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Tell me your favorite, and least favorite, aspects of your current or most recent position.
Always answer a question like this with the negative first, so that you can end on a positive note. This can completely change the vibe of the interview. When it comes to discussing your least favorite aspect of your current/most recent position, beware of complaining to the interviewer. Take this question as an opportunity to shine when it comes to your ability to overcome challenges and dislikes. Describe the challenges your previous employer offered you, and how you thrived in that environment. Stay away from company gossip or drama. Avoid getting into a negative spiral that you can't recover from! When discussing your favorite aspect of your current/most recent role, stay away from company perks and choose to focus on something like growth, the culture, or your ability to make an impact. For example, do not say you enjoyed working at Google because of the amazing cafeteria. Everyone knows they have an amazing cafeteria for their employees, but that's not why you work there, right?
Answer examples
"Every company has areas for improvement. My least favorite aspect of my current position is that I have very little autonomy when it comes to making decisions surrounding client relationships. The best part of this job and part of the reason I have stayed there for 6 years is that my coworkers are amazing and there is a strong environment for professional development."
"I love working with people and I enjoyed making a difference in the direction of their careers through the guidance I provided. It was a very corporate environment and sometimes things took longer to happen than I would have liked. Slow pace is what I like least."
"My favorite aspect hands down are my customers. I love helping them. My least favorite is the lack of funding for travel to visit our customers in their facilities and show a higher interest in their operations."
Sales answer example
"I find my biggest struggle to be that I have very little support from upper management, so I am often left to figure it out on my own, even when it is a time that I should have a supervisor involved, which can be frustrating. At the same time, I absolutely love the autonomy and creativity that this sales position affords me. I am able to set up my day and client calls or visits however is most effective for me, which is such a breath of fresh air and has led to higher sales volume than if I were to be following a strict formula or script. I've grown tremendously at an accelerated pace in this role and with a hands-off approach."
Retail answer example
"I would have to say my least favorite part of this position is the fact that I have to split the leadership responsibilities and duties with another assistant manager, mostly because I'm eager for the chance to take the lead on my own. That said, on the flip side, I have learned so much by sharing these duties. I have learned to work not only cooperatively but incredibly efficiently and collaboratively with someone who is so very different than I. I have learned from her management style, her years in the industry, and how she relates to people that I feel I have grown tremendously as a person and manager."
Teacher answer example
"I would say my favorite part of the job is that I currently have to prove each and every year that our department is worth keeping. I am all about having to prove you still deserve your job, tenure or no tenure, but to have to constantly battle to get the district to see that budgetary cuts or not, this is an incredibly valuable, important offering from the district, especially in 2017, is exhausting. That said, I am looking for a district, much like 205, that values the world language program, particularly its inclusion in the elementary grades. My favorite part of my job are my students, of course. I absolutely love what I do- I wake up with a spring in my step and a smile on my face that I get to do what I do every day, and it's because of the students. I love Spanish, I love teaching, and the icing on the cake are my amazing, wonderful, eager students."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me your favorite, and least favorite, aspects of your current or most recent position.
I liked that I felt that working there made a difference in peoples lifes. I disliked that there was not enough support for the students.
Having the ability to make my own schedule. I didn't care for the pay.
I just had the chance to know a little bit about how phones work within bandwidth. The arrangements of antennas in a chamber and how the equipments work in the chamber.
The students that returned each season and to watch them grow and mature into the job and become great managers.
My last job was in construction, I liked the people with whom i've worked but I do not like the organization. All employees were doing everything but nobody knew what to do. Disordered organization, no rules, no deadlines.
It was inspiring. Energizing. Career defining. Too much churn - lack of direction/strategy.