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Tell me about a time when you were particularly effective in prioritizing tasks and completing a project on schedule.
An interviewer needs to hear that you have a plan in place to keep yourself organized. Start off by mentioning that you are typically an organized person. From here, dive into a recent time-consuming project that you were involved with. Tell the interviewer that you started off by ensuring you had your schedule mapped out before you dove into your workload. Discuss if you made a to-do list, updated your calendar, or created a color-coded agenda. Share whatever organization method worked for you! Talk about how you diligently stuck with this plan for the duration of the project and how it allowed you to successfully complete the project on time.
Answer examples
"I am a naturally organized individual. Without proper organization, a project can get out of hand quite quickly. I was recently involved with a project that required 30 hours of my time in a two week period while I was also in the middle of several other projects. I was able to stay on track with visual reminders, mid-day check-ins, and a strong support team. I ended up working some overtime but that is par for the course in project management!"
"We recently took on a revamp project updating our software to better streamline our work. This, on top of the high demands of our day to day roles, we had to master the art of prioritizing to get the new software launched on time. We did what needed to be done. If that meant multitasking or pulling our extra weight, we made it happen and it launched a success!"
"As a project manager, that is my job. I utilize whatever project management system the company has to help. I have been known to create entire project schedules in Excel if needed. I sit with the requester, find out the deliverable and the deadline. Based on those requirements, I pull together a team of experts and let them help me hash out details in an opener meeting. Allowing participants to participate in the scheduling process is my key to success."
Sales answer example
"I love to check things off a to do list, so I love a particular project management site to organize my to do's into categories and then prioritize them. This works for a project like a new market rollout, or just day to day operations as a sales executive. By itemizing each account that I want to focus on, their needs, and then prioritizing needs and accounts in a hierarchy, I find my day much more productive."
Retail answer example
"I try to accomplish one big task at the beginning of each shift before anyone comes in to bother me with something else. Then, I budget 30-60 minute increments when I can sneak away for uninterrupted time to attack the next challenge. This way, I always have uninterrupted pockets of time to work on tasks, both big and small, ensuring that I complete all to-dos and projects in a timely fashion."
Teacher answer example
"My class only lasts 20 or 25 minutes, and I know that children thrive with routines, so they know exactly what to expect as far as a framework for each class. We sing our greeting song as I enter the class, then we do our review, new lesson, and finally our exit song. We have to stay on task each and every minute, and we do! Even if it looks like we are having fun -- which we are -- we are learning and staying on track to wrap up units as they are scheduled across the district, which may sound like a small feat, but truly it's a lot of thought, prioritization, and dedication in each and every lesson."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you were particularly effective in prioritizing tasks and completing a project on schedule.
I was particularly effective in prioritizing my casefile according to their court dates.
The last semester of school, I took 5 classes and in every single one of them papers were due every week. In my Ethnicity class we had a huge group project that required to read 5 books and 10 research articles and present it as a powerpoint presentation. I bought a big calender and wrote down on each day the homework that I was going to do that day, just so that I could effectively complete and be proud of the end result of my project. It worked.
When I myself had forgotten to give his assurance and when he came back, he was red with anger. But I apologized. And I gave him his assurance. And then everything was ok.
When I myself had forgotten to give his assurance and when he came back, he was red with anger. But I apologized. And I gave him his assurance. And then everything was ok.
As a Substitute teacher I reward students who do their assignments by giving them free time.
When project due dates is getting closer and some of my team members are still struggling to complete, when I put get my done I help out by working extra time to complete the project.
New guides from the state mandated different swimming starting block measurement standards and our pools did not meet the standards. We reconfigured the pool for three years before we could build a new facility.