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How would you approach making a good impression on a new client?

Example #1
"My favorite way to make a lasting impression on a new client is to know their name and a little bit about them before our first meeting. When it shows that I prepared for our initial meeting, it tells the client that I care about our working relationship."
Example #2
"I am on the phone quite often, so one of the ways I show new clients that I am interested in them is to repeat their words back to them to show my understanding. I also think it makes a huge difference when I am prepared with strong product knowledge and answer the phone with a smile."
Example #3
"Our new clients always receive a personal call from me, where I let them know that we appreciate their business. I ask a few targeted questions so that I can better understand how we can exceed their expectations. From there, I take the information to my team. We most often blow our customers' expectations out of the water."
Example #4
"New clients need to feel like they can trust me instantly, and, in my opinion, the best way to do that is to get to know them and show them that I care. I am a fantastic listener and will always deliver on a project early. This level of service is rare these days, and my new clients always comment on how refreshing my approach is."
Example #5
"Most retail outlets are known for having low-performing employees, and I always aim to stand out from that stereotype. I like to get to know my customers, what they need, and ask if I can make further suggestions. Most of the time, my customers love the added input and help. This approach also makes my days more fun because I am making genuine connections with people versus treating them like just another customer."
Example #6
"Sales professionals often get a bad rap for being untrustworthy. Knowing this, I approach my new clients in a way that will build instant trust. I keep my appointments, I am always 5 minutes early, and I will call them with updates on their orders before they feel the need to reach out to me."
Example #7
"One thing that sets me apart from other teachers is that I book a one-on-one meeting with the parents of my students at the very start of the school year. We create a learning plan that will work for all, and I also ask questions that position me as the expert and also have the parents fully committed to their child's' learning. The rest of the year is better when communication goals become established from the start."
Example #8
"I really do enjoy building relationships with my clients. If I have a strong relationship with them, that means a higher referral rate and much easier communication, overall. I will always get to know my clients on a bit of a personal level so that they feel comfortable with me throughout the entire application process."
Example #9
"A former co-worker and I had a strain in our working relationship, and I wasn't sure from what it had stemmed. I invited her to lunch away from the office for a chance to talk and just get away for a bit. I asked her if I had done anything to offend her, which thankfully I had not. It turns out she was feeling overwhelmed in our office environment. I took the time to clarify a few procedures and the 'isms' of the physicians we worked alongside. After a great lunch and open talk we were able to be more productive together, working as a united front."
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