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Have you ever worked in a situation where the rules and guidelines were not clear? How did you cope?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Yes, I had this kind of situation. I felt bad, without rules and guidelines we are like animals. Everyone do what they want, so this is a disorganized company . I don't like to work in this environment, it is chaotic.
Very seldom does this arrise but when it does a new policy is sent out with paychecks for all to sign and then filed.
I asked the manager what they would like me to do first and asked for a detailed list of instructions.
It happens at school al the time especially final projects or a lab work. What I do is that I go back and talk to the professor just clarify what he really want me to do. I try not to assume but rather asked mere questions to complete it.
At a country club where I managed the pool. Many groups would come to the pool and expected different treatment. The CEO manager would let me know it was up to my discretion as long as the problems never came across his desk. I just went with the flow on it and really only had two bad situation over a seven year time period.
Did not love it. Tried to create my own projects, had to train myself on various topics.
Working as a quality control supervisor there was not a benchmark for quality and I was not given proper training so I had learn it on my own or asked the manager which I was unsure about.
Everyday. Returns are not black and white. Lots of shades of gray. Customer Accomodations.
Every job I worked rules were clear and listed in employee hand book.
We often have to place signs up near the products that are on sale for the week at work. Our As seen on tv sale stickers were not specific on which items were apart of the sale. I did not want to place them incorrectly and misinform customers so I inquired with my supervisor to what the specific guidelines were for placing the signs. She was unsure herself and decided that we would hold off on that section for this week.