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While I was working for Robert Allen Fabrics, the company implemented a new ASAP system which did not go so well. Our ordering system was down for three months and weexperienced huge delays in getting product out to customers. As a Regional Manager, I had the responsiblity of dealing with customers who were the top interior designers in the country when the showroom managers were unable to make them happy. I had to wrk some long hours in a stressful environment where there was almost always a Customer service or sales associate in tears. I am very even tempered and have been trainned in Customer service, so try not to take the complaint personally, but get to the route of the problem and fix it. I was able to calm the customer down and to offer a solution so that 100% of the time, by the time that customer hung up, they were not angry anymore.
An irate citizen wanted to talk. i asked them to calm down and then we would talk. I got them something to drink. THey calmed down and I listened.
Whenever a difficult situation arises to the point a customer is being irrational. I always just say "yes". The purpose is to keep a balance equation. You always want to make the customer satisfied.
When I was working at Meijer there was a customer that came in intoxicated and I had to keep an eye on her until the police arrived. I engaged in conversation with her and tried keep her calm and occupied in the conversation.
yes i have one drill machine customer regarding availability and breakdown hours he is showing wrong data and i have one practical data and showed to that customer.
curently i'm never handle any irate customer,but in real life i found im verry patient to handle an irate person
When an incorrect order was given to a customer. I offered to remake the order, or if he would like a refund.
Had a customer ask to have a service done while I was helping another customer. When I saw she was very upset, asked my other customer if I could take care of her first. Customer agreed
Once when I was working at Sonics a lady was very upset because her order was not correct. I quickly corrected the mistake and gave her some free fries.
The customer kept on changing the products that he wanted every minute and after getting fade up i no longer played along but with his persistence behaviour i decided to report him to the owner