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Tell me about a time when you had to analyze a situation and make a recommendation.
With this question, the interviewer is looking at your thought process and your level of logic. Begin by discussing the problem you were trying to solve. Next, discuss the data set you used to analyze the problem. Lastly, talk about the recommendation you gave, and the positive outcome from your recommendation.
Answer examples
"Using my previously discussed blog, bounce rates were at 65%, meaning visitors would visit the blog, but 65% of them would only stay on the page they landed on. I had to analyze their behavior. I found that 80% of visitors never scrolled down to view the rest of the content on the home page. By analyzing that data, I knew a problem existed at the top of the page. I made a recommendation to the web design team to remove 50% of the graphics and text. This enticed our visitors to scroll down to view the rest of the content. By removing the clutter, our bounce rate dropped by 15 percent."
"I recently wrapped up an organizational effectiveness survey with our team. I analyzed the results by leader, location, and department, then came up with recommendations of how the company can improve trouble areas."
"Once it appeared that productivity was slowing down, so I was asked to look into it. I pulled data from a variety of sources and poured through it, from order types, changeovers, employee turnover, absenteeism, etc. I identified all of the changes from the previous quarter to the current and made several recommendations."
Sales answer example
"After bringing on a new customer, the account is handed over to the customer success team and assigned an account manager. However, after a few weeks, my client was emailing and calling me expressing his frustration. I had to hear him out, look into the account on our backend, talk to the account manager, and shadow a call in order to really assess the situation to see what the problem was and avoid him deactivating his account. I suggested a new account manager and that I would help with the new transition. By doing so, we were able to avoid any cancellation issues and left with a happy customer."
Retail answer example
"I was tasked with staffing our department adequately for the seasonal holiday rush. This boiled down to assessing if we should be hiring seasonal help, and if so, how much. I looked back at the past three years' data and focused on the amount spent on overtime. On the surface, it looked as though it would be most effective to hire a number of seasonal employees to avoid this overtime expenditure. However, what isn't considered in these reports is the amount of time, cost, and training poured into seasonal hires who don't stick around. Not only opportunity cost, but true dollars. That said, I determined that it would be most effective to spend a bit extra on overtime and bring on one part-time employee who would stay beyond the holiday season, thereby avoiding all seasonal hires."
Teacher answer example
"I feel perhaps the best example of assessing and recommending comes when addressing the IEPs of my students, and what modifications I believe would best suit them in order to fully participate in the mainstream classroom. For years, students with IEPs or special needs were not included in Spanish since the district thought the time could be better used for other services, and that it was too hard of a subject for students with IEPs or learning disabilities. It's not a fair generalization, so I like to make recommendaitons for those students I believe could benefit from Spanish inclusion. I feel it's very important to get to know the student as an individual and not base anything off of his or her diagnosis and instead figure out a way to make him or her successful in my class."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you had to analyze a situation and make a recommendation.
As an engineer in my previous position, I often had to analyze complicated information. The information was often difficult statistical data resulting from tests run on the particular products we were developing. I would present this data in summary format to my manager and make recommendations on how to proceed in further testing and modifications to the product.
I read carefully the information provided to me because it will be the source of information to me.Then I have to make a brainstorming to look for possible recommendations for the situation.
While budgeting sales and product purches in my previous position we had discoverd we had money that we did not know what had happend to it. My job was to review all of our information and find out where it was and what we can do to make sure this never happens again. I went through the budgets and realized not everything in the inventory had been calculated properly. My recommendation was to creat an excel computer program in which the data would be inputed before reaching shelves.
While budgeting sales and product purches in my previous position we had discoverd we had money that we did not know what had happend to it. My job was to review all of our information and find out where it was and what we can do to make sure this never happens again. I went through the budgets and realized not everything in the inventory had been calculated properly. My recommendation was to creat an excel computer program in which the data would be inputed before reaching shelves.
Well when I was in High school, I had to make a project about acient china fo social studies, so I analyzed my research, and I recommended where to find more information about the country of cina.
In my position as Product Manager for Spectron, I was constantly presented with new product- mainly contact lenses for review by optical companies. I had to listen carefully to the sales representative's pitch, ask relevant questions to extract information, and then perform research to eveluate the 'real stroy' and if the product would be a good fit with the company's product mix. If I thought it would be a good addition, I had to write a recommendation and then test the product and present to senior management.
In my project once there was a situation where we need to migrate data from non-oracle system to oracle dw where I had analysed the requirement and recommended to use oracle sql loader instead of other tool like datastage, informetica. My recommendation was very much fruitfule as we were to migrate one time only and using we can easily migrate data and it saved many hourds of mapping and transformation in tool.
Critical time facing the problem.
I start to analyze information starting from history taking part. Thus, I can know the common info and concern of the patient.It give me an overall idea how worst patient hearing as well as what test should be done. Recommendation can only be made after done all the test, I need interpret and integrate each hearing test and relate back to patient's concern and hearing history to ensure correct conclusion and management can be made.
A lot many times I give suggestions to my boss. Currently I am working on BHEL Project and there are some issues and I have come up with recommendation which can easily solve the matter.
Anytime a client comes in for a new style or color. You analyze there hair, face, how much time and commitment they plan on for there hair. From that you make your recommendations.
In high school I was the Associated Student Body Secretary. A lot of the work that I was given was based on opinion, we would be given information about an event that we were going to throw or a financial situation the school was going through and be asked to give our opinion on what we thought the school or the council should do. A lot of the time I was the go-to person because rather than giving a recommendation that just "sounded nice" I would analyze every outcome that could arise from many given situations and then give my opinion.
When a client wants to know which one to choose that suits her needs. I have to present to her the different kinds of products we are selling and by then you will able to give her the good points and what suits her needs and wants.
I was working in a finance services where I had to analayze customers data and put forward to my employer and make recommendations whether to give him a credit or not? Or whether to minimise the credit.
In company of my previous employer,I was working in a Business Analyst profile.My job profile included collecting of data with the help of surveys and secondary information.This time I had to find out the ROE (Return On Investment) and make a recommendation regarding this to the trustees of the company.
I served on a hiring commiteee.
It was during knowledge transfer process for one of the client.
As a District Manager, I made monthly recommendations to the Board of Directors of a water district relating to rules and regulations for water analysis, established programs for meeting those rules and regulations, and carried out those requirements.
In a serious working condition, because our mind works very fast in working timings.
I'm already got the detail information, and I found some way to improve the usefulness of the information, Imake a recomendation based on the way I found.
The last time I had to analyze information was when I jobshadowed a physician. One of his patients is a close family friend of mine. The patient was interested in weightloss surgery. Based on what I knew of the person and his history, the doctor asked me to make a decision whether or not the patient should receive gastric bypass surgery or lap band. I chose lap band because of the weight fluctuations I had seen with the patient. To my amusement, the doctor agreed with me.
Medical Microbiology lab.
Several times a day during my preceptorship in the emergency department I had to look at the results from patient's lab work and then speak to the Physician after I had reviewed it. I would prepare my recommendation for additional tests or care at that time.
While on my machine I noticed that the part were out of spec. I brought it to my supervisors attention to see if we should run.
I had more that one occasion to do so when reviewing a paper. It resulted obviously a thougher job when I thought the paper was not up to the standard to be published in an important journal and therefore had to suggest to reject the paper. I always was given full trust by my boss in my judgemenmt. One important thing that often is under-evaluated by scientist, I bleieve, is the importance of clarity in writing and consistency.
In my current position, I have to evaluate the effectiveness of the program conducted by my organization. So I analyzed the data collected from the pre-test and post-test, as well as made some recommendation based on the results.
When I was an Assistant Operations Manager, the CEO was about to fire the Operations Manager but he asked my recommendation first.
When I was an Assistant Operations Manager, the CEO was about to fire the Operations Manager but he asked my recommendation first.
When a customer dispute there bill..I would ask customer to follow alone with their bill if they have it available and after discussing the plan I recommend to switch plans.
I cannot think of a time when ive had to do this but I am looking forward to doing this.
At my previous job I had to search hotels for my co-workers to hold a meeting at and I had to recommend which hotel would be best for them.
About two months ago, I was selected among three other girls in my grade to be part of a conference that had to do with the future of females in the departments of mathematics, science, and technology. I was asked to make some recomendations for other girls my age who I thought were appropriate for a spot in this conference. So I had to analyze some of their charectisitcs and working habits in school in order to find out who else was fit to to be part of the meeting.
At my previous job I had to look up hotels for my co-workers and recommend to them which hotel would be best for a meeting.
When I was going over a contract, I had noticed there was part that may effect us in a bad way so I pointed it out to my superior and mentioned that we should think about getting this deleted from the contract terms.
Analyze a patients chart with greater than 5mm pocket depths and review the cause and recommend scaling and root planning on those teeth.
Being a finance major, I always deal wit classes where we have to look at various stock prices and companies. My one class, I had to look at ten different stocks and recommend whether to buy or sell. I focused more on the growth companies and picked a growth company to buy and a slower growing company to sell.
I had to review test procedures to make sure they were accurate in explaining clear and simple direction. Typically, I would read through the procedure, make corrections, and suggest the changes that I made. I would do this through a submitting proper paperwork to my supervisor.
Once I was in a managment position and had to talk with an employee who was not doin his job right and I had to decide whether or not he was capable o0f doing his job on a permanent basis.
Its part of my daily activities.
When I was a foreman at the farm. I had to analyze the days work and report to the owner. I then recommended planning for future progress and past issues.
I have to this all the time at my day job. I supervise and train new employees and so I must be up to date with the new information of the company. Therefore, I must analyze the priority of the information I give to new employees so they are not overwhelmed.
Depending upon the client requirement after getting the data in ads form.
During the police academy there were many situations where we had to analyze information. For example in our report writing class we were provided with a scenario and we had to act it out as police officers and then decide what to charge the suspect with.
Should I still carry a product that I know was not selling and have paper work backing me up.
I read it then recommended stuff.
While with Choice Hotels, I was charged with narrowing the target market segments for Choice's Hotel's Minority Development Initiative. The goal of this program was to increase the diversity of Choice Hotelís franchisee base, primarily within the African American, Hispanic Latino and Asian business communities. As you can imagine, a wide net approach was not a feasible or effective, so I lead the research team to identify target industries that held high concentrations of African American, Hispanic Latino and Asian entrepreneurs.
Our benefit plan was coming up for renewal and I had two new quotations to review and determined what was the better fit for our company and employees.
Yes, I have anlzyed current sales over coverge and prposeda new SD chNLE FOR THROUGH QUALITY COVERGE
As a platform employee at Dollar Bank, I am required to review customer's account information, and make relevant product recommendations to provide better service to them. If a customer is in the wrong account, that account is not working for them. It is my job to provide them with the account that will fit their needs.
Its the time when I have to submit a report to my head office at the end of the month then I would recommend it to my senior official.
Its the time when I have to submit a report to my head office at the end of the month then I would recommend it to my senior official.
In my Advanced Interviewing course, a group and I were responsible for doing a mock needs assessment of a successful technological company. We were required to interview various members of the organization and ask probing questions in order to uncover communication breakdowns within the organization. After interviewing various members we came to the conclusion that there was a great deal of distance between the different departments and that each department was shaped by differing leadership styles which caused an overall lack of structure and cohesion throughout the organization, This was leading to the various communication breakdowns throughout the organization.
Well, this happens day to day as we work on any task like root causing a defect, scoping or estimating the time to find a solution, triaging customer escalations, etc.
Patient came in for a recall hygiene visit. Medical History was updated. Noted she was now taking an anti-depressant medication. During visual examination an increase in decay was seen & a dry mouth. Recommended products containing Xylitol & placed patient on a high fluoride toothpaste. Also recommended over the counter dry mouth rinses, mouth spray.
First is will focuse for example in the project I will consice and perfect to do that.
I have so much of interest to do some analysis at any time about information.
As an instructor it is our responsibility to find a text book that follows the guidelines of PIRS. When I do find a suitable text book I prepare a syllabus to ensure the suitability then I recommend this to faculty.
I was working overtime, I had a very difficutlt customer who had just gotten off the phone with another one of our agents, Customer advised rep confirmed a 0 vol xs, when I saw a 100xs. We had tolisten to call, and call abck, he did not believe etc. This was moving to compklaint, so I went back and inquired if we shoulsd write off the different and give 0xs to avoid complaint.
I was given a special project at KHI to complete it was a credentialing portfolio. I analyzed the information that we need to gather and made recomendations to the team members as to how we could logically gather and assemble the portfolio. We were given 3 weeks to finish this project and we finished it in 2 weeks.
Every time I receive a mortgage loan file I am required to analyze all documentation received and make a recommendation.
When I was having shortage of staff in my shift and I had to provide overtime to balance the work.
Once when I had to submit a group report for a college head begin the team leader. My teammates cooperated with me and we achieve the target...
I used to work as an Admin Asst and I have to do reports for the senior executives, and I have to recommend a highly effective filing system, including quick and thorough indexing resulting easy access to information and streamlined office functions.
When I communicate with the patients.
Working on a daily special.
For a city recycling marketing campaign.
When I was asked to recommend a good restaurant.
Often during biology classes after experimentation I analyzed data and presented my results.
When I was doin live project at my institute, I was writing the test cases for the application. At some time I came across the application admin module where I have to delete the email address, like deleting the member. But when I check it out in the front end the member whom I deleted still exists as a registered user and he will be taken off from the website in the later times. So recommended the development to make the changes which reflects the configuration made ASAP
I remember one time when I saw that the orgnization I was a apart of wasn't utilizing enough of the younger egyptian generation.<br />I suggested that doing this would help us grow. I met with the head if the local youth movement and broaden our clientele.
As per the requrment.
My boyfriend was having stomach trouble, and he told me his symptoms, and I thought about all of them, and I remembered one of my mothers friends going through the same thing. She had a wheat allergy. I went online and took advantage of my resources to find the answer. I found a list of symptoms and stories from other people with wheat allergies and they matched his. I recommended we visit a specialist and now he does not eat wheat.
When I was a TAing the Satistics course My teacher asked me as to how many quizes should we take as now only very little time is left and we cannot acoomodate what ever was planned so I suggested that instead of taking quizes you can resort to atendance quizes and therfefore complete the required quizes that you had initially planned.
Re stacking of a building, do the plan, do the business case, take into consideration business requirements . Meet deadline, manage teama & bau.
Well I was in this situation many a times in my career, it was with regard to sales.
During one of the events I was working on - I had present a proposal with my recomendations regarding the menu for the event. Taking into consideration what the theme of the event was and what was suggested I had to go through menus from various vendors and analyse each one to find a perfect fit for the occassion.
In my present organization I have to mostly analyse the situation and make recomendations. For eg, the other day I had to make up some suggestions for the bannig the plastic in delhi<br />
We had 2 projects and have to choose one for that I read the synopsis of both and recommended one.
Last week I was doing a one to one for a psyc patient who had surgery done on his leg. This person was elderly and had some sun downing issues that continued onto verbal aggressive threats and behaviour. Patient was trying to get out of the bed but could not succeed because of the leg that was opporated on. I could see that through the behaviour the patient was not settling down I reccommended to the nurse that I think its time for some pain medicine and some sleeping medicine because I could see the aggression progressing the patient was looking for objects to throw at me because the patient wanted me out of the room. I think that the patient had gender issues but the male nurse on at the time was unavailable. I saw he went for the iv pole but thankfully I got to it in time before he could throw it at me. He then proceeded to do self harm by ripping the iv apart and then finally ripping the iv out of his arm and blood spayed everywhere because of it. I stood back called for help by the nurses and they were right in to help me. They bandaged up the arm that had the iv in it and I recommended that the male nurse come to check on him in a while when he was available because patient wouldn't let me dress him.
When my daughter got in trouble at school.
Like it happened with me in my previous role where I was migrating a process and the online training was going for the same.So, I was given a time to look the know how and where abouts of the process post simple introdution for the same. There I came across where I analyzed the information and made my recommendation too.
I was working a night shift as a student and throughout my shift when assessing a particular pt, I noticed a steady decline in their status. After discussing my findings of poor ABG results, decreasing SpO2, decreasing LOC and general poor appearance despite 50% oxygen to my preceptor, I presented this information to the doctor on call and recommended intubation to help prevent the risk of ventilatory failure and patient fatigue.
On a SAP project, during the business blueprint phase, we analyzed our Current HR processes and made recommendations to intergrate them with SAP interface.<br />Another time, we had to enhance Middle Managers compensation, we got information collected from various organizations of the same industry and then suggested increments as well as new compensation plans.
When I worked at my last job I was involved with a new equipment installation.
At critical, important situations. Example like unexpected break down on that situation I have to analyze the information and to make an correct decision<br />
During my appointment at cardaiac rehab services as a heart manual facilitator I had the opportunity to assess 2 groups of patients to trial the home based cardiac rehab programme as a result wrote up proposals for change in system which would help improve upatke of caridiac rehab service and increase client satisfaction.
I had to run fecals for some patients and found they had an infestion of round worms. I then explained what I found to the veterinary on staff for treatmen of the worms.
In a marketing research class we had to creat surveys, then analyze the data and make recomendations based on our findings.
As a physical education teacher, I had to give various physical fitness tests to see physically fit they were. It gave me an idea of what types of activities and exercises I needed to focus on throughout the course of the year. Sometimes my fellow colleagues would discuss various strategies that we could use in class. We all would make recommendations.
When I worked int he school student store, I would be asked multiplle times, what can I get for a dollar and I would point out the varias types of foods and make suggestions on what to get.
I had to use my analytical when I was at college doing a blood pressure assignement and when I had an administrations jobs within the nhs as it required you to use a lot of attention to detail.
Had to choose cheerleading outfits for our team.
Had to choose cheerleading outfits for our team.
I looked ove rthe information carefully and then made an informed recoomendation.
In my research class we had to read a peer reviewed article and write an analysis of each section. It was difficult but I learned a lot about what it takes to throughly understand an article.<br />
When I worked at a gas station a lot of people would pull up to the pumps and not put out their cigarettes and/or would be talking on their cell phones. I wanted to figure out a way to get them to not do that anymore as it is dangerous. It was posted on the pumps but that was not working. So I would go up to the person and ask politely for them to put their cigarette out or get off their cell phone and if they refused I wouldn't pump their gas.
When I was working as a Summer intern , we had a problem with the conveyor systems whether to replace it or remodel it and use the same ...Then I recommended the supervisor to order a new one and explained the advantages of having it.
I collect info needed.
In my current job one of my responsibilities is to work on a project which involves the reissue of outstanding checks. There was no written procedure on this project so my coworker and I got together and brainstormed and gathered some information and we scheduled a meeting with our supervisor and had her review the procedures. After a couple of weeks of revising policy and procedure approved the change.
Yes regarding safety I was analysed personnel protective equipments are part of body in mines.
Gee whiz, I can't think now....Uhmmm maybe like the time my brother told me about all his computer things and I had to recommend to my friend what to buy.
As a clinique consultant you are requires to analyze product information on a continuous basis and make recommendations to customers on the product that best suits them.
When we come to know that so and so person is eligible for particular thing related to.
While working on ITU I would observe and anyalse information of patients on ventilators as to whether thet could be taken offm the ventilator and breath for themselves.
Weaning patients off life support.
Weaning patients off life support.
Few seconds before. I think we all do analysis and draw recommendation at every point of time.
On a school project for BIB we had to analyze the different markets the company wanted to enter and give our recommendation as to which market we thought they should enter.
I had a student who was not scoring in tests homework and assignments. So I had to identify what were his problems with learning. And make a recommendation to have him assessed by a specialists.
Analysing participation in the Stop card.<br />Analysing my team performance.
In my last job at Metaplast My Plant manager has asked me to Read the flow sheet and Drawing for that job I have been success.
Sir its the time of my making decision of my life.
I was posted to an old station, wanjii and the control panels were troublesome with aged control and protection equipment. After test maintenance for the two years, I had to sit down with test data, analyze and write a report giving a recommendation to replace entire control panel. I was allowed to budget for it one year later, in 2006 and I placed Ksh.30 Million for it, and we commissioned it in 2009.
A time where I analyzed information and made a recommendation was when I observed a customer having a bit of an issue with making a decision on what pair of sneakers to get. Basically what I did was ask him what was he going to be using the product for and also what type of shoe he was looking for just basically find out what exactly the customer wanted and then suggested a pair that he actually tried on and wore right ut the store.
I do this almost daily with my current position and it is a called a Rate Plan Analysis. I review the customer's invoice, plans, charges and usage. Based on my research I recommend the best plan for their money and avoid additional usage charges.
Time is the presious one.The time is passing our life is also going .I thing it does not waste for each and every moment. Once it is passing the time it does not back again .
Ocassionally, when the controls either negative or positive have not worked which means something hasn't been done well and that results are not comparable. In that case, we have had to repeat an experiment.
From proper time managment.
It is time to check and verify the payments according to other related documents or purchaser orders. And, make the comment that it is fair or not to pay.
When nobody can analyze and do a recommendation.
DDR memory is a critical component of a mobile phone. Selection of part with optimum capacity with a proper cost is a tricky proposition. I have to call in vendor representative. Get demos from them, get memory samples, test them, confirm about the guaranteed supply and then recommend a part.
The was to evaluate technology readiness for Serdes and make recommendation on the vendor based on their capability, feature set and readiness for production.
When I was worlking with my last project, I have to collect lot of information, coxz we need to start the project from scratch.
I have to analyze fundraising result information constantly, after each event, and then make a recommendation as to keeping the fundraiser, changiing it up a bit, or eliminating it.
As a supervisor at Starbucks, I am sometime asked by customers which drinks I would recommend or is my favorite. I base each answer on the type of day as well as the moment it is being asked. I usually always suggest a drink with the minimal amount of calories as health is always at the top of my mind.
As a supervisor at Starbucks, I am sometime asked by customers which drinks I would recommend or is my favorite. I base each answer on the type of day as well as the moment it is being asked. I usually always suggest a drink with the minimal amount of calories as health is always at the top of my mind.
I analyzed reports from the tills to recommend happy hour, opening times, number of staff on.
When I have to purchase relatively expensive living goods, I will do analyze information and get some recommendation from freinds<br />
In my current position as CM, I have to analyze information and make recommendations at all times. For intance, I need to analyze the best job options for my clients and provide recomendations to assist them in obtaining a job. To assist them maintian a good job retention.
After analyzing a situation and finding the best recommendation for the specific job.
In a group we had few days to come up with a topic for a project I had little time so I recommended one of the topics and assured my group members it will be a good idea and it worked.
Ordering seasonal first aid supplies when my company worker was on medical leave. Contacted another provider made the list and then ordered through my required provider. A year later I needed a new provider so I had already been familiar with the company that helped.
I never had this kind of situation.