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Tell me about a time when you worked with a person who did things very differently than you. How did you get the job done?
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We should both work in a cooperative and adaptable manner to understand each other activities to make the work flow smoothly.
Group project: Partners waited till the last minute. I like to get things done and not procrastinate. I took control and we set guidelines on when things should be done.
What I did was sit with that person and found out how they were doing it and and talked about how I did it and brainstorm together to herbage job done. Yes I would.
I worked with the other area manager who micro-manages. It was difficult, but I allowed her to give her input and would ask questions like "what if we did it this way". I would work with her again. Challenging, but in a good way.
Many times I can learn from new things from a person that does things differentlty.
Someone who could not listen only there way sd be listened to.
I return from Greece and started to work in Romania. My executive manager was working differently form my ex manager so I kindly asked her to show me the way she likes to receive all the reports. She didn't want - so I asked a colleagues. Next meeting she was very happy. Of course I will work. All people are different - it is normal.
I got the job done by asking him what he wants to work on so I can work on the other part. We also brainstorm to make sure we are all on the same page and we knew how the results were going to be like before we started working on it. I will work with him again since I know his style of working.
In the past I've worked with several people as a team.
Yes I worked that person and I worked hard.