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Answering Career Goals Questions

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How does this position fit into your career goals?

Example #1
"My primary goal in my career as an HR professional is to eventually work my way from an Administrator level to HR Partner. I feel that what your organization offers is a strong path towards those goals and I am excited about what this position has to offer."
Example #2
"My primary career goal is to find a position where I can stay long term. Because your company has such a strong reputation for workplace culture, it fits perfectly with my desires for a long-term fit."
Example #3
"This role works into my plan to be a regional manager in the next few years. I look forward to climbing the ranks in your industry. I plan to take additional coursework on leadership to prepare myself for regular promotions."
Example #4
"This position aligns nicely with my career goal of becoming a team leader in within an agency environment. The role is in my comfort zone, but a new enough approach that will intrigue me, and your company size is adequate to support growth."
Example #5
"I have been seeking a retail environment outside of typical big box stores. Your brand and brand story resonates with me, and I like the fact that you encourage continued education opportunities for your management team as well."
Example #6
"My greatest goal is to become the top sales executive in a global sales environment. My current organization does business solely in the USA, so I am very excited about the global possibilities that your organization offers."
Example #7
"I am, and will always be, a teacher first. This role fits with my career goals because you also offer opportunities for me to participate in extra-curricular activities like being a soccer coach. I love physical activity and have a strong belief in encouraging kids to be active."
Example #8
"My primary goal in my career as an HR professional is to eventually work my way from an Administrator level to HR Partner. I feel that what your organization offers is a strong path towards those goals and I am excited about what this position has to offer."
Example #9
"This position would help me gain experience for eventually becoming a director one day. I think it is important for directors to have experience in all positions that they supervise."
Example #10
"I saw on your website that your company is participating in (X initiative). This is a great initiative contributing to the company morale by strengthening relationships while giving back to the community. I also hope to develop my team playing skills, which this position will allow me to do, and I hope to work with colleagues I will consider family."
Example #11
"I have always loved working in the public and in the past have taken a number of jobs as a writer. However, I now feel ready to speak confidently on the behalf of another company."
Example #12
"I have always wanted to be a multimedia journalist, and this job will help develop my skills, so that someday I can work at a national television station. At your station, not only will I produce great stories for you, but I will constantly be improving and fine tuning my skills, so that someday I can make it to national news."
Example #13
"I have some pretty lofty career aspirations and after researching your organization and learning more about this position, I really feel that this role fits with my future aspirations. I would love to see myself promoted based on my hard work and results, eventually managing my own team of building inspectors."
Example #14
"In the future, I hope to become a producer for a national news network. In the meantime, I know this current job will help me develop my skills to become the best producer I can be."
Example #15
"I wish to grow within the company and acquire further skills related to fashion and design generally. In a few years, I would love to have moved up the ladder, having acquired managerial skills and managing a team of professionals. I also saw on your website that you (X initiative/program that sparked your interest). This is a program/initiative I would also love to get involved in as I am extremely passionate about this program/initiative."
Example #16
"In this job, I hope to gain even more experience working in various weather events. Perhaps in the future, I can use this knowledge to work as a weather producer in a national television market. However, I hope to continue improving my forecasting skills and improve my graphical knowledge so I will be a valuable asset at your station."
Example #17
"I'm excited to get started on my path towards becoming a radiologic technologist. The knowledge and experience I will gain from working with your team will give me the tools to be successful in the field and help me to reach my goals. I am ideally looking for an employer where I can grow throughout my career with."
Example #18
"In the future, I hope to work for an entertainment show in California. But until then, I hope this job will give me the necessary experience to be the best entertainment reporter locally that I can be."
Example #19
"In the future, I hope to settle down with a family in Florida working for a news station. However, I am looking forward to taking a job here to improve my skills and form a strong relationship with the staff because I sense that there is much talent here from which I can learn."
Example #20
"My goal ultimately in life is to support my family. This news director position will fulfill my dreams in my career and also will help provide food for my family. While my future in my career is uncertain, I hope this job will provide me with great improvement in my career and I look forward to making this newsroom very successful."
Example #21
"Being a foreign correspondent has always been a dream of mine, and everything I have worked for up until this point has lead to this path. I am excited to be able to start this leg of my career and I hope that once I get into the position, I will flourish."
Example #22
"My primary goal in my career as an administrative assistant is to eventually work my way from an Administrator level to an HR professional role. I feel that what your organization offers is a strong path towards those goals and I am excited about what this position has to offer."
Example #23
"I have always wanted to pursue a job as a writer, and I believe this is the first step to achieving great things as a writer. I hope to gain many skills in this job to put me on my way to someone who writes for a newspaper."
Example #24
"This Security Manager position fits my short and longer-term career plans very well. Over the past three years, I have gained experience training fifteen junior security officers and have delivered great results, including increasing my company's security officer retention rate by 25%. I am excited to take on the responsibilities of a new and larger team, further challenging my leadership strengths and abilities. Your firm is well established and progressive in terms of security approaches and the technology that you use. These factors will ensure that I receive much needed professional challenges while at the same time, meeting the demands of the role. In this position, I will have the opportunity to deliver exceptional results by leveraging my greatest strengths, such as increased staff retention, implementing strong documentation practices, and boosting security compliance rates. Lastly, the types of projects presented in this position are a good match now, and for the long-term. I have tailored my security-related education towards security management of large, special, and high-risk events, which I understand is the bulk of your security firms' focus."
Example #25
"In the future, I hope to be a national sports reporter. Until that point, I still have to gain more practice reporting on live television, and working with athletes and coaches, and I believe this job will help strengthen me so that my dream will be closer to reality."
Example #26
"I am a motivated individual and as soon as I realized I had the skills necessary to become a screenwriter full time, I wanted to pursue it. I hope to develop my writing skills here so in the future I can be your lead editor and screenwriter."
Example #27
"My primary goal in my career as a machinist is to gain further certifications, and stronger leadership experience so that I can eventually run my own team and shift. I feel that what your organization offers is a strong path towards those goals and I am excited for what this position has to offer."
Example #28
"Someday, I aspire to be an audio director for National Public Radio. Until I am refined enough for that job, I am looking forward to working here to learn more, improve my skills, and grow so I will become even better."
Example #29
"I hope that this job will prepare me for any type of news job in the future, especially continuing on to be an assignment desk editor. At this job I will be able to refine my skills and learn more about what it takes to delve deep into communities and find stories, and down the line will become even more of an asset."
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