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When did you come up with an innovative solution to a challenge your company, class, or organization was facing?
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I rewrote an incident form for a major retail group based on a judgement finding against us so that we wouldn't face a similar finding in the future. additional questions on it produced better starting information for investigations.
Once a reservation was missed in the system and we were fully booked. The custumer called that he is in the airport and waits for his car. I kindly request him to give me 5 minutes and I call back. I subrented a car fr.
Food organization; splitting new members up into groups.
Past Due Performance report at Subaru. Collected six months of data.
Meetups - how to feed more people than we have space for.
Group was not doing their part, so I suggested we get a study room so we could work on our parts and help each other finish.
Was helping a company move hanging items from a second floor building with stairs only. Designed a working zip line to facilitate safer and more efficient method of getting items to first floor.
I was substitute teaching in elementary and found new innovative ways to get the class to pay attention through positive reinforcements.
I and two others, came up with the rewards programs we still use today. Also the bottled water when I first started.
As a member of the Jackson Area International Festival Committee, we were trying to educate the community about other cultures and increase attendance of the festival. I came up with a solution by expanding the event to an International Week where local schools would take part in an international themed art contest, and local college & universities would develop skits about different cultures wearing their representative costumes then inviting the schools to the festival. Also, sign in sheets at the festival for each local school and the school with the most participation would win a prize. This increased participation and also educated community.