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Tell me about a time when you had to analyze a situation and make a recommendation.
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Medical Microbiology lab.
Several times a day during my preceptorship in the emergency department I had to look at the results from patient's lab work and then speak to the Physician after I had reviewed it. I would prepare my recommendation for additional tests or care at that time.
In my current position, I have to evaluate the effectiveness of the program conducted by my organization. So I analyzed the data collected from the pre-test and post-test, as well as made some recommendation based on the results.
When I was an Assistant Operations Manager, the CEO was about to fire the Operations Manager but he asked my recommendation first.
While budgeting sales and product purches in my previous position we had discoverd we had money that we did not know what had happend to it. My job was to review all of our information and find out where it was and what we can do to make sure this never happens again. I went through the budgets and realized not everything in the inventory had been calculated properly. My recommendation was to creat an excel computer program in which the data would be inputed before reaching shelves.
About two months ago, I was selected among three other girls in my grade to be part of a conference that had to do with the future of females in the departments of mathematics, science, and technology. I was asked to make some recomendations for other girls my age who i thought were appropriate for a spot in this conference. So i had to analyze some of their charectisitcs and working habits in school in order to find out who else was fit to to be part of the meeting.
critical time facing the problem
Anytime a client comes in for a new style or color. You analyze there hair, face, how much time and commitment they plan on for there hair. From that you make your recommendations.
When a client wants to know which one to choose that suits her needs. I have to present to her the different kinds of products we are selling and by then you will able to give her the good points and what suits her needs and wants.