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Tell me about a time when you worked on a team based project where a member was not doing their share of the work.
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- New team member. Lack ability to use the system and lacked knowledge of policies. I was doing half their work. - I asked my manager if I would implement a buddy system for a week, in order to get her up to speed. I also wrote protocols and instructional manuals with pictures so that the new member had a reference point. - outcome was the member doing their share of the work, and we built the rapport to have open channels of communication.
I worked with a team developing health and nutrition curriculum for high school students to present to elementary students. When I saw one team member not doing their share of the work, I first made sure they understood their part, checked if they had questions for the team, or if they needed any clarification. I have found in a some projects, a member doesn't want to ask for help and this holds them back from completing their part. Communication is key to good teamwork.
New people or people who didn't want to work at the kennel.
Pulled them aside and asked if they need help or wanted to be transferred.
APICS competition did not work on the paper and presentation took over their share of the project.
Ask what the challenge is? how can I help? what can I take on.
Take ownership for what you can do.
Working on an installation job site with 7 others, had a team member that thought he was above that type of work. I advised him that we work as a team and if he wasn't part of that team, then he needed to go find another team.
I quietly asked to speak to that team worker and discussed their job expectations and duties of the position.
Well the project had to be done so we finished it up before the deadline the member kind of slacked along and gradually saw that we were not giving up and we encouraged him to hang in there and I gave him a couple of things to do that I knew he had knowledge doing and that he would like to do therefore we still had success and he felt better working with me.