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Answering Career Goals Questions

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If hired, what can we do to help you achieve your career goals?

Example #1
"Thank you for asking! I am seeking to join an organization with a solid succession plan for each position within their company. When I have a clear understanding of where my role can take me, I can better plan for the future and take more direct and successful steps."
Example #2
"I appreciate you asking this question. For me to be successful and achieve my goals, I would like to know that there is a solid training plan in place for my role. The more comfortable I am in the fact that I am well-trained and knowledgeable, the better I perform."
Example #3
"My career goals include the successful coaching and training of my team. I am thankful to hear that you understand the importance of supporting your leadership wholeheartedly. To best support me and my efforts, I would ask that you allow me time to get to know each person on my new team and how they tick. From there, I can create an airtight gameplan that will lead us to all-around success."
Example #4
"I read on your company website that you offer continuing education opportunities for your staff who are performing well. This offering is the best way that you could support my career goals. I am a major proponent of continued education opportunities and employee development, and I am pleased to see that you are as well."
Example #5
"Since I am new to my career, I feel that the best way to support my career goals is through solid training, mentorship, and continued encouragement. I am very excited to join a team as talented as yours, in my first professional role."
Example #6
"Thank you very much for asking! As a competitive individual and a salesperson who loves to win, the best thing your organization could offer me are opportunities to attend trade shows, conferences, and other industry events. It's important to me that I have a solid network in my industry and that I can develop face-to-face relationships with potential new customers."
Example #7
"I can be best supported through a healthy budget, appropriate classroom supplies, and a manageable class size. Also, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to attend professional development conferences as you see appropriate. Thank you for asking."
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