing you what I can do as a business development professional."
Example #7
"My dream job is being an educator, and I am thrilled that I have made this dream come true for myself. In my opinion, no career path is more gratifying than being an elementary school teacher."
Example #8
"My dream job would be to become a Nurse. I've always loved helping people and customer service seems to come naturally to me. I started taking some nursing classes and am really enjoying them. It might take me twice as long to get there but once I set my mind to complete something I follow through."
Example #9
"My ideal job would be working in a restaurant with coworkers I can rely upon and managers who treat me with respect. I do my best to keep a positive attitude, and it is much more enjoyable to be around others who strive to do the same."
Example #10
"I love to travel and embrace other cultures. I have traveled all over the world and have lived in numerous countries, leading to the signature style that I have crafted today. My ideal design project would be the renovation of a residential home that takes all of these experiences and inspiration and translates them into an oasis. I would love to build a bed-and-breakfast-style resort and would take a lot of inspiration from my favorite designer, Abigail Ahern. I recently took her masterclass 'Designing Your Dream Home,' and I learned a lot from her eclectic, playful, and warm approach to design. She teaches 'breaking the rules' and 'following your instinct' which I can easily do since my inspiration comes from the numerous places I have lived around the world. This B&B style resort would include an earthy palette, the inclusion of exotic botanicals, and a lot of texture and layers. I would bring outdoor elements in, and then I would create an outdoor oasis that flowed naturally."
Example #11
"I would say that patrolling buildings at night by myself is a task that I enjoy the least. To combat this, I ensure that someone on my team knows where I am and how long I expect to be away from the desk. I think this is a responsible way to ensure safety while working alone. As far as the tasks that I enjoy the most, I would say greeting everyone who comes across our desk during the day. My current job requires me to communicate with a significant range of people every day, and I love the variety."
Example #12
"My ideal job would be working in a salon with coworkers I can rely upon and managers who treat me with respect. I do my best to keep a positive attitude, and it is much more enjoyable to be around others who strive to do the same."
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