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Tell me about the most competitive work situation you have experienced. How did you handle it, and what was the result?

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This question is designed to determine if you can function well in a competitive environment. Think back to a time when you were racing others to achieve the highest sales, were working towards a promotion, or eagerly trying to win a new contract. Show the interviewer that you rose to the challenge and that you were excited to push yourself to be the best. It is a definite plus if you have cheered on your competitors and helped them along the way. Finally, be sure to mention any successful outcome.

Admin answer example
"There is not often a chance for competition, as an Administrative Assistant; however, our office does a fundraising challenge every Thanksgiving that involves raising sponsors for an office-wide 5K race. Every year, we donate 100% of the funds to sponsoring two families for their Christmas needs. It gets competitive, and all for a great reason!"
Basic answer example
"My current sales position is highly commission based, so my colleagues and I are quite competitive. Despite being competitive, we have a great work environment where we help each other when someone is struggling to meet their quota. We coach each other on sales techniques and share success stories. The result has been a positive work environment with healthy competition."
Manager answer example
"In my current role, we have four department managers. We are always in a friendly competition to see who can save the most money on hours per quarter, follow procedures the closest, and have an accident free month. It's fun, but we also take these KPI's seriously at the same time."
Marketing answer example
"Our company introduced a 'friendly' competition between two agency locations. It turned into a fierce contest to see who could increase their productivity, decrease errors, and maintain our high-quality standards while earning the highest amount of positive client reviews. Our team worked tirelessly and harder than usual. We won, and all received a new iPad. The whole event was a lot of fun."
Retail answer example
"In retail, Christmas time can be the most competitive. Numbers are high, and everyone is trying to outdo last years' performance while also earning the most commission. This season is often the time when managers introduce an incentive program to make us hustle even further. Also, there were rumors of a promotion in the coming months, which, coupled with the sales incentive, really made me and another employee want to prove ourselves worthy of both prizes. We made a handshake deal that we'd play nice, but at the end of the day, each of us still wanted to win."
Sales answer example
"The most competitive I've ever been in a work environment was when I was up for promotion against another sales executive in another region. The leadership, brilliantly or otherwise, let us know that we were both the contenders and essentially pitted us against one another. I hunkered down and worked extra long hours and got my team on board to create and execute a plan to surpass our quota. It worked, and earned the promotion! I knew I could hold my head high about how I behaved during the competition."
Teacher answer example
"Teaching environments are rarely competitive; however, I am internally competitive when it comes to helping a student to improve their performance. I like to set goals for my struggling students and coach them in a way that speaks to their internal competitive streak."

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Tell me about the most competitive work situation you have experienced. How did you handle it, and what was the result?
The most competitive work situation I faced was being a, server, making sure every customer was happy.
My supervisor threatened to give me tough questions for an exams by telling me he knew I will fail and he ended up doing it but I kept it cool and when I failed I promised my manager I will practice more and do much better in the second one. I was giving a second chance.
Supervising 125 employees. Scheduling and hiring the right supervisors. The result was no accidents and good customer service.
The most competitive work was in sales, there emplyees are all the time in competition because the sales give us the motivation to work, the results are the most important. Competitors also gives us difficulties, so practice, hard work, perseverance and persistence are the ace up the sleeve. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost.
There was a time in lidls where a few people called in sick including a duty manager, and as I am a senior member of staff I had to take on the duty managers responsibilies which included counting the till flaots, dealing with customer refunds and working tasks with efficency as well as my normal duties on till. The result was that we finished on time and store manager gave me praise on the work I did.
The most competitive work situation I have had was over the course of a few weeks whilst working at the cinema. They set a challenge for everyone to fairly compete in upselling items whether to a combo or a larger size in order to turn over a higher profit. We were given incentives to work harder in order to try and win different prizes. I handled it by adapting my serving style to make the larger items and combos seem more appealing and would inform the customer how they were in fact cheaper than buying the smaller items or mixing sizes. The results were published weekly by management and if I was not winning, I would observe those who were to see how they served customers and gain an insight in to little tips and tricks and put these in to practice.
Working in Tesco never really required competition.
I welcome new challenges and seek them frequently, but I rarely find them in my current job.
Tying to achieve the most items per minutes at sainsburys, handled it calmly and worked hard whilst having the customer in mind. Overall the result was being 3rd most weeks.
I found myself in the most competitive situation when I was communicating with a potential new client.
I was given a work for performance optimization for a process, for a code which was written by 3rd party.I found the reason and solved it.
Prior to me joining this job they used to release the firmware and then release the software after like 1 week. But once I joined I make up the time to almost 4 to 5 hours. Where in the mean while I used to work on the dump data created by myself.
We had a meeting with a client once who was going to interview another professional organizer for estimate. We were ready to start work right then and we got the job.
Yet I didnt experienced that kind of situations.
When I worked as a professional organizer we were in a bidding process with another company for a client and due to our preparedness and ability to begin job immediately we were able to bring a new client.
The most competitive work was to face challenges and to keep myself updated with the frequent changing policies and I learnt to work under pressure.
Working with government bodies like customs, DGFT etcs . Very smoothly and patiently I use to handle and the result was successful.
My manager has given a instruction to close books of accounts for the year of 2012-13 which is left 20 days for closing. that time I have completed total books of accounts with the help of 6 employees. the result of same after 6 months my management was promoted me as a assistant accounts manager from accounts executive.
My college event, with a good peace of mind, good.
At initial time to understand the business line. I use to spend little extra time by going through process documents. I was the key person.(spoc)
Working in graveyard shift. I have managed it. Result was good.
When working at Winn Dixie, we had a print out every week of who had the fastest scans per minute without errors. It made me want to be a better cashier & get my name on the top of that list.
The only other place I worked at was fairly relaxed. However, just the way the place was run, you almost had to compete with other workers for the favor of your managers. If the manager on your shift didn't like you, they'd make your life miserable. In the end, if you work hard--preferably harder than anyone else--you get both happy customers and happy managers, and that makes for a good shift.
The most difficult work situation I have ever experienced is when a tour bus came into my current place of work & I was the only one running orders. It was stressful, but I remained calm. I looked at only one or two orders at a time, & tried to get orders out in a timely fashion. When we got all of our orders out, it was all okay, and times didn't raise too badly.
The most competitive work situation I have experienced is when I had to work with my group on a project where the deadline was approaching and not everybody was done with their part of the assignment as a cause of miscommunication. I contacted them personally and asked if there was other communication methods we could do so that the message could get sent across to everybody in time.
We worked for tips and a new hostess had tried taking more tables and tips so I just let her.
Trying to finish a project I didn't know about in 4 days. I ended up finishing it in 2, I also ended up getting a 'A'
I have never worked, but a thing related to that was when I was babysitting and they didn't tell me the kid was autistic and so I had to deal with a special needs kid the whole day and when they came home they told me, so that was pretty stressful, but it was a great thing in my life because after that experience I joined this club (patriot pals) which they spend time with special need kids and take care of them.
My most competitive work experience was being nominated for employee of the month. I ended up introducing myself to every single person I came cross and tried to be unforgettably. Unfortunately I came in second but met many more people at work than I would have otherwise.
Small restaurant with waitresses who had been there forever and knew the best customers and grabbed them to seat in their station. I just worked harder at making my customers happy so that they would return and ask for me,
I have experienced many competitive situation like some customers only does window shoppin, they only visit to ask the rate, some customers have problem to like the products in such cases I give my best by explaining the advantages of the products or the good points about the product. I show them much more similar products which make them variety of choices.
By giving us different product knowledge training every twice or thrice in a week and also by giving us different arts of selling training, delivering excellent customer service training and also by setting us the individual target every day etc.
When the customer bring product by mis handling and claimig under warranty. . .
Sale tax issue. I am going to recheck all bills and credit notes and prepare all documents .... Problem solved.
The propose for working to duty free is I want to help my family cause I dont have enough money to bring them and I want to help my sister to have a good education future her future.
I am having experience of meeting the doctor at 3 am we spend whole night at clinic of his and in early morning I got an order of approx 40000
Before I experienced in insurance sector and I have problem with my customer.The problem is claiming the amount to customer.
The most competitive experienced, is competating in the other shop to make a target in the particular. Every one knows teamwork is the key of success and of course the result is great job weve been accross in the target.
Changing of stock records from Manual system to computerised systems. First I ensured that we did a physical stock taking which took the whole day but it was worth it because theere was a big difference and that was the major problem because some stocked items were reading positive when actually there was none.
There are so many competitive situation which I have experienced in my entire 3 yrs of my career but the thing I know anyhow we have to make customer happy deal with them understand what is his problem make them calm and solve it in a proper manner .
Most Competitve Work : Sales Handle: By convincing that is Best.
When I was in kfc I had that kind of situation where I had to pack up the food and I had to take the order as well. Suddenly I asked my colleagues to help me who was working as a dispatcher. We did our best and it became very nice.
Once s customer came and claimed for refund for a sold price. I managed to overcome the situation by offering a 01 year guarantee which was already offered by the company.
Once a customer came and claimed for refund for a sold product after 01 month. I managed to overcome the situation by offering a 01 year guarantee which was already offered by the company.
I can chelent to my job. I can handle to my profectional work . Got be happy.
Analyzing date bases. To find out someone among thousand people.
Burden of official work and gain experienced handle 100%
I want to support my family.
When the customer asked the cash refund for exchange items instead of exchanging other items or taking the cash refund in our alshaya refund card. I call the customer care get approval in my manager presence and give back the cash to the customer. I sort out the issue and the customer leave happily.
I improvised and the result was very good.
I work in school as teacher I handle all situatins with love and kind.
When you work during war and you still have report even confronted with chaos. We work as calm as we can and make sure that both ourselves and the clients are safe. We are able to help the clients to have access to their money in the midst of war to be able to purchase all their basic needs. This does not only satisfy them but also the employees because we are able to help them.
Multitasking works, handled by proper time management.
I had some work experience during training at airport I learnt many things at this period in the first was defficalt but in the end every thing become good.
In Our Industry, Most of our Valuable guest are Missing Bills. after they are Call ask to send Bill Copies, I Will Forward Bill copies through Mail for immediately and Send Courier on Same Day, That guest are Approached me Send Mail to My GM, our He was recognized me at Town Hall Meeting.
To meet my quota every month and to have a balanced quota sales of a treatment and sales products sales.
When I was in the water industry where we compete with other companies. We need sales and we shouldn't let our customers to be taken away from so I manage to give them good compliance along with our product. And it turned out to be good, good enough that they we're loyal to our product.
Always I am in competitive working situation. But most competitive situation is handled customers in our store. Customers are the s.
Handling difficult situation with customer customer needed the alteration and we din had service crew so I given customer a option that pants will be altered and same he can collect from near by store he appreciated the effort and left the shop happily.
Work in under pressure. Ill keep my mind in cool and relax.
Iam not faced that type of incident in my career I am only respect the customer and honest to them.
The propose for working to duty free is I want to help my family cause I dont have enough money to bring them and I want to help my sister to have a good education future her future.
The most competitive work I experience is when our boss gives us a task to sell membership to clients, by selling membership we will also earn incentives. So I explained how the membership works and what is the advantage when you take membership. The result was great, I sold many membership.
My graduation projectexcellent.
The graduation project it was so competitive with tight deadline we had to deal with it while having regular classes we had to work more hours organize time better then everything went well all the team got an A
Consultant opinion doesn't match the realty, I sent a survivor and send the consultant opinion to our engineering department to match them.
Reestablish the overall network in the center where I was worked in,
Learn android programming in one week to release the first version of out application, I stay at the company till I finish the task, and finally the task finished successfully.
Was working for healthcare with 4 freshers. It was a from scratch project.Completed project successfully with 65 percent of profit.
My graduation project, make the information that I will said very easy to every one can understand it and result is excellent at graduation project project.
Handling more than one situation at the same time and successfully managing them both.
Coming in to Av Hosptial as pier diem our work ethic and progression decided not only our hours but part time postion when becomes availible. I was hired September 3 and by Febuary 27th I was moved up to a part time cashier.
I have yet to have such experience with my previous jobs.
The most competitive work situation that I have experienced would have had been when I worked for chipotle and we had a store promotion which was buy one and get one free bogo and it was the longest rush we had ever had it almost wrapped around the building and I was the first person that greeted the costuemr in the line and my job was to push the the line down as fast as I could and start off thier burritos it was a lot of pressure and I had to have clear listening skills and communication or I would have been taken out of the line and replaced but I maintained my ground and area and the result was that the line moved quickly and in an orderly fashion.
A drunk customer, notified the manager and escorted him out calmly.
I haven't been involved in a competitive work situation.
Lots of people working hard to be best. Just be cool.
I was competitive to get the reward announced for those who did with required accuracy in given time.
We complete the project in less time using chunk methodlogies.
As a CRC, the CEO expected each coordinator to enroll a lot of subjects. 1 new coordinator particularly had high enrolling numbers. When the CEO confronted the other coordinators about their enrollment, I pointed out that although the coordinator screened a high number of subjects, her screen failure rate and drop out rate were also much higher than the other coordinators. The coordinator did not utilize a comprehensive pre screening set of questions to eliminate potential screen failures or subjects that might have difficulty completing the study. It was pointed out that the company could potentially lose revenue on the screen failures in the long run, if compensation was limited for screen failures. Also, the sponsor in the long run appreciates sites that complete a thorough screening process. The CEO re-evaluated the numbers and agreed.
When I worked as a CRA, we have target for enroll the subject specific timelines. I was reached the my milestones with the time lines.

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