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What is your greatest work related accomplishment to date?

Example #1
"In my current position, I reduced costs by reviewing packing slips, contracts, invoices, and calling out vendor billing errors. Then, I assisted Accounts Receivable by making collection calls, bringing in potentially lost revenue. Lastly, I created a new filing system that helped us research transactions faster. These changes resulted in a 15% revenue increase in just 90 days. I am eager to bring these types of results for your organization."
Example #2
"My greatest accomplishment stems from my time in university. I graduated top of my Business Administration class while also holding down a full-time admin job. It was a true success story, and it encouraged me, knowing that wherever I land in my career, I will always be able to handle busy workloads and heavy expectations."
Example #3
"In my last role, I created a social cause program for our organization. The charity initiative focused on giving back to the community, and our employees were happy to be involved in volunteer efforts. I have many wins in my management career, but giving back to others was truly the most gratifying. I look forward to gaining more experiences like this with your organization as I see that your company also puts a spotlight on giving back."
Example #4
"My proudest moment was setting a company record for fastest hire-to-promotion at Company ABC. I walked into the new opportunity, crushed expectations, and saw the reward of a promotion. The situation turned out exactly how I had hoped, and it gave me the confidence to keep pursuing my biggest career dreams, which is what brings me here today - interviewing with your esteemed organization."
Example #5
"My proudest professional moment was being the youngest employee in my company to be promoted to the department manager role. I worked hard to meet my sales targets and also spent time mentoring new hires. I learned a lot about management, leadership, and coaching - all skills that I am excited to bring to this new opportunity."

Example #6
"Two of my proudest career accomplishments occurred this year. I earned a spot in the President's Club and was awarded Top Customer Choice in my division. This recognition meant so much to me because it showed me that my dedication and tenacity truly paid off. I won the President's Club annual trip to Mexico, which was exciting. I plan to continue this pattern of success with your organization."
Example #7
"My biggest work-related accomplishment came around the time when the school district cut my elementary Spanish program for budgetary reasons. The parents of my students rallied to ensure the district, the board, and the principals all knew that it was not an option to cut the program. I had former students speak about how important Spanish has been for them and how impactful I was as a teacher. I knew then just how big of a difference I had made at that community school. Rest assured, I will bring this same energy and dedication to your school, should you choose to hire me."
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