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Answering Behavioral Questions

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Tell me about a time when you showed initiative by taking the lead on a team project.

Example #1
"(Situation) In my previous role, I recognized that we needed a better training program to onboard new hires at a quicker rate. (Task) As the leader for onboarding and training, it was up to me to create such a program. (Action) I took the initiative to create this training program, incorporating all the work we did in a way that new hires could easily learn and replicate. (Result) The team loved having this guide, and more so, enjoyed feeling empowered when it came to training new hires the right way."
Example #2
"(Situation) When I first started my current admin role, I took it upon myself to organize the digital files for the company. (Task) The files were a mess, and I was the person who had the time to take care of it. (Action) Organizing these files was a huge challenge, but I tackled 100 documents per day, on a schedule that I had created for myself. In 20 days, I finished. (Result) I was pleased with my ability to take on a project that nobody else wanted to do, and my boss was thrilled with the initiative that I showed."
Example #3
"(Situation) In my previous role, I took the lead on a critical communication project. (Task) As the morning Shift Manager, I needed help pass along pertinent information to our 2nd and 3rd production shifts in a more effective way. (Action) I made the recommendation of hanging announcement screens throughout the building, ensuring that everyone had the same information at all times. (Result) We installed these announcement screens, and in no time, we encountered much less stress and confusion during shift changes."
Example #4
"(Situation) Last year, our company was discussing a potential product launch in the European market. (Task) As an intermediate project researcher, I knew this was my chance to be noticed. (Action) I reached out to the head of the marketing department and asked if I could be the lead product researcher. I stated my case by discussing why I would be the best fit for that opportunity. She agreed and allowed me to take the lead. (Result) The project was a great success, which gave me the confidence to speak up again. Next week I will be starting another project where I'll be the lead product researcher."
Example #5
"(Situation) In my current store, when the merchandise for the next season arrives, our team needs to put in a lot of extra hours to get everything out onto the floor. (Task) Although I am not a manager, I do see the importance of jumping in to help. (Action) During our last season change, I helped to organize the team while ensuring that the sales floor remained attended. I showed a positive mindset and enthusiasm. (Result) Because of the energy I exuded, others naturally wanted to follow me. The change-over was a success, and our team had more fun than usual."
Example #6
"(Situation) Last year, I identified the need for ongoing learning and sales training for my company's junior sales reps. (Task) As the Sales Manager, I knew I had a lot of ideas to offer for mentoring and growing these reps. (Action) I founded Friday lunch-and-learns with a different topic presented every week. I worked across departments to feature guest lecturers and industry experts via Skype. (Result) As a result, I was able to educate the sales team further, improving retention. Today, we are all more effective in our sales pitches, and our numbers have increased by 15% overall."
Example #7
"(Situation) This year, I took the lead by testing a new tech platform for our online learning students. (Task) I am quite a tech-savvy individual and had already been researching the topic of online learning for quite some time. (Action) I performed more specific research, spoke with many tech gurus, and created a presentation for our Board of Directors that included three viable options. I presented the data in a way that was easy to absorb and considered multiple critical factors to student learning. (Result) The board decided on my top recommendation, and now, four months into the launch, the revised online learning platform has proven very effective."
Example #8
"The accomplishment I am the most proud of is managing a very large project on a very tight deadline. The project was (X project related to the position you applied for, as per the job posting), which I successfully led and managed while employed for (X company) as (X position title). The project involved (X further information pertaining to this project, including areas related to the position you applied for, as per the job posting)."
Example #9
"In a previous position, I was responsible for managing a very large project on a very tight deadline while leading a team of twenty individuals. The project involved (X duties related to the position you applied for, as per the job posting), which I successfully led and managed while employed for (X company) as (X position title). This experience helped develop my leadership skills and made me value the ideas and general contribution of each team member."
Example #10
"(Situation & Task) While working at a small all-boys youth center, myself and two co-workers took the group on an outing. Due to the size of the group, we were traveling in separate vehicles. In one car were myself, my co-worker who was driving, and four youth. In the second vehicle were my third co-worker and another three youth. As we were driving, one of the boys in my vehicle began to foam at the mouth and seize. To my knowledge, this boy did not have any pre-existing medical conditions. (Action) I asked the driver of the vehicle to pull over immediately. One of the other boys began to go into shock from the stress of the situation, and I knew that I needed to give each youth a 'job' so that they would be kept busy rather than going into shock. I asked one boy to use the sick boys' cell phone to call the parents. I needed to find out what was going on and discover what I was missing regarding this boys' medical history. Then, I asked another youth to call the leader in the second vehicle to fill them in on the situation, ask them to turn around, and come to help. In the meantime, my co-worker called for emergency assistance. Admist all of this frenzy, I used my first aid training to get the siezing boy into a safe position and ready for the paramedics arrival. (Result) In this critical situation, I took the lead and kept everyone safe. I spoke with the paramedics, and they confirmed that I did the right thing in this situation. Had I not put the boy into a safe position, and used my first-aid training, the boy could have sustained severe injuries. In the end, the boy was treated and did not suffer any permanent medical issues."
Example #11
"In my previous job, I was the motivating force to help everyone get our work done on time. While everyone else preferred to work slowly, I would get my work done quickly and help everyone else so we could check over our work and make sure it was error free."
Example #12
"I lead a team of individuals when working as (X position title) for (X organization). In this role, I was responsible for (X number of professionals) and (X further related duties, relevant to the job posting). As a result of my leadership and team management skills, we were able to complete the projects ahead of the deadlines and my employer proved highly satisfied."
Example #13
"Our company was discussing a new product launch into the European market, I reached out to the marketing department and asked if I could be the lead product researcher."
Example #14
"I have lead a team of individuals when working as (X position title) for (X organization). In this role, I was responsible for ten representatives and (X further related responsibilities including, e.g., the management of numerous duties on a short deadline). I realize this particular experience is not related to this position, however the team management skills acquired in this role will highly benefit me in this position at your company. I thoroughly enjoyed taking on a leadership role as I love leading team members to success."
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