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User-Submitted Answers

One time, I had to handle an irate customer in my position at the Apple Store. One would not think Apple customers would get overly irate, as they are usually hip and cool people. However, on this occasion, Steve Jobs would have been disappointed.<br><br>The person came in looking for the new iPad and we had them available. However, he was unable to understand how to use it. He apparently did not understand computers in any way. So, he began flipping out and muttering under his breath. This eventually turned into screaming at me.<br /><br />I kindly asked the gentleman to leave the store and walked him to the door. He never returned, so, I think that was best for Apple. Irate customers who are neither tech savvy nor hip just do not fit the mold of an Apple customer and we cannot have those types of individuals using our products.
A summer job in the senior center, I had a grumpy customer who wanted a hot chocolate, and he didn't like te fact that I forgot to put the whip cream on top, so I did put the whip cream, but I just ignored his grumpyness.
While I was working for Robert Allen Fabrics, the company implemented a new ASAP system which did not go so well. Our ordering system was down for three months and weexperienced huge delays in getting product out to customers. As a Regional Manager, I had the responsiblity of dealing with customers who were the top interior designers in the country when the showroom managers were unable to make them happy. I had to wrk some long hours in a stressful environment where there was almost always a Customer service or sales associate in tears. I am very even tempered and have been trainned in Customer service, so try not to take the complaint personally, but get to the route of the problem and fix it. I was able to calm the customer down and to offer a solution so that 100% of the time, by the time that customer hung up, they were not angry anymore.
I never handled any customer.
I give a situation at hospital were the waiting list is longer than private hospital cause many people will go there.Although we use calling system number but still audiologist are not capable to entertain all of them at one time. Patient who came early at the morning but still waiting till 2 hours will get easily fatigue and irate. To overcome this I must make sure people will not wait more than 30min to get into services.
Till date no such time has come.
Doing a corrective color. I had a lady come in with bleach blonde hair with about an inch of regrowth. She wanted to go back to her natural level 5. Doing a filler of red so it doesnt turn ashy green. The color turned out to warm for her and she was not happy with the color. Talking to her about what we could further do to please her. And scheduling an appointment for her next color fix at a discount.
Over the summer, I worked at Hollister Co. And although I mainly worked in the back room there were times that I would be asked to work the floor. There was instance when I was working in the sale room and a customer wanted to see the skirts that were hanging from the ceiling, since we couldn't take them down because they were just for show and we didn't have any on the stock or the back room I kindly told her that our store no longer carried that item and I'd be happy to look it up in the system. She got a little irritated and proceeded to blame me and say that the way the store was set up was very stupid and a lot of other things that I probably shouldn't quote. I apologized and tried to calm her down and offered her skirts in similar styles and colors, I even asked her if she'd like directions to another store that carried them. She eventually did calm down and when she was finally acting reasonable I convinced her to buy one of the skirts we carried that was similar.
Example he waited for so long and see that the line is slow moving in that counter, you have to make him calm down and listen to the problem and try to investigate what happen and then explain to him in a very simple way that he can understand the situation. Make him feel that you are with him and you were there to help him at your best effort. If he shout, reply to him in a low tone but speak clearly with grace.
When customer being refuse to give credit. Customer not supplied in time goods. Faults in the goods. Not according to specifications. In correct invoicing. Missposting of price ect.
The client was working remote & getting domain not available; explained the situation & got it resolved.
As a District Manager of a water district, I had a customer call and scream at me regarding the taxing authority of the Board of Directors of the District. He did not believe that they possessed that authority and wanted me to tell him so. I calmly told him that, yes they do have that authority and explained how they obtained it through the formation of the water district.
During free office times, because we use the customer name as irate so we should handle the situation in free office times.
Curently i'm never handle any irate customer, but in real life I found im verry patient to handle an irate person.
Fortunately, I have not had to deal with an irate customer. However, I have seen circumstances where pharmacists have dealt with irate customers. If I were to deal with a patient who was upset, I would try to calm the patient and explain the situation so there would not be a miscommunication problem. If this doesn't work, I would do my best to quickly rectify the issue to satisfy the customer.
Haven't but sould do the right thing.
Customer wanted to bring back merchandise that was damaged. I explained could not do a cash refund but could give a store credit. I just remained calm and talked in a soft manner.
I have o say I never had to face anybody ireted with me, I am lucky in this respect. I had anyways difficult times in terms of interpersonal relashionships, for example that time we had to publish a paper with three joint first authors.
I met a guest to my organization once. He came to ask for the information about the show tickets sold by our museum. But he was so rude and inpatient. But I was still explaining the situation to him/her and answer all the questions patiently.
I have never had to handle an irate customer but I really want to handle a customer that is irate to get more experience with dealing with this kind of situation.
At my previous job, I never really worked with customers but someone did come in and was upset but I assissted them with a seat and told them someone would be with them shortly.
Well, once I was working at my friends, dad hookah restaurant and their came in this custumer who orederd a hookah, and a cup of coffee. After about 5 minutes, I came in with the hookah, and the coffee, and he just kept complaining about how the coffee was not hot enough, and how it needed sugar when there clearly was sugar on the plate for him to add, and he complained about how the hookah, didn't have the same flavor as before, and I just had to perservere and deal with his needs because after all, if your paying for something, you wouldn't want anything to be wrong with it.
My previous job did not allow me to deal with customers, but there was a time when an angry customer came in and I had to sit them down and tell them someone would be with them shortly.
I never actually had to deal with an irate customer but irate subcontractors.
A patient who did not want x-rays taken, I had to explain that they were very beneficial to their treatment and that the x-ray itself contains less radiation than the sun<br />
If you look on my resume and see where I had to work at Pathmark, I dealt with a customer who yelled at me for not waiting for her to tell me how to bag her bags. I remained calm and bagged it the way she wanted.
I would listen to them and try to assist them in a calm manner.
Had a customer come in to the store and used the atm machine and said the machine did not give her all her money so we counted it together and it had not given her 20 dollars . The managers had all gone home and I told her that if she came back in the morning she would be helped. She got very upset but there was nothing I could do other then aplogize and have her come back in the morning.
Recently we had production defects.
When I was riding out as a paramedic student I had an intoxicated patient who refused treatment. I convinced him that we were only there to help and would not get him in trouble. I convinced him to come to the hospital.
I had a customer try to return used items of clothing and story policy is very stern with stuff like that. In this case, I explained to the customer what I can and cannot do, I offered her to speak to a manager and she politely declined because my job is to follow guidelines of corporate.
Ask if there is anything I could do for them.
When I was working at Meijer there was a customer that came in intoxicated and I had to keep an eye on her until the police arrived. I engaged in conversation with her and tried keep her calm and occupied in the conversation.
Had a customer ask to have a service done while I was helping another customer. When I saw she was very upset, asked my other customer if I could take care of her first. Customer agreed.
Custumer care, son sick, medical benifits were not applied... Handled it<br />
We process weekly credit card payments for customer accounts. A customer's balance was processed twice and maxed out the card. The customer could not make other commitments because of this mistake. I was able to make arrangements to cover the customers purchase and therefore kept the customer.
Frequently in banking, individuals are upset with fees, bank policies and other money related issues. It is important to listen to the customer's side of the story, while providing relevant problem solutions.
I can try to be very carefull regarding explanation of the product and try to give every possible offer through which the customer is get attracted to our product.
When I was working at an Italian restaurant as a hostess there were sometimes problems with customer seating due to increased wait times and other issues. One elderly customer came in quite frequently and always expected to sit in a certain booth. One night I was unable to sit them in this booth because the place was packed and there was also a wait for certain tables. Not to mention that the section they wanted to sit in was overbooked. I explained to the couple that the table they wanted was unavailable but I would be happy to seat them elsewhere. They began yelling at me but I remained calm and apologized. They wanted to speak to a manager but I instead asked a few different servers who were not busy if they minded picking up the table in that section, One of them agreed to and I was able to make the customers happy without causing problems for the restaurant servers .
Listen carefully to customer's complaint,
Patient was kept waiting 1/2 hour. Explained to her that she was right that her time was very important to us but that sometimes in the dental office we have unexpected emergencies& although we set time aside for that we may still need more. I also suggested a better time of day that this might be avoided & that we would try to not have this happen again Also said if we ran late in the future we would call her.
Focuing in the person say and I will be clear with the customer<br />
When I had to hand an irate customer I tried to reasure the person that the situation was not as serious that it seemed. I offered to assist in any way that I could and if the situation was something that I could not contol I would contact someone with more authority that I.
Patron was upset that he had to pay a $1 to go into his record without a library card. I explain to patron that we need card in order to get into the record or it is a $1.00 and I.D. Tell him it is for privacy and to make sure we are in the correct account. He had to go to the car to get money, and he returned with a $50. Bill to pay. I told him regrettably I cannot accept the $50. Because I had no change. He gave me a smaller bill.
Sometimes appraisals will come in low and we now are required to add MI to a loan. I have had to call borrower's to let them know what a value came in at or didn't come in at. I explain the value and what our requirements are regarding mortgage insurance.
I was actually talking with an irate cx he really wants to cancel a payment that was already completed but then I already explained him about that we cannot do do something about it and he needs to get in touch directly to the seller and ask for a refund but then he doesnt want to. But I do advise him that he can file a dispute about the txn and he was glad about it.
Dealing with small children and the tantrums.
The customer was upset because he had recieved cold food .<br />i was table touching when this happen I am the one that found out his food was cold I apoligized took his food and when back and made it my self I was very symathic to him.
An irate citizen wanted to talk. I asked them to calm down and then we would talk. I got them something to drink. THey calmed down and I listened.
When an incorrect order was given to a customer. I offered to remake the order, or if he would like a refund.
Once when I was working at Sonics a lady was very upset because her order was not correct. I quickly corrected the mistake and gave her some free fries.
Lady who wanted steroids<br />
The delivery date is about to come close and came across many showstoppers, where the cx went enraged. So when I was on the call with the cx I convinced him saying that showstoppers are due to the CR. Also I mentioned the cx that most showstoppers will be ruled out in next build and some of the high severeness one in the current build.
In my current position that sometiimes happens. But I find it best to try to calm the client down so I can best understand their issue.<br />One time one of the aides working with us claimed she wasn't paid. I spoke to the head of payroll and found their was an error. The problem was solved and the aide was very greatful.
I work at Extra foods and we have no customer service desk, so we the cashiers are the customer service. I deal with frustrated customers almost every day.
Follow up our work in each stage.
I was working in a restaurant as a Hostess and it was a full house because it was rush hour. One couple was getting frustrated with the wait. I told them I would get them to their table as fast as I could and that their visit is important to us. I suggested the patio and I walked all around the restaurant paying attention to who would be done eating first. I found a party that was just finishin up and they were seated shortly after.
I do have have any prior work expereince so naturally I have not dealt with any such customer before<br />
Interest is not paid accordingly and has to explain how it works and recommned Haed to pay.
During the registration process one customer got irate as his registration name tag did not have his prefix of DR.<br />I did appologize to him for the error and immediately printed a new registration tag for him with the prefix of Dr.<br />Lesson learnt from this no matter what if there is prefix on the registration form - the prefix needs to be there on the registration name tag.
It was my first week at the hospital and I had a patient who had dementia and had just had a room change. This particular patient did not like changing rooms because he got turned around and fustrated. I approached him to see if I could be of assistance to show him around and he would not have it. He was set on going to the old room down the hall. I acknowledged his fustration and said to him it must be fustrating when everything looks the exact same and the only thing different is the room numbers. I had an open hand to point to where his room actually was. With some gentle direction and showing of the room numbers he accepted that the room to which he was moved to was his.
Workin as s sale associste wit a vety rude customer.
I was into Back-end operations and I didn't had direct interaction with the customer. Though I learned that people with whom I was working were my customer.For e. G. - My Department. So, if I choose one scenario that would be - With my Manager wherein we had a word about my year end appraisal and he wasn't able to convince me that Why Am I not getting promoted for that particular year.
I used to work as a communications clerk on a patient unit at a hospital, and so am used to dealing with patients and families in distressed situations on a regular basis. I was approached by a family member who was concerned about their family member and they felt they were being neglected. In my experience I find that actively listening to their concerns and validating them often is enough to relieve their anxiety. In this particular situation I offered some comfort by agreeing that it is a concern and I would look into it by approaching the nurse to notify them of the situation and their concerns.
The way I interact always leads to politer conversation, same is the case when I emailed soft copies of handouts instead of sending 34 Hardcopies of training manuals to a Multinational clients Training officer. He was pretty irritated and seemed dissatisfied with the level of service we were providing, my conversation started mildly, mostly I listened to his plea and very carefully apologized and softly gave a easy solution as to what could be done now. After this 7-8 min conversation, he seemed relieved and went ahead with printing and organizing the manuals. <br />I think the listening part helped a lot and the simplfied solution to his current scenario seemed to ease down his anger.
Pateint unhappy to be moved from one ward to another, explained the reason for moving was the future wards speciality to manage patients condition and also their expertise to prepare for surgery which we lack on the mediacl wards. Client offered coopoeration as reasons were understood.
I have had to handle numerous accounts of irate customers in my past career. In my experience, the only way to handle upset customers is to let them vent and explain why they are upset and then tell them you understand how they feel and why that situation would make the upset. Then you let them cool down a bit and then go over some options to resolve the issue.
A customer came into my store to pick up a piece of furniture that she had put on hold. Unfortunetly the person who had put the item on hold for her had not verified that the item was actually in stock. When she came in she was irate because she had driven over and hour to pick up the furniture. I apologized and let her know that I would do anything in my power to help her out. I apologized for the associate who gave her the wrong information and then focused my efforts on solutions., Such as which cribs were compareable and what a great discount I was going to give her.
When I worked at Tan-Tar-A at the front desk, I would have several guests be upset about their room or reservations. I would try to reassure them that we will try our best to full fill their needs. We tried to do everything would could to make them happy. I would listen to what they said and then tried to tell them that I understood and will work on fixing the situation.
Ive never had too but if I did I would listen to what they had to say and if I couldnt do it I would get my supervisor.
Someone came up to me and told me the bag of chips were already open so I gave him a new one.
One of the students had a personal issue and was very upset, I was able to calm the student down and provide her with contact details of student support.
I listened carefully to the customer's problem and tried to slove it to teh best of my ability.
I had a customer who came in and was not satisfied with her order. The first thing I did was apologize to her. Then I personally remade her order and she was satisfied and said that she will come back again.<br />
When the price was being raised at the gas pumps and a car pulled up and wanted us to wait to higher the price meanwhile it was already done. I just had to explain that everything including the pumps were switched over and we can't swith it back.
There was a time when I had to reverse funds from a customers electronic account because she received the money in error. The customer was very upset. I listened to the customer. I let the customer vent. I aplogized for the inconvenienced, and I try to explain the reasons why I was forced to debit her account. After a while of trying to reason with her she finaly understood. Then I was able to help her on another issue she had on her case.
Yes I have one drill machine customer regarding availability and breakdown hours he is showing wrong data and I have one practical data and showed to that customer.
The customer kept on changing the products that he wanted every minute and after getting fade up I no longer played along but with his persistence behaviour I decided to report him to the owner.
He was flapping up and down about the high price, so I hit him.
Convincing him for an offer..
Working in the retail industry meant I was exposed to a large number of peolple. Among those people I occasionaly had difficult customers.In dealing with the customer I would attempt to assist the customer in a polite manner at all times.
Let's imagine that, on your way out the door this ... When you got to work, your boss chewed you out; you had trouble with your ... And check on something, do it, and do it in the time frame you promised.
Clinic running late and explanation given to customer.
When I have to convince them to appear for IRDA exams.
My last job as HD I was responsible for student discipline. Needless to say when I talked to the students they weren't happy they were getting fined. One instance in particular was when a two students came in after being written up for having a party with alcohol. They claimed they didn't know it was in the room. I just responded that they are responsible for the people and items in their room and that they were responsible for the people in their room and any items they bring in.
During the Tana power station redevelopment from 14MW to 20MW, kenya Power AND Lighting co ltd are our core business customers. I was responsible for removal of control and protection equipments to pave site for penstocks, the Contractor, Farab from Iran was waiting for me. He was working round the clock to beat penalties. KPLC were involved in the work, but since they were not the beneficiary my organization required to pay for labor. They reluctantly started the work sitting low payments. Somewhere along the way their manager instructed them to abandone the work if the invoice was not adjusted upward. My managers did not see need for adjustment and I was tasked to implement an alternative, I had to use casual labour hired for another task within short notice because Frab were complaining about time delay.
When one who call the customer care the a lot of time is going , there is no one attend the call. In this situation the customer can be irated.
When I was a technician and repaired cell phones I had an elderly lady who came into the store several times regarding her phone. Her issue was she could not make or receive calls sometimes. Each time she was helped by someone they made a test call and advised the phone working fine and sent her away. On her fourth visit to the store she was extremely upset because she knew her phone did not work. I ran a diagnostic test on her phone and advised her everything checked out good but reassured her we would solve her problem before she left that day. I sat down with her and went through all of the settings with her and found that she had roam guard enabled which prevents you from making or receiving a call while roaming. I advised her if she keeps the roam guard enabled she must press the #1 key first in order to make or receive a call. I apologized for her multiple trips to the store and the fact that no one took the time to really trouble shoot her device. I followed up with her with a phone call a couple days later to make sure everything was working fine which it was and she was very satisfied with my help especially since she was older and needed access to a phone at all times due to her health.
When the costumer have to wait for long hours just to fix an appointment.
No experience of this.
Whenever a difficult situation arises to the point a customer is being irrational. I always just say "yes". The purpose is to keep a balance equation. You always want to make the customer satisfied.
When customers did not receive there orders I took calls to arrange new deliveries for them and calmed them down.
To handle an irate customer the best way to listen the customer, acknowledge the issue and give the approriate resolution. and try to make the call as FCR
In my current position there is always the possibility of irritated customers that feel they are to receive our servcies. One time I had an irritated customer that wanted my suspervisors name, and phone number. I calmly explained to the custosmer, that I would definately provide the information, but I would try to assist him as needed to solve the problem, and if we could not come to an agreement my suspervisour will more than gladly answer any of his questions.
I haven't had the experience yet but IF I ever go through this, I'll of course listen to what they have to say, stay calm, and ask them what they need.
Had a customer receive an item he didn't know how to use. I calmly and politely explained how to use... He was relieved and happy with product.
Older woman came in and criticized the style of our clothing.
Once at CSR position one of the client had issues with the coverage of network. She was really mad. Was not listening to me kept on talking and yelling. When she was done I asked about the details and explained the reason that there was storm and tower is down we are fixing it I apologized for that again and she understood the situation.
The customer was order something that she didnt know if what was after she shouted at me and lied said she diddnt order that food.
Immediately dealt with the problem by asking for feedback and implementing a solution.
Angry about vaccine requirements.
I had a customer who was not satisfied with his meal. I was able to get the customer meal made over with a complementary cookie.
If I get a difficult customer I try not to argue with them but rather let them know that I get why they are angry and we are at fault so we will make it right for them.
Patron lost there parking validation ticket. Came in mad that we were going to charge him. I asked him what time he entered the park calculated what his fee was and gave him 50% off and said sorry for the inconvenience.
A customer was upset that the price of a product did not match the price on the sticker on the shelf. I apologized to the customer and explained that this was the actual price of the product. After becoming more assertive after consulting my manager we were able to give the product to the customer for the price on the shelf.
As I said before, many customers are irate, with calm and patience we can manage it. Customer needs have to be met, and what they need, we can give them. All we need in this situation is to be patient.
Alterations lady. Didn't wear shoes to try on with her bell bottom pants she was getting hemmed. Toto guessed at length. Customer was upset.