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Tell me about a time when you had to address an angry customer. What was the problem and how did you resolve it?
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The guest complained about the time it took to make his sub. He was offered a free coupon on the spot to revisit our store again.
Scotti not getting his meds back.
There was a customer that was not happy about giving her pet so many shots. The customer explained not your gonna hurt my dog no she is gonna get sick. I told the customer last time she got shots for her pet, was her pet in pain or was it sick, the customer explained no but I will not let you give that many at the same time. I gave her the option to give them separate. She was happy with that and was able to give her dog shots separately.
I hit him so much and kill.
Customer lost 500 dollars . Complaining that slots don't pay here and was never coming back . Playing is all about luck. Lots of people win too.
Staples- Angry customer came in and started demanding product becasue we change the store around so much. Greeted him with a smile and noticed he had a list with him so I asked if I could see the list and located all the products he needed. Talking calmly with the customer-guy went to my manager and complimented me on my service.
when i worked for avon i had to deal with a angry customer that did not like the product because it did not work i gave the customer back what she paid for the item
The problem was she was having a stressful day, I help where I can and smile, she eases up and goes on her way.
- A customer called to confirm appointments with practitioner, and they didn't appear to be booked. He became highly irritated and rude. His levels of anger were very high, as the offices were a very busy place and it takes a long period of time to see a practitioner. - As the customer was yelling, I took note of what he was saying and the points he was emphasising. I was able to understand that he was in a larger amount of pain. Have accepted fault for the appointments not being booked, I offered the customer (who was a long standing customer) a complimentary massage with a massage therapist on site, until we could fit him in at his desired time. This pacified the customer, and was a way in which I could suggest alternative appointment dates for him, which the understanding that the reason he was angry was because he was in pain.
Can't get into sessions. Again. Yelled at. Apologies. Understood. Found sales person. Hooked up with swag. Asked customer what were the next sessions they wanted to get in and escorted them there.