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Tell me about a time when you used good judgement and logic to solve a problem.
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- In a previous role, I processed government rebates for medical expenses. This was specifically pertaining to disabled individuals with careers. Medicare had undergone a change of system, which was effecting the eligibility of a patient in a false way. There was a time when I was processing a disabled individuals rebate claim, and it was declined. The patient became extremely distressed, as did the carer. I knew that this specific individual was living in a share house, and didn't have a separate bank account to pay the bill. In theory, I should have explained to the patient and carer that they would have to speak to medicare directly, however, in trying to reduce customer effect and being highly empathic and caring, I politely asked them if they could wait until I had spoken to medicare for them. During my conversation with medicare, I was able to rectify the issue by providing the patients relevant details that had seemed to have disappeared from their system. By doing so, I was then able to explain to the career and patient what had happened, and was able to processes their claim without issue. I feel as though I made the right decision in this instance because of circumstance, and it would not have only been unkind, but also illogical, to dismiss the patient when I can help.
I havent experience that.
I try to approach every problem solving solution with good judgement and logic.
Diffucult customer complain.
Looking a machines in the clinic and being about the put two and two together and being about to get lab results.
Which extras each animal needs.
I share what I learn and be good to other.
Customer was arguing with wife . I diplomatically told him that security is watching him by now and tone it down, or will be escorted out of property.
Po accptance performance-check shipping lines of rejected POs issued to vendors- usually a date mess up-fix by looking at the lead times.
- Disabled client's government rebate for medical services was declined. I knew their system had undergone changes, and the customer was becoming highly emotion. Carer didn't have money to pay for full amount. - I called the government body and gave details about the patient that had somehow disappeared from the system, and was able to reduce customer effort. - I was caring and logical to fix a problem I can help with.