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How does this position fit into your career goals?

27 Answer Examples | Learn how to answer this question from professional recruiters

How to Answer

The interviewer would like to know that you see this position as a good fit. Is this role a lateral move that you are just complacent with taking until something better comes along? Assure the interviewer that this position will be challenging for you, is a step up in responsibilities, and that it fits with your overall career goals. A well-thought-out answer will show the interviewer you have considered the pros and cons of this position, in regards to the impact it will have on your career.

How does this position fit into your career goals?

"My primary career goal is to find a position where I can stay long term. Because your company has such a strong reputation for workplace culture, it fits perfectly with my desires for a long-term fit."

Assignment Desk Editor

"I hope that this job will prepare me for any type of news job in the future, especially continuing on to be an assignment desk editor. At this job I will be able to refine my skills and learn more about what it takes to delve deep into communities and find stories, and down the line will become even more of an asset."

Audio Engineer

"Someday, I aspire to be an audio director for National Public Radio. Until I am refined enough for that job, I am looking forward to working here to learn more, improve my skills, and grow so I will become even better."


"My primary goal in my career as an HR professional is to eventually work my way from an Administrator level to HR Partner. I feel that what your organization offers is a strong path towards those goals and I am excited about what this position has to offer."

Building Inspector

"I have some pretty lofty career aspirations and after researching your organization and learning more about this position, I really feel that this role fits with my future aspirations. I would love to see myself promoted based on my hard work and results, eventually managing my own team of building inspectors."

Entertainment Anchor

"In the future, I hope to work for an entertainment show in California. But until then, I hope this job will give me the necessary experience to be the best entertainment reporter locally that I can be."

Fashion Designer

"I wish to grow within the company and acquire further skills related to fashion and design generally. In a few years, I would love to have moved up the ladder, having acquired managerial skills and managing a team of professionals. I also saw on your website that you (X initiative/program that sparked your interest). This is a program/initiative I would also love to get involved in as I am extremely passionate about this program/initiative."

Foreign Correspondent

"Being a foreign correspondent has always been a dream of mine, and everything I have worked for up until this point has lead to this path. I am excited to be able to start this leg of my career and I hope that once I get into the position, I will flourish."


"I have always wanted to pursue a job as a writer, and I believe this is the first step to achieving great things as a writer. I hope to gain many skills in this job to put me on my way to someone who writes for a newspaper."


"My primary goal in my career as a machinist is to gain further certifications, and stronger leadership experience so that I can eventually run my own team and shift. I feel that what your organization offers is a strong path towards those goals and I am excited for what this position has to offer."

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How does this position fit into your career goals?
I know the company very well and I want to work here to improve my professional skills and enhance my career.
You can see the expression on my face, since I started working here on the 1st of dec 2011, it has been an absolute pleasure, the management and staff have been so supportive and patient, the environment has been refreshing, interacting with the students has been phenomenal. I know if I continue working here I would be an asset to the University.
I want to work in your office because I know that your company are good and I can help your company to grow and to learn more skills and knowledge. And I like the company vision for the clients to help them in their needs. And I think your company needed me.
I want to work for this office to learn more knowlegde and skills and help to grow your company.
Because I know that your office are good and I can help to grow your company..
I am looking forward to working for high profile individual and understand the position is demanding. I am ready for the challenge.
I have found that my strengths and attributes fit well. I have worked with programs and the STAT program I feel will be no problem for me to get into and understand. I have had to really dive into programs before such as a picture link program we use for employee IDs. I have had to set up on the back end of a program new ID badges for people when they find that they would like their county agency to have an ID badge.
Because it will be a good challenge and to learn new things.
To learn more and get experience so that I can improve my carreer.
My goal when taking the receptionist job a Wiederstein was to learn all that I could and eventually seek out a position at the highschool level. When I read the job description for this opening, it seemed to be a job along the lines of what I am doing now, with an opportunity to learn new skills and work in the highschool environment.
I want to have experience in different areas.
I think my skills and experience will transfer to this company. I like the fact that its a team, and that everyone works together keeping the employers safe and protecting them. Like the visionn statement says "caring today for a healthy tomorrow"
Inova are very well known in the community and I would love to contribute to the success of the company.
Recently I had a dispute with the decision made for awarding a comp on an exam I had performed. The difference in opinion had to do with the progression of fluoroscopy procedures. I felt I had done everything I was supposed to do in the procedure but because the physician preferred to do much of t eh exam himself my supervisor did not agree. We solved it by making a compromise.
I wouldn't call it a problem, but I was scheduled for the night shift which isn't ideal for me with a 3 year old but did what I had to without complaint.
I would discuss the problem with the manager that your having the problem with and let them know that you don't have a understanding of it and need clarification. Try to deal with it and follow guidelines that are set in the dept.
You are leading the patient. Radiografer is besy. One patient collapse in reseption area. What you will do?
I have learned how to have tough skin! With this job people can stress you out at times but you have to remain calm and sometimes let things not get to you, Make sure that the patients care comes first. There are many ways of doing a procedure. Be open minded to other peoples ways. They may be as good as your own way. Always try to get along and get the job done.
I have not encountered any problems so far but when I do I plan on discussing the problem with e manager behind closed doors away from other workers.
I never had any problam.
A recent problem that I have encountered with my manager was a lack of communication between herself and the rest of the support staff. I spoke with her directly at first to discuss the situation. Unfortunately, the situation was not resolved and I went to her manager to discuss the situation further..
Discussed the siuation.
I have not had ant recent problems with my managers decisions however if I did I would discuses my opinion in privet regarding the decision, but if it did not change their mind about the decision I would accepted and follow the decision made.
Having a multi task and I ensure I spread my time in various tasks.
Just did what I was told to do.
Listen to what the manager says they are more experinced role to what they are doing.
I told her I was sorry and promised to remember next time.
I voiced my opinion in a reasonable manner. But enough to get my point across without making it confrontational.
Listen and understand their perspective. My job is to follow rules of the supervisor.
He sets unbelievable deadlines but since he is the manager I just do my part as his subordinate.
Stepped back, assessed the situation and provided a middle ground I was willing to accept despite any differences.
I don't think I had a problem with my manager's decisions, what we sometimes have is diferents opinions, so I explain may point of view and listen to what she has to tell me. If she agree with me, good; if she doesn't, it's her's decitions that counts.
I have not had this situation with any of my previous managers. I respect their decision and job responsibility.
I don't usually have a problem making changes.
My job consist of selling My manager wants to sell on every call. I had a customer who was removing services to save money. I took care of the customers concerns and still made and offer.
When they let people go it bothers me but at that moment I'm being sympathetic to the person not mad at the managers.
Change in business is necessary. It is important to not take things personally. If more clarification is needed, ask to discuss the issue in private.
Initiative to me is when you do something without having to be asked to do it. I always look for ways that I can stay busy and this is usually when I look to take initiative to do something.
In life the chance of disagreeing with someone is inevitable, it is how you handle it that is important. In my current role at the UTC our hours have been cut multiple times to save a on payroll. Sometimes that leaves me workign the floor myself for an hour our two. Patient volume is this atmosphere can flucuate and knowing when someone one may walk in your office is unkown. I have had to have sit down conversations to discuss how 2 coverage when we are seeing sick visits, Ds and injruies really needs 2 people at minimum.
Just follow and do what the manager wants me to do.
I realize when someone is managing a department you will not always care for the decisions they make, but you need to get behind them in support.
Went got some air .. Then a dress again and everything was ok.
No matter what the problem may be I like to work it out as a team.
I completed the task at hand because I realize that the manager is getting paid to do what is best for the company and their employees.
My manager wanted me to work a double shift for someone who was sick and on top of that do the shift reports for all three days I was to work, simply put I took care of it because I am a hard worker and very dedicated.
I didn't have a problem with the manager, but I saw that he didnt look at the xray really well and thought the fibula and tibila was dislocated. I heard him make a comment. I just nicely told the doctor that the xray was sent through give him hint to look at it again. He did and then came in the er xray room and said I took another look at the xray and he just smiled at me as to say thanks. We are all a team and have to work together,
Code of breach & harsh languange, discrimination.
A patient came in for a lumbar spine x-ray. He had been wearing a back brace since his recent surgery and has not removed the brace since. I questioned the decision of removing it for his examination. Due to the uncertainty, I continued to ask the manager if she could contact his Dr so that we have a clear, concise answer. She said that it was okay to take off his brace and that there was no need to call his Dr. I told her that I did not want to be responsible if something happened, and I would prefer if she would make the phone call. Instead, she came into the examination room and talked to the patient before clearing me to take his images.
My manager didnt agree with one of my ideas for my department. I didnt get upset everyone is entitled to their opionion so I talked it over with him and we met in the middle with the descion.
I've never had an issue with a decision.
I wasn't a big fan of expanding the hours into the evening. I then took a step back and realized that it was in the patients best interest and I'd appreciate having that option if the need ever arose.
I just followed what he told me to do it.
If I felt appropriate or necessary I communicated my opinion and then understood there is a reason for this decision.
You may not always like your managers decision, but that is what they do and I'm sure they have to make hard decisions at times so I respect what they say.
Checking patients insurance and it was taking to much time and work was backed up and we discuses the matter with the manager and was resolved.
Usually don't have problems with managers as their decisions are usually for a reason however if I truly disagreed with something I would voice my opinion and discuss the reason for such decisiom.
A recent problem I had with a manager was.
Even though I personally didn't agree with it I still abided by their decisions. And if I had questions I would ask appropriately/privately and majority of the time I understood where they were coming from and why they decided to make that specific decision.
I expressed my concerns but tried to remain open minded. We ended up coming to a comprise.
We implemented a one person off at a time policy. I had to take my daughter to college in California at the same time another colleague was off. I approached my supervisor to discuss my situation and we resolved the issue allowing me to take my daughter to college on the minimum amount of time needed.
My store manager has recently hired an assistant manager. Without all the proper training necessary, the store manager left the assistant manager with me, a sales assosicate, to close the store. I had to help the new assistant manager learn how to close the store by helping her along with what I had learned from watching previous managers.
My Manager stated that all of us will have to do mammograms going forward. I went to my Manager and asked her why we all of us has to do mammograms. She explained that the patients are waiting to long for their mammograms. I felt that after speaking to her I understand the reasoning behind it. I always go straight to my manager if I have a question or if I am unhappy about something.
Explain my side of the their decision, but ultimately will do what is asked of me.
Scheduling conflict. Came up with a win win for everyone.
I on a steady occasion have been asked by management to stay later or go back and do another unscheduled exam and I see it like this, if it were my family member waiting for me to come back and help them I would hope it would be done as quickly and efficient as possible. With that being said there is a balance and if I have an outside commitment that cannot be changed I have to find what works best for the employer and the patient and myself.
I politely went to them and discussed the problem with them.
I dont go for such situation in future and I will be away from such situation always.
I have not had a problem with one of my manager decisions.
Was required to stay over due to a no call and the manager knew that I had a child to pick up from the sitters.
Being honest to my work and not to create any errors as much as possible.
Solving big issues, making repair all around always inspecting around the factories to search for any loose parts to avoid future broken down machine.
To be creative having new challenge in every job.
I like to repair the machine spare and assembling and designing.
Make the work easier by making some clamping devices or something else.
Its is my career and this is my job.
To start It would give me real experience in the working world.
I love fashion and people as long as the customer is happy then I know my job is complete.
Jamba Juice is a great starting place and a place I would like to remain at for a long time. It will enhance my customer service skills and many other things that will benefit me in the working world.
It will be good work experience for any future careers I might have.
It would help me obtain better customer service skills and be able to help me with any other job works in the working world.
It fits into my career plans because I am young and I think that the enviornment of Jamba Juice will really make a great first job experience.
I just want a job to gain work experience and to save up money.
Jamba Juice fits into my career plans because its going to provide me with the extra customer service skills I need in the future when I become an athletic trainer, along with the knowledge of healthy options that I can provide to my students.
It gives me the opportunity to better my customer service, or hospitality skills.
Jamba Juice will help me get an experience in the working field. I will also teach me more about healthy tips because learning about the fruit and its benefits will help me when becoming a nurse.
Jamba Juice fits into my career plans because it will help me deal with people because I want to work in a school district.
Jamba Juice would be a great place where I can start my first job, while I save up money for college.
Maybe not a career, but I think that Jamba Juice embodies what I would ideally hope my lifestyle to be like.
It reflects my positivity goals, and commitments.
Through working with Jamba Juice, I hope to get more one-on-one customer experience and experience working with a variety of co-workers.
Jamba Juice is great way to start learning how to become a leader and hoping to grow with the company.
I live a healthy life style and my career plans are related to the health/medical field.
I'm working on getting my first job at either a food service or retail franchise. I want to work at a place that will help me build experience in customer service, teamwork, positive attitudes, and healthy living.
I am not sure to be honest.
Jamba Juice fits in my personal career plans as a way for me to gain experience in the work field.
I feel like Jamba Juice is a great place to experience the real world. Working with coworkers and costumers.
Jamba juice is a good starting career for me because I am sure that I will get a lot of experience and knowledge from you. I actually plan on making my own cafe someday and I think jamba juice's creativity would help me find my own creativity.
I want to own a business one day and this is definitely the first step.
For me, Jamba Juice is a job that I would like to work part time during high school and into college before becoming a police officer after acquiring my necessary degrees.
I would love to be a nurse and with customers consistently coming in I would talk and get to know them. Making me gain experience to keep a conversation going. Also by learning all the fresh and healthy ingredients to eating healthy will help me learn what the patients should or should not be eating.
I love learning new things, and embracing new opportunities.

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