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Tell me about a time when you showed initiative by taking the lead on a team project.
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I took the lead on our last holiday setting up variety of meat choices and it was a big hit with customer on variety and style
When i was a server we always had promotional contest i would alway give the server on the shift i worked a little pep talk to get them in the ballgame
In my city there was British Council Library for past 42 years but due to global policies BCL authorities declared to shut the down the Bhopal unit.Bhopal had 5000 library members. I was a regular visitor to the library as it was my most trusted and only knowledge nest.When the news about the closure came,members just moaned over but I looked out what can be done to save it.So, I gathered members who implicitly or explicitly wanted to save the library and made them understand that their voice can help in saving this library.I was the leader of th campaign and we could successfully complete it with success.
Many times I stepped up to complete tasks that others were not inclined to do for various reasons on our volunteer team and for co-workers. I pushed myself from my comfort zone to gain experience and to secure my place as a team player.
simple answer which i answered in the 4th when every one lost hope and we came up with a new and innovative and flexible thinking. i've never got one because we all think the same we are not working for others we are working for our selfs.
During the Conroe LEan iniative that won a state award for managment and innovation in <br />Working together building efficiency.
yes we had conducted a project and iam the initiator for dust controlling in the mines.
It was in secondary school when we were doing our geography projects we were divided into groups and with that i saw the chance of using my leadership skills,actually i sacrificed all the free time that i had for researching for info for my group even tho that affected me negatively i learnt something from it which is all work and no enough rest is bad for the brain
Physiology lab when we dissected.
in my btech project