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When did you come up with an innovative solution to a challenge your company, class, or organization was facing?
Our natural thought process is to think of the most glorious problem we have ever solved. We want to think back to a time when we must have created something magnificent, such as the Google Search Algorithm, or inventing Facebook. Instead, be comfortable talking about a simple solution you came up with at work.
Answer examples
"In my current role, I am in charge of the company blog. Our attention rate for visitors was 1 minute and 30 seconds, on average. After seeing these analytics, I discussed with the web design team how we could make the website bolder with links that were more enticing to click through. After implementing the new web design, our average visitor time went from 1 minute and 30 seconds to 3 minutes and 6 seconds. I was really proud of these results."
"Our warehouse was not delivering 100% on time. I assessed the situation and took it upon myself to suggest a change in the truck lineup. This was a suggestion that mixed up a process that was followed for over twenty years. We implemented communication methods from the drivers back to our warehouse centers throughout the day so we could manage the routes better while they were happening. We tried something different and realized our delivery completion rate was now running 100%."
"Our company was not communicating important information effectively to our second and third shift operations. I obtained approval to hang TV in various places which were connected to a secure computer where I could input all announcements for everyone to see."
Sales answer example
"Our sales development managers were having a high no-show rate of about 65% for their appointments set across the board. I developed copy for an email template that they sent the day prior to the meeting reminding them not only of the meeting, but more importantly the "why" of it- why did they agree to it in the first place and how their lives would be easier after taking the call, and, after a month of using the templates, the no-show rate dropped to 42%."
Retail answer example
"As simple as it sounds, I figured out a better way to distribute breaks across the department. Somehow it had become that the newest hire had to go last, or whenever the more seasoned employees hadn't called "dibs", which is unfair and silly. So, it's based off of a sliding scale of sales in the previous week. Whomever has the highest % to quota, gets first dibs for the week of when they take their break. This not only makes it fair for all, but it improves productivity as well."
Teacher answer example
"I bought myself a cart to travel from class to class. Sounds silly and really rudimentary, but it's been super effective. When the school population grew, they needed my classroom for a typical grade classroom, so I've been running from class to class teaching lessons in their home room. It actually works well, since it's only one of me to schlep to an fro versus trying to get a group of 20+ fourth graders there on time. In any case, the cart has been really great. I load up what I need for that grade and zip between classrooms. Other teachers that have lost their classrooms have started using this and it's been working great!"

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User-Submitted Answers

When did you come up with an innovative solution to a challenge your company, class, or organization was facing?
I rewrote an incident form for a major retail group based on a judgement finding against us so that we wouldn't face a similar finding in the future. Additional questions on it produced better starting information for investigations.
Was helping a company move hanging items from a second floor building with stairs only. Designed a working zip line to facilitate safer and more efficient method of getting items to first floor.
While working in Australia for a non government organization that received the least amount of government funds but was the second largest area, I sent out to increase the branding of the organization. I created more media releases. I communicated more with government officials. I had articles published in journals. I even had our projects presented at national conferences. I was able to increase our funding just by creating more relationships.
App fpr dec... Making for health care procedure or report books.
We had a mod to set in the gctr, but the way the mod was laid out it would not work. It was for barbecue accessories. I had noticed some extra peg board in the back room. We modified the mod and used the peg board and it worked great.
Get all the info together and accomplish what's not done and get it done in fast time.
Group was not doing their part, so I suggested we get a study room so we could work on our parts and help each other finish.
As a member of the Jackson Area International Festival Committee, we were trying to educate the community about other cultures and increase attendance of the festival. I came up with a solution by expanding the event to an International Week where local schools would take part in an international themed art contest, and local college & universities would develop skits about different cultures wearing their representative costumes then inviting the schools to the festival. Also, sign in sheets at the festival for each local school and the school with the most participation would win a prize. This increased participation and also educated community.
In my previous job there was an issue of attendance of staff as they were doing manually. I come up with the solution to have and electronic thumb device and every thing will be clear as it was an expensive device but I convinced my director to install it as no one will raise questions on attendance and time keeping anymore.
At my current job, special veterinary dog food is rodered every week from different companies. The amount ordered was ambigious and when I took over the ordering it was difficult to know exactly what to order. This in turn caused short orders and clients having to use other dog food while they waited for their special food. This was important because these foods are to meet specific medical needs such as allergies or kidney failure. To resolve this challenge of ordering the right food and the right quantity, I came up with an inventory spreadsheet that listed the foods that we order and the quantity that we should have in stock. This not only made it easier for to order food, but also would make it easier for anyone else to do it without confusion.
I currently work as a national referee for the International Powerlifting Federation, specific to Powerlifting Australia. We had an issue with the national referee accreditation, and the body that was able to provide that accreditation. I organised for the simplification of the process, to be done in a central area, as opposed accreditation sessions being held all over the country.
The customer was always complening about the hot of our resturant but they was some icons and where always on.
Just recently Humana insurance has required that Zoll obtain a monthly authorization on their patients. This is extremely time consuming to the clinics. We cant call in for them, they have to call themselves and they are not thrilled to do it. I gathered as much information as possible - like what questions Humana was asking our clinics etc. Then I created a check list form for our prescribers so that they could gather the information they need prior to calling for authorization. This streamlined the process and eliminated a lot of time expended by the providers.
Currently, all the graduating seniors enrolled in a business major are participating in a competition that involves analyzing Starbucks. And I had already performed an external analysis and currently I am working on the internal part in order to give my recommendations in the next two weeks.
I was substitute teaching in elementary and found new innovative ways to get the class to pay attention through positive reinforcements.
We had many ergonomic problems and I suggested for more rotation and more people to do one job instead of everyone having one job each.
Food organization; splitting new members up into groups.
Stacking minigrids or trays as a method to minimize dependence on engeneering by merch teams.
Our agency was stuck in the old way of doing business. Our candidates were busy and didn't feel it was appropriate to talk about new job opportunities during the work day. Much of our email exchanges would take place after work hours. By downloading apps to our mobile phone, we were connected 24/7 to emails and LinkedIn messages, keeping us accessible to our potential candidates.
At a home health job we had to clock in on a site time phone. Well one day the phone as but working so I came up with another way to submit our time, such as taking a picture of a time sheet signed by parents and emailed to case manager.
Past Due Performance report at Subaru. Collected six months of data.
Time sheet during holiday.
The problem was not getting hold of some of the staff members intime to pass the clients to since I did not have the computer on my desk this situation puts our company in a terrible way in clients eye. Than I write a proposal to my manager requesting a computer to be able to send messages on time and to get a feed back on time that the client was helped and that is happy with our service.
I and two others, came up with the rewards programs we still use today. Also the bottled water when I first started.
During my internship we had an issue in one of chambers that we use to test phones, we had to instal water sprinkler in them for fire safety but after the installation, we were getting bad data so we realized that it might have something do with the metal so I suggested we used something plastic or thick form to cover it so it will block magnetic waves that it might be emitting. Others agreed and it worked.
Writing the script for our online safety manual for the tech teams instead of everyone working in parallel like always we assigned topics in small group. We got done in half the time as usual and reviewed the work together before finalization and the tech team really praised us for the great effort in front of the CEO.
During inventory we realized that our our staff would be cut down after inventory was completed even though the store would need cleaning afterwards and all the products needed to be front faced. I asked if we could start facing the products and cleaning up behind the inventory workers as they completed each section.
All the time I had roles in back office, making reports and analysis.People now hired at those company are working now on my reports.
In lieu of shanking HL items. I suggested double ticketing under sensors similar to designer.
Once a reservation was missed in the system and we were fully booked. The custumer called that he is in the airport and waits for his car. I kindly request him to give me 5 minutes and I call back. I subrented a car fr.
Meetups - how to feed more people than we have space for.