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Tell me about a time when you used good judgment and logic to solve a problem.

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The interviewer wants to hear about a particular situation where you used good judgment to solve a work problem. Be sure to showcase your logic and reasoning abilities. Share a brief overview of the problem, discuss the pro/cons of each decision you could have made, and tell the interviewer why the solution you chose was the best.

Professional Answer Examples
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"Just yesterday I had a customer who was upset because our sales associate would not refund a garment that this customer had already worn. She was outside of the 14 days return policy as well. I am the assistant manager, so I stepped in to alleviate the situation. By showing the customer that I could meet her in the middle, she was able to calm down and reason with me. I did not refund her the price of the garment; however, I offered her a $25 in-store credit. I know this will cost my company mere dollars and, in the end, I had a happy customer again."

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"I use good logic every day! As an administrative assistant, I face a multitude of scheduling problems. I used logic by figuring out how to arrange my executive's schedule through the path of least resistance. I will first call the most flexible appointments to reschedule, and work my way down the list from there."

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"I once had to solve a space issue in our warehouse. I rearranged the shipping lanes to allow for smaller customers to be combined in one area and arranged by the scheduled truck arrival, and large customers to have their dedicated shipping area. This change made locating shipments to load onto trucks much easier. My team of operators was thrilled with the change."

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"Logic is a huge part of the creativity in marketing, believe it or not. When I take on a new client, I always ask them what their biggest pain point is. Using the logic and the thought process of a customer, I create a marketing strategy from there."

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"In retail these days, you always have to be weighing the potential of being blasted or praised on social media. One example that comes to mind was the termination of an employee. It was clear that this person was not going to work out, despite my best efforts at coaching and mentoring. Over the course of three shifts, I worked with her, coached her, and gently allowed her to realize on her own that this position was a poor fit. By the end of the third shift of coaching out, she let me know that she was putting in her notice. By taking a different approach, we avoided the disgruntled exit of an employee. She now comes into the store as a friendly customer, so it did turn out well for all parties."

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"I had a customer who was unhappy with his purchase (the item in question cost over $20k). Although my support team said just to let him be and have him work with our Director of Operations to resolve the issue, I knew that I could lose a several hundred thousand dollar customers over a one time issue, so I was not about to let that happen. By stepping in and mediating the call and assuring him that we would work together to not only solve the issue but address the arbitration process in the future, I was able to turn a disgruntled customer who threatened to never purchase again into a top buyer for the company and me."

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"My fourth-grade classes were recently working on a project for our family unit, and one of the students was quiet and unengaged in the middle of the lesson. He's usually bubbly and participates fully, so I found a moment when I could quietly sneak over to speak with him. He didn't know what to put as his mom's picture since she died when he was a baby. I was brokenhearted for him, but we had a moment to talk about how we can be sad but still remember our loved ones and how they're always a part of our family. By being in tune with my class and any aberration in its behavior, I was able to uncover and address an issue that resulted in a happy, smiling boy again."

Clinical Research Coordinator
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"...using logic for problemsolving...well..."

Veterinarian School
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"I had a client come into the bank where I worked and request a small personal loan to "

Cardiovascular Technologist
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"While monitoring a patients blood pressure and heart rate using electrocardiogram equipment during a diagnostic procedure, the EKG suggested a possible problem with the patient. I was able to notify the physician right away. Because of my prompt acknowledgment of the notification, we were able to help diagnose a serious issue in the patient."

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Rachelle Enns
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Ryan Brown, is the creator of MockQuestions. He has over ten years experience creating interview questions. His website has helped over 10 million job seekers in their interview preparation.
First written on: 12/04/2010
Last modified on: 12/15/2018

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Tell me about a time when you used good judgment and logic to solve a problem.
Looking a machines in the clinic and being about the put two and two together and being about to get lab results.
Which extras each animal needs.
I share what I learn and be good to other.
Customer was arguing with wife . I diplomatically told him that security is watching him by now and tone it down, or will be escorted out of property.
Po accptance performance-check shipping lines of rejected POs issued to vendors- usually a date mess up-fix by looking at the lead times.
- Disabled client's government rebate for medical services was declined. I knew their system had undergone changes, and the customer was becoming highly emotion. Carer didn't have money to pay for full amount. - I called the government body and gave details about the patient that had somehow disappeared from the system, and was able to reduce customer effort. - I was caring and logical to fix a problem I can help with.
I tend to use common sense when a problem seems overwhelming, dont sweat the small stuff.
Express: When people walk in you should analyze them before approaching. Have to use your best judgement on what to say and help them find what they are looking for by their sense of style.
By listening to customer describe a problem, I was able to determine the actual issue and resolve based on my ability to listen and comprehend customer needs.
By listening to customer, was able to use experience to determine customer needs and to help achieve his goal.
My manager and I had a temp come in of help when were short staff. In the middle of the day the copy manager called out sick, and we need three copy job done before the end of the day. We had no clue what to do next. Now that we're not only done one person, were down to two. I informed my manager to set the temp at the front desk where I was, and while she finish her duties, I will complete the copy jobs. The outcome was success, and I was reward a certification of team-work.
I was observing a child that was acting out. I calmly spoke to the child on different ways to correct their behavior.
A woman came up to me with A VERY BAD temper and I listened to what he had to say I was evaluating what he was saying so I ended up being understanding and I gave him the number for patient advacacy so he could talk.
I used good judgment when giving emergency medication for cluster seizures.
An employee work deteriorated. I suggested we go to my office as I needed to assist. Spoke about the issues he had and we drew-up a plan on how he will action them. His worked picked up and in a better place.
A candidate was given a written offer of employment. As her recruiter, I was involved in the details and made my client aware that she had a previous "blip" on her driving record. We discussed this extensively on whether we wanted to pursue her candidacy. When the background check came back with an additional "blip", I had to fix this so there wouldn't be any problems. She eventually withdrew her acceptance of the offer, leaving me in good graces with both my client and the candidate.
I had an appointment to meet a client. When I arrived he did not answer the door. His car was in the driveway. My gut told me something was very wrong. I called the police for a wellness check. They found him in his bedroom. He had hung himself.
Many things happened I will coll and slove the problem.
When I was 19 I was searching for a way to further my knowledge of martial arts. I did my research, talked to coaches, other martial artists, searched online, and created a plan to move overseas to immerse myself. My logic was that my opportunities were limited here and that despite my parents slight disapproval, this is what I needed to do to further my knowledge. So I moved shortly after and my skill level increased ten fold. I achieved a lot in my sport and grew as a person.
A machine shut down at work, and I figured that I did not have the authority or knowledge to attempt to get it back up. The supervisor was occupied at the time so I cleaned my workspace until he was able to come over to fix the machine.
A certain drink was not selling, I out posted them, and put some at the till point.
At my last job, I was a senior waitress and bartender, I basically supervised the floor and the employees and dealt more with welcoming the customers and making sure they were pleased. On a rainy week night with the hotel bar and restaurant pretty empty, the F&B manager came and said that there were two wedding tastings that night and he forgot to tell us. Since the manager had to be in the boardrooms organizing them for various meetings for the next morning, I told him I'd handle it. Being that the server on usually did the wedding tastings along with myself, we discussed it and I decided that it would be better if he handled the two wedding tastings only, and I would handle the rest of the restaurant. We presented our decision to the chef and he was fine with it so problem solved. For some reason, since it was raining a lot outside most guests decided not to leave the hotel that night, so a bit later, the restaurant was completely full of one seaters all down for dinner. I informed all of them of the situation and that I would be with them as soon as possible. I then called room service and asked him to come help us run the food to the tables when he wasn't on call. That night could have been a complete disaster, but by 9pm the entire restaurant bar area seemed to be so peaceful and everyone pleased. When the manager came in to check and see how the night went, he was in shock to see the place packed, only a handful of us working, but for some reason, everything went perfect.
That's in my home.. When my parents used to have serious arguments leading to divorce, I gave them such lectures that they can never forget. Such as:what will my little sibblings do.
I purchased a recliner and shortly after the bolts came out. I tried to fix however threads were stripped. I called the store filed the complaint and did not use the chair until it was property repaired.
I was in charge in the absence of a manager and had to make a decision on how to package a specific material that didn't have a procedure. I did some research and spoke with those who worked with the product before and contacted the marketers for the specifics of what the customers wanted.
When I'm in a call and have to convert a time to adjust on their time zone.
In my previous role, I had interactions with many disabled individuals and at times, their carers. A government system that allowed rebates for services had recently undergone a change, which I knew when a disabled customer with a carer came into the office. The customers rebate declined, when our systems showed that it shouldn't have done so. Instead of palming the customer off and having them contact the government body to find out the discrepancy, I used my judgement and liaised with the government body to find out the information for the patient. My initial thought that the system changes had caused a malfunction were correct, and I was able to correct the issue for the customer on the spot, solving the problem, saving the customer time, and the customer also continued to use our services.
There was an acct that should have been stopped but had not. I saw that there had been multiple cash withdrawls and the first one had come back insuff funds but somehow had allowed more cash withdrawl. the cm was at a casino I sent the acct to leadgate and they forwarded the account to cbo for review.
I remember a time there was a low patient enrolment at a site and the number of subjects required by the protocol was not being met. So what I did was advise the site on some good enrolment strategies like using social media and radio. I also gave tips on motivating patients to come regularly for review after enrolment like providing transportation to and from the site, light refreshments, etc.
At RBAC, we had a stray cat staying overnight after it recovered from surgery. The next day when we arrived at the clinic I noticed that the cage door was open and that the cat escaped. Unfortunately, it ran up into the ceiling, where no one can really climb into. The problem was serious because it would be extremely difficult to catch a feral cat and the clients who trapped the cat were expecting the cat back that day. So we called the client to let them know of the situation. After a few days of unsuccessful catches, I decided to try something different. I noticed that cat movement pattern and set the trap accordingly. When I would come in the morning certain shelves would be knocked over and I would notice were the cat traveled overnight. So I set the trap up on a shelf where I knew it has been traveling through, set a can of wet can food in the trap, placed newspaper along the bottom, sprayed it with feliaway, a cat soothing pheromone, and covered the trap. I didn't want the cat to notice it was a trap and take the bait, since they know. The next morning, the cat was trapped. Although ti seems like a wierd problem, it was a serious one. I was able to, in a sense, talk the cat into going into the trap. Sometimes we have to assess the situation despite how difficult or impossible it may seem and think outside the box to solve the problem. Sometimes we can encounter difficult people, and we have to take a second to listen and use judgement and logic resolve the issue. We were able to save the cat and restore it to the clients.
Listing the customer and fix it up.
To listen to what people's needs are and try to achieve it.
When in brazil, I noticed that the crackle site and apps were loading super slow out of the blue. I spent some time ensuring that the issue wasn't specific to the location I was in, then I raised the issue to engineering asking if there had been any configuration/DNS etc changes that could be causing the issue. When I received a negative response, I then escalated the issue with Akamai asking the same questions (since we cache our API's and pages using their services). I kept at it as it really seemed like a DNS issue and I finally fired up charles and dug through all the calls and eventually pinpointed some strange IP's... Long story short, there had in fact ben a DNS change that had caused all BR traffic to be routed through virginia and it was the 16k mile round trip that was causing the latency.
There was a miscommunication between a friend and I which caused us to have a little debate. I looked at her side and mine and really just thought that maybe I was not always right maybe you need to do somethings or add something that both makes the two happy. I implented that we should just use the two options instead of one.
I was troubled by the policy of contractors having keys to my warehouse with millions of dollars of equipment on hand. I brought this up to management and apparently they were not aware. The policy was changed on the spot and all contractors were only allowed access during working hours and when a regular employee was on duty.
Are skidder was running like crap and I figure it had to do something with the fuel either water in the fuel or the lines were blocked. So I started with the easiest fix hopeing thats what it would be and I checked the filters and the one was cloged bad replaced it and she ran like champ.
While working for natural resource management, we had to prepare our reporting back to the government by June 30th. Within this document were GIS maps. I finished all of my required portions of the reporting and talked with our GIS Mapper. He told me that he was falling behind. I asked him if I could make the maps on my reports for him; as I did not want to cross boundaries. He agreed and I produced my own maps and he only had to look for compliance instead of putting in the hours of producing the maps. I was able to get all of my reports completed before deadline.
I was solving an issue where a bug in the sudo device driver was crashing the system. So based on my logic of implementation using of Strings was little problematic but we don use strings in the implemntation but this customer was using it. In the start I didnt pay attention but then I just thought lets take the strings out and it solved our problem.
Project time in which there was the log in error and I just decided tp not to waste tym instead try making new cause of lack of time.
Describe a time when you solved a particularly challenging programming problem.
At my previous job, problems sometimes occurred with the volunteers. Two volunteers did not do their job when working together, but the days that they were available to work where noly days in which they were both present making it difficult to get work done in timely manner. To resolve the issue, I would have them do completely separate task most of the time and when I had them working together I gave them goals and guidelines to make sure that the task was completed properly and on a timely manner. For example, one would be cleaning cages, while the other cutting up fruit, or maybe both clean the cages. As their supervisor, not only did I want to make surethat the work was getting done, but all for them to enjoy the volunteer time spent at the organization.
When in charge of visuals there was always times when we had to improvise. It really helped me in my problem solving and judgement skills.
Once my manager was on vacation so I came across a problem regarding a client's payment but the client was insisting that they need the money before the time due.So I took decision on my own and paid the client because we had a good relation with that vendor.
I was working on a project with engineering to procurement hardware and soft ware for a plant floor unified communivation system. The engineers had specced screen that were not heat tolerate enough to without the teoms in the summer. Sourced a heat case to protect the screens from worping.
With grand babies, thout they out come meant a lot.
When I worked for the Oklahoma Mil Department and had to make a decision of whether I wanted to give up a good career opportunity and finish my degree or continue working there and stop pursuing my goal of obtaining a Bachelor degree. I knew that the job paid well and had good benefits but ultimately was not one that gave me fulfillment or a sense of accomplishment. I decided to turn in my notice that I was going to go back to school full-time so that someday I would find a career that truly fit me and my goals.
Try being nice and comfortable.
My clients would come in and buy in cash or charge it to their credit cards. Though I could have made a sale then and there, I wanted to educate my customers in getting great benefits of using our store cards. It rewarded them 3 times and 10times the amount in return.
Teaching swimming to a group of special needs students with severe cerybal palsy. In assigned individual aids to each and had double the life guard staff. I always taught from in the water.
A client wanted to buy a home business insurance and the client happened to discuss with me. Keeping his business in mind and the policies and coverages that he had with the company... I made a good judgement in making the right policy for him and thus solving the problem.
Are skidder was running relly crapy and I figured it was a fuel problem either what was in the fuel or a fillter was plugged so I started with the fillters because it was easiest todo and turns out the fillter was plugged turned out to be a easy fix.
The drain nipple in the bottom of AC riser blow and start to flow the entire level. I immediately went to shutdown the main valve for that riser to insulate the problem and restore the system for the part of building that was not affected, in about 30 minutes everything was back to normal except for the area that was compromise.
I collaborated with the dentist I worked with to fix a problem a patient had with an implant crown that was trapping food. Instead of making a new crown I suggested removing the crown and adding metal to close the space and eliminate the food trapping. This could only be down this way because it was an implant crown.
There was a problem with my apparel associates feeling stressed. I called a meeting and told them we were a team, and I was available if their we situations they needed to discuss. I also told them I appreciated each and every one of them, and with a positive attitude that positivity will also spill over to the customer.
I have a patient who would have multiple seizures a day. I used my judgment to deliver diazepam emergency medication to stop cluster seizures.
New softeware upgrade. The user menu systems were incorrect. Batting between IT and EPicor. All other departments had signed off their testing. In the end it turned out the IT had not set a flag, and it took ages to resolve. Life save prior to implementation.
Refueling over Afghanistan on short notice.
Delay logic far the power off for projector.
When. I was a admin manager in agrawal agencies my super wisor is wrongly behave our project manager that time firstly see why he is behaving like that and observe to all situation and call them and resolve the matter.
I reviewed the issue and research and resolved the issue with backup documentation.
Scheduling our seasonal hires for the summer. It was chaos last year and this year I solved it by calling the appropriate people and coming up with a game plan to manage them all before we start hiring them.
When we got lost in the car trying to find a location, we got to closest place rememberable and worked it out form there.
I was working on a security camera install and there was no room to run the wire through the house where the camera was located. I found a vent for the attic about seven feet away. I took the vent off passed a wire guide stick through and searched in the attic for the other end. The cord was just long enough to reach. Without doing this the customer would not have been able to place his camera in a position to capture his whole front yard.
Saladin supplies sent in from hospice because it was not delivered from pt, s vender.
Last semester I had my toughest Finance class in which I had to do a project to analyze Darden Restaurants, analyze and compare their financial statements, perform a benchmark and capital budgeting analysis and later on I had to give my recommendations to the company.
We had a patient that was prescribed a lifevest in the hospital. The patient was unresponsive d/t a brain injury and unable to utilize the medical device. He ran the risk of being inappropriately treated because he could not operate the machine. He was also a DNR. I needed to call the physician and family to discuss this and reiterate how the LV works. I called the physician and educated the family on what the lifevest is for and what it does. Both parties agreed that this was not appropriate for the patient.
Two waitress was always fitting . So I called therm both and we sit down discussing the cause of the situation up until we came up with the solution of an promblem.
In my current job, I have to deal with problems on a daily basis. We use a lot of pumps in our hydroponics and aquaculture greenhouses. An example of my problem solving skill is when walking into the greenhouse and a pump is down, first I look for the simplest solution. If it is the plug in type pump, I check to see the water tank is empty, if it is then I add water, if it has water,I check to see if it is plugged in, still not working, I check ground fault receptacle, not working, check breaker box, get an extension cord and try another recepacle.
When I had a project in android and manager told me that you will have to prepare it as soon as possible. I was in trouble but I thought I am a developer and I can do that. And I started preparing that project and I was just trying to use database as sqlite and unfortunately that wasnt working at all. Somewhere some problem were still there. I started rectifying them but I didnt know where I went wrong. Manger started pushing me that please complete it soon. And I thought it will take much time as you know database working is little difficult to design UI. And I used raw database. I mean here we no needed of database. Just create a xml file there I paste all the record and retrieving data from there. And I made that project soon and manager got happy and me to. And lateron I started work with sqlite to maintain data in database.
I have had numerous clients that do not understand the titration on a certain medication. The clients typically insist they needed more medication. I prepared a chart that provided a visual of exactly how much medication remained in their system after 24 hours, and how much each day thereafter. This gave the client more information about how the medication builds in the system.
When contacting a seller who gave the company a bad review on yelp. I looked at the customers past yelp reviews and quickly saw the consistently gave 1 star ratings to businesses and requested free services and to be compensated. I reached out to the customer and took the time to listen to their complaints with our process. I must have reached out 3 or 4 times and this made the customer feel improtant.
We had a patient once who was very intoxicated and could possibly of taken drugs. I made the decision to not give her anything to drink. I noticed she was in shock I responded by laying her down and getting her legs elevated and calling for an ambulance.
Officiating a playoff game free kick was awarded during a close game opposing team encroached, carded player. Unsportsmanlike conduct. Impt to show you are in control of situation.
I was told the GP (doctor) that I wanted to see was not in the surgery. Well his car was parked there and I could see him through the window behind in the staff room and obviously couldn't accuse the receptionist of lying. So I quickly used my judgement to manipulate the situation and said that I had something for him that he requested at a meeting but would need his signature else next time I would be back would be next month and I had a feeling he needed it.
When I discovered probable inflated costs of repair. I had to look at frequency of replacement of parts and sourced price catalogues for those parts.
One of the mirror has been broken of vehicle, We monitored & get output that other vehicle dashed on the same & Contacted him & given penalty for the same .
At the peroid of doing my project work, I lead the team. On that time I made some decisions like team formation etc. And comes to our project I suggest the idea to do our project. The idea is about logical and some many complecations involved in it. Solve all those problems and made a simple efficient design. And that project is so well appreciated by the externals.
When I was working in Admin. The slots count, The money at the table was more and the SDS report was less ( Table and paperwork money were not balancing there was a variance. I print out relevant reports, I found that the two machines appearing at the report the money counted is not corresponding. Before I adjust the machine I asked surveillance to come and review those two machines to see what the count staff made a mistake. Only to find that the first 200 notes was counted and the note counter did not recognize the money this happened when the box person is not fast enough to put the money on the machine.
When I was studying 11th class at the when my public exams are near and in my maths exam I am very shock when saw the question paper it is very tough I think I will fail in the exam I know some questions the process of solving the problem I soved that and I repeat the same questions in answer sheet by different question numbers in that exam I got one less than outoff marks.
Diffucult customer complain.
I try to approach every problem solving solution with good judgement and logic.
- In a previous role, I processed government rebates for medical expenses. This was specifically pertaining to disabled individuals with careers. Medicare had undergone a change of system, which was effecting the eligibility of a patient in a false way. There was a time when I was processing a disabled individuals rebate claim, and it was declined. The patient became extremely distressed, as did the carer. I knew that this specific individual was living in a share house, and didn't have a separate bank account to pay the bill. In theory, I should have explained to the patient and carer that they would have to speak to medicare directly, however, in trying to reduce customer effect and being highly empathic and caring, I politely asked them if they could wait until I had spoken to medicare for them. During my conversation with medicare, I was able to rectify the issue by providing the patients relevant details that had seemed to have disappeared from their system. By doing so, I was then able to explain to the career and patient what had happened, and was able to processes their claim without issue. I feel as though I made the right decision in this instance because of circumstance, and it would not have only been unkind, but also illogical, to dismiss the patient when I can help.
I havent experience that.
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