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Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone who was difficult to get along with.
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yes yes ihad worked with my shift incharge.he will talk regarding production and i will talk regarding quality.
I generally get along very well with most people, although there have been times in my working career that I have had minor difficulties due to personality conflicts and differences in working styles. I try my best to put myself in the other persons position, and find a common positive. In these situations I find that remaining open minded and giving that little extra to do little things like say hello or offer my assistance helps ease my feelings of fustration and in most cases has helped.
Try to make the best of the situation. Not step on any toes. Do the job.
At Wrights, I came into a newly created position where the company wanted to hire someone from outside to bring a fresh perspective to the marketing mix. There was a lady at the company who thought she should have been promoted to the position due to her experience there. She insisted on interviewing me along with the hiring manager and had to give her approval for me to be hired. She did not agree to report to me and had a hard time adjusting as she was given the responsibilty of training me.<br /><br />I sensed this as we worked together, even thought the manager did not prepared me for the conflict as she should have. When I talked to the manager, she did admit it and gave me a little background on the situation, but left it up to me to resolve. I ended up stiing down with the lady and being honest- explaining my background, why I was chosen and how we could work together. I also empathized with her situation and promised to always be straight with her. <br /><br />We ended up working well together, and she would come to me for advise on how to further her career, how to get the training she needed to advance and how she could improve in her job.
yes i faced that situation. while in my college i present paper on other instituations. at the time i cope up with a guy who is entirely different on behavoiur and decisions. i adopt and shape myself to that situations and made that presentation successful.
Working with an employee with a chip on his shoulder and planning with them for 8 months by letting them step up to the plate and we all worked as a team,.
I explained myself to him and he explained him self we worked around our self and just focus to on the job.
Once a reservation was missed in the system and we were fully booked. The custumer called that he is in the airport and waits for his car. I kindly request him to give me 5 minutes and I call back. I subrented a car fr.
Concrete sequential. Toxic, cancerous. Didn't want to take accountability. Mirrored what I expected. Demonstrated empathy. Seek understanding.
Associate was a part-timer that had no ambition to work quickly and I had a talk with him and explained that he must first show self-motivation if he ever wanted full-time and it seemed to have worked