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Tell me about the most competitive work situation you have experienced. How did you handle it, and what was the result?
User Submitted Interview Answers
The most competitive work situation I faced was being a, server, making sure every customer was happy.
My supervisor threatened to give me tough questions for an exams by telling me he knew I will fail and he ended up doing it but I kept it cool and when I failed I promised my manager I will practice more and do much better in the second one. I was giving a second chance.
Supervising 125 employees. Scheduling and hiring the right supervisors. The result was no accidents and good customer service.
The most competitive work was in sales, there emplyees are all the time in competition because the sales give us the motivation to work, the results are the most important. Competitors also gives us difficulties, so practice, hard work, perseverance and persistence are the ace up the sleeve. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost.