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Answering Behavioral Questions

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How do you react when you are dissatisfied with the quality of your work, or the outcome of your work?

Example #1
"I am rarely dissatisfied with my work because I keep very high standards for myself, and what I deliver. With that said, should I be dissatisfied with the quality of my work, I would own up to it and try again until I was proud of the work I delivered."
Example #2
"The last time I was dissatisfied with my work, I asked my boss if there was time for me to re-do the components with which I was not happy. The deadline was tight, but I did not believe that it should affect the quality of what I delivered. She agreed, and gave me the time to revisit the aspects that I felt were not up to my usual standard."
Example #3
"When I am dissatisfied with my work, I will not submit it. There is no room in my line of work to hand in work that is not up to standard. I would not say that I am a perfectionist; however, I know what I am capable of achieving, and as a manager - I have to set a great example at all times."
Example #4
"In marketing, there is often room to play around with our work and bounce back from mistakes. I allow myself to make mistakes, tweak my work, and play around with different designs, for instance. A creative mind is always seeking improvements."
Example #5
"I like to make a great first impression, so I will rarely be disappointed in the work that I deliver. If I do not deliver to my standard or encounter an unforeseen issue that railroads me, I am quick to assess what I could have done differently and recovered from there."
Example #6
"If I am dissatisfied with the quality of my work, I work harder! I believe that the only thing standing between failure and greatness is me. I always put in 100% in everything that I do."
Example #7
"I expect a lot from my students, and they expect a lot from me in return. I fully believe in being accountable for my work. So, for that reason, if I am dissatisfied with the work that I produce, I will go back to it and re-do until I am proud of the final product."
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