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Tell me about a time when you were unable to meet a project deadline. How did you react?
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the specific time for me is during dating and spending time with my friends because my body and mind relax during these times. if i commit a project on these timings there are possible ways that i may not finish it.
I was converting accounting systems and I only had 3 days left to have it have it up and running. We were all working alot of overtime to get it done.The night before our pregnant employee gave birth. ( she was 3 weeks early) We missed our dealine by 2 days. But the test run went smoothly and mom and baby are fine.
At Robert Allen, we were constantly setting up new showrooms as agents across the country. After a location was scouted and an agreement was signed, I was handed the responsiblity to get the agent set up with paperwork, training, and everything the agent needed to open the new showroom on time. I developed a timeline that allowed all aspects of the opening to happen in a reasonable timeframe. In one instance, my supplier did not come through on some product we needed to display in the showroom on a new fixture. I realized the showroom would open with an empty rack- something that would be a negative to a customer. <br /><br />I came up with a solution and implemented it in time for the showroom to open with a beautiful display covering the empty rack. It was a big hit and actually sold fabric that would have otherwise not been as visible. It led to the showroom creating a permanent display to showcase new fabrics and trends.
During the research project we were required to do I went to a campus tour in San Diego, Ca--I lived seven hours away--and left a part of my work on the campus. I emailed my teacher immediately and told her that my work would be a day or two late and that I would work extremely hard until I had finished it, because I sent the email before class had even gone back into session she was very understanding and gave me a two day extension; although she did take off points, i was very appreciative that she had given me a second chance to turn it in, especially since I had not completed the work on time.
I have worked under time constraints at my last three positions. I understand the urgency of situations and the need for the work to move quickly in a fast paced atmosphere. If I see a project that is not on a realistic time frame, I am going to take action to correct the matter.
i had to do two evaluations on two employees i had planned on doing them at work that day but for some reason later in day i got very sick so i had to leave but before i did i ask the keyperson to do them which was good because she worked with them alot and then i went over them the next day
Typically, after each MAP window, I submit reports to our coordinator of high stakes assessments. In a school of about 900 students, we have about 5-7 students who were unable to complete testing because they were either out of the country/absence. For these student who were out of the country, we voided their results and followed up with the parents of other students to ensure they were present for make up testing so reports can be submitted in a timely manner.
Budget constraints and city council changed their vote as a policy decision not to continue with the project.
yes because of my boss suddenly resigned and i unable to one project in timely.
Again me back to my days it was my agric project i spent much time researching than the time i spent on writting it and in the end i did not finish it which was so frustrating after all the info i got