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Tell me about a time when you had to address an angry customer. What was the problem and how did you resolve it?

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The interviewer wants to know that you can handle stressful or uncomfortable situations in a professional manner. Keep your answer simple and precise. Stay away from long drawn out stories. Briefly, describe a time when you resolved a customer service issue. Highlight your ability to remain patient and rational.

Admin answer example
"As an Administrative Assistant, I address angry customers on a daily basis. They are upset about being asked to hold. When this happens, I 'kill them with kindness' but profusely thanking them for their patience and letting them know they now have my full attention. I would say this method works 99% of the time."
Basic answer example
"I worked in a retail customer care center and had to navigate angry customer experiences more times than I would have liked. People who are upset want to be heard and respected. I would listen, empathize and reassure the customer that I am there to support them and resolve the matter. Communication and reassurance are important throughout the process. If I needed to check on an order or get back to the customer, I would set expectations to explain what I was doing and when they would hear back. I am proud to say that I have successfully turned more detractors into promoters than anyone else in our organization."
Manager answer example
"I once was a customer service manager at a call center. I had many angry customer calls, but one, in particular, I remember well. The customer had ordered a dish set, but when it arrived, it was missing half the pieces. She had unfortunately set on hold with us for over 30 minutes waiting to be helped and was irate when I told her that our policy was that she had to send the entire order back, then we would issue a refund, and she could reorder it. She just wanted us to ship the missing pieces. She ended up getting a refund and did NOT reorder from us. She likely never will again. I did make sure she received her refund, and I spoke with our corporate head office about the long wait times and the possibility of changing our return policies. It was not a good situation, but I made the best of it."
Marketing answer example
"Just last week, a customer called our design team because he was unhappy with a particular design we were creating for him. I reassured him that we would modify the design to his liking before finalizing the project. We spoke further and, in the end, he was just feeling uncomfortable not being a part of the decision-making every step of the way. With any customer complaint I remain patient, listen to their concerns, and reassure the customer we would do anything within reason to satisfy their requests."
Retail answer example
"A specific instance relates to the rollout of our new return policy, and for the first time, we requested an ID when making a return without a receipt. One customer, after being asked for ID for a return assumed it was a race issue, and she was irate. I had to intervene with the very frazzled employee and take a step back, explain the "why" of the new policy, and ensure her it has zero to do with her, but was a company-wide, country-wide policy. After taking time to hear her concerns, validate why she would be upset, and explain it all in context, she happily handed over her ID and returned and thanked me for my patience with her explosion."
Sales answer example
"A client was delivered a damaged piece of goods that we sold him. For a $30,000 piece of inventory, he was understandably agitated. Within five minutes of receiving an irate email, I hopped on the phone with him to address the issue. I had my COO and Director of Operations, who handles problem resolution, in the room so he would feel that the issue was being taken care of by upper management. Through a 10-minute conversation, not only did we resolve his issue, buy back the piece of inventory, and have pick-up arranged for that very afternoon. We also piloted a new program with him to take the balance sheet risk off of him, which pleased him. So much, in fact, that he committed to buying another five pieces of inventory that same week."
Teacher answer example
"I had a parent that was upset that their child experienced exclusion from Spanish class. This exclusion was due to their IEP and special services scheduling. The student went to speech and social work during my Spanish class. This fact didn't stop the parent from showing frustration with me, so I was sure to find time to sit down and speak with her, and show that I heard her frustration. I asked our principal to join us, and we were able to figure out a better schedule for the following semester that would allow her child to attend Spanish class as well as have his minutes in speech and social work per his IEP. By showing I understood her frustration and was willing to work with her, she immediately softened and was thrilled that we were so receptive to her concerns."

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Tell me about a time when you had to address an angry customer. What was the problem and how did you resolve it?
The guest complained about the time it took to make his sub. He was offered a free coupon on the spot to revisit our store again.
When I worked for avon I had to deal with a angry customer that did not like the product because it did not work I gave the customer back what she paid for the item.
I can't think of a time, but if it ever happened, I would try to calm them down. If that didn't work, I would talk to some other co-workers to help work it out.
Sometimes people complain and are mean and I ignore them.
Customer received an item they didn't totally understand how to use. With a calm demeanor, was able to show customer how to use item and what results they could expect.
Toilet overflow and float part of the room. Guest did not want to moved due to the location of the room and request to stay there not happy at all went he knew that was not other room available with the same view. We installed fans and dehumidifiers to dry the area affected until the evening to allow guest to have a quite night. Guest was so delightful and impress that we did all the necessary arrangements to solve the situation and avoid the inconvenience of moving.
I have this happen on a regular basis - either being on hld a long time or being transferred too many times. I proactively bridge on a hld time. On multiple transfers I acknowledge the frustration and let them know it is my pet peeve as well. If I need to transfer I let them know that I will stay with them until I get them to the right place.
When I myself had forgotten to give his assurance and when he came back, he was red with anger. But I apologized. And I gave him his assurance. And then everything was ok.
A customer got angry for the delay in the work completion, because of his new requirements, finally solved with the proper solution.
A member of the public became agressive one night as we were doing our patrol of town. They were screaming and being abbusive over some sort of flying that had been posted through his letter box saying redcar beacons, I work to pay your wages and your not even needed. I was team leader so I kept my staff back and calmly said I am sorry you feel this was but we are redcar beacons the flyer has noting to do with us we have noting to do with the building. As for wages well we do this for free we dont recieve any money for our work we even supply free lolipops to which I offered him one, he laughed and appologised x.
I will ask what is you are problem and I will slove it.
While working as a personal trainer at a facility where I was also in charge of the televisions in the cardio room, there was a news story that was showing very graphic photos of dead babies on screen. I involuntarily changed the station to met with whiplash by a patron on a piece of cardio equipment. They accused me of rigging what news stations and news articles were to be communicated. I immediately apologized and told them it my gut response to not have such horrible images shown and it triggered a ill feeling within me. The continued to feel is was rigging the news. I told them I would ask my supervisor if it was appropriate for the other 100 patrons in the facility. I contacted my supervisor immediately and they agreed with me. We were both able to talk with the patron and calm them down explaining that we need to please 100s of patrons at one given moment and having graphic images of killings is not the atmosphere we are trying to having in a facility where we are trying to encourage and motivate people to keep coming back. The matter was resolved.
If I attended the angry costemer then firstly I am traiying too cool down them and after that wants too low the reason why they are angry and I esove their problems.
The problem was the customer was angry because he looked at walmart. Com and came to store because he saw we had it in stock, I informed him it was an online only. He became upset, but I spoke very calmly and softly and informed him of the pick up today offered. He smiled and apologized for getting angry. The outcome was he ordered what he needed and thanked me for taking time to explain everything to him.
Not happy with their accommodations .. After discussing what acually was the issue, address it and make it right.
I had angry customer because she had purchased petunias before they flowered and several were labeled as the wrong color. I first apologized for our mistake then told her I realized why she was upset. I offered her some larger petunias of the right color in hanging baskets where they could be planted in the ground in place of the other and would be the same size of the the other petunias that had grown larger over the time in the ground since they were planted a while before blooming. Customer Satisfied!
PPB: She was made that we only accepted even exchanges or store credit. No returns.
Once one of my colleague had to call a students home that your son is not in college today but he called the wrong students home as they had the same name. His parents become very angry they were saying that we d'not want to send our son to this college anymore. My manager and other staff were in meeting. So I had to handle the situation I tried to calm them and know what has happend as I was unaware of the situation. Finally I figured all out and applogizes and explained them that its a mistake on our part as there were two students with same name even the father name was also same. They also understood the situation and were calm then I refered them to the principal and they left not angry but happy.
When I was client facing in 2010 during the housing bubble, folks were crying in my office. I assured them we would find a solution to this issue. So we went over the plans ans deleted as many as the wants possible, coming up with a new reduced budget, that finished the house and got the finanaing approed.
Patient called and wanted to leave our practice because she did not feel we were meeting her needs during her last appointment. This was something that was a surprise to the office. So I called her to clarify the situation and ask her what her concerns were and convey our apologies for any misunderstandings. The matter was cleared up and her and her husband stayed on as patients.
There was a customer that was not happy about giving her pet so many shots. The customer explained not your gonna hurt my dog no she is gonna get sick. I told the customer last time she got shots for her pet, was her pet in pain or was it sick, the customer explained no but I will not let you give that many at the same time. I gave her the option to give them separate. She was happy with that and was able to give her dog shots separately.
At BBW, during the holidays we get so busy that lines are almost out the door and we run out of products and even bags. Although, I was seasonal I worked in different positions. One time when I was working as cashier, it was one of those days that we were running very low on bags, so we couldn't really afford to give extra ones away as we usually do. As I was checking a customer out they asked me for extra bags. When I explained to them I would be unable to give her extra bags due to shortage of bags, she became very angry and upset, demanding that she is entitled to the bags because of her large purchase. I listened to her demands and told her I would try to get approval from the manager. I asked the manager in charge for approval to give more than the allowed amount of bags to hand out. At that point, I asked politely asked the client how many bags she needed, packed them for her, and apologized for the inconvenience and thanked her for shopping with us. Even though, we were short on bags, it was better to satisfy an angry customer than to lose a customer and to allow other shopping customers to see scene that was being created.
I customer came into the office looking for a explanation to why everyone was answering his questions he need. I remain claim and listened to what he had to say. Asking he to communicate with me in the lobby area, he start to relax because he saw someone face-to-face and was actually listening to him. I informed him I was sorry about his situtation and I was here to help him. I also gave him my email and told him is he needed anything else don't hesitate and contact me. The outcome was satisfaction because I was able to understand and help someone that was really ineed of help.
Customer received an sms regarding her acc notifying that she's in arrears customer payment only updated day after due date which means payment was still hanging but knowing head office if it doesn't reflect they start notifying- outcome very happy customer after I foned head office and they actually explained to her exactly what I told her when making online payment it will only reflects after 3 working days and that she just have to ignore the sms if payment has already been made.
I was working at BBW this past holiday season. During the holidays, we get extremely busy: lines are long, many people are in the store, we are short stocked on items. That day I was working as a cashier. It was busy as usual and the manager on duty told us not to give out extra bags because we were extremly low. So low we had to borrow from our partenering business, VS. So I rang up a customer and before she left she asked for extra bags to place her gifts in. I informed her that I would not be able to give her bags at the time because of our shortage. And she became angry and began to demand bags because she made a large purchase and they belong to her. With calmness, I told the customer to please wait a second as a talked to my manager to see if there is anything we can do for her. When the manager approved it I came back and asked her poiltly how many bags she would like and packed them up for her. Then I apologized for the inconvenience and thanked her for shopping with us. She left relieved and content. And we avoided creating a scene and losing a client.
Customer lost 500 dollars . Complaining that slots don't pay here and was never coming back . Playing is all about luck. Lots of people win too.
A customer wanted to know why his car was not selling. A lot of the times a customer will not want to reduce a price on their car. I explained to them some price point information for their car and that it would sell quicker with our suggested price. I gave some info and stats on selling times with our suggested prices. The customer eventually compromised and lowered their initial price, and the car sold immediatly.
I have been in a situation where I had to contact a company, and speak to the manager in relation to a declined direct debit. This was in relation to ongoing consulting services, hence why there was a direct debit and my quick action in the way of find a resolution. When I was able to speak with the individual responsible for accounts, they were very angry when told that the direct debit had been declined, in addition to the fact that we had a dishonour fee. I was able to attain the information from the client that bank accounts had changed, and we had not been notified. I could understand from the clients perspective that it would be a shock, and some people reactions are to be angry. However, once e discover the discrepancy, the client claimed immediately. I assume the anger was more out of fear than anything else. I quickly changed details, and debited the account for the amount owed. The customer was happy that the situation was relieved quickly, and I implemented a protocol wherein we check our customers details periodically depending on the type of account.
- A customer called to confirm appointments with practitioner, and they didn't appear to be booked. He became highly irritated and rude. His levels of anger were very high, as the offices were a very busy place and it takes a long period of time to see a practitioner. - As the customer was yelling, I took note of what he was saying and the points he was emphasising. I was able to understand that he was in a larger amount of pain. Have accepted fault for the appointments not being booked, I offered the customer (who was a long standing customer) a complimentary massage with a massage therapist on site, until we could fit him in at his desired time. This pacified the customer, and was a way in which I could suggest alternative appointment dates for him, which the understanding that the reason he was angry was because he was in pain.
Asked the first one was his address and sort it out soon as you can.
My uncle hauled wood for me and he came to get a load and my pile wasnt neat enough for him and there was a couple trees that didnt get cut all the way through he gave me alittle hell for it and I told him sorry man I will work on makeing the piles neater.
I hit him so much and kill.
My uncle hauled my wood for me and working with family is never easy at sometimes and he came to get a aload one day and the previouse load he was alittle frustrated with how it was piled and there were a few logs that didnt get cut all the way through and he gave me some hell and I told him sorry I will work on it.
The problem was she was having a stressful day, I help where I can and smile, she eases up and goes on her way.
I try to make the customer to calm down and smile again. The order in then kitchen took long because of the stove was not working properly and they was lot of other orders. And I explain to the customer up until she understands.
One of our physicians was very angry because their patients insurance did not cover the LV. The patient complained and was upset with the doctor. Therefore the doctor was upset with Lifevest. I listened and told the physician I would get back with him the next day at 9:00 am. Because at the time I was blind as to why it was denied and I knew it would take investigation. The first thing I did was to find out why the patient was denied. Once I found out, I addressed the issue with the physician. It turned out that he just needed to sign a form for the insurance company. We got the form signed and everyone lived happily ever after.
Last weekend I was was a referee for a kickboxing competition. The competitors and coaches often put in months of preparation for these events. The events are amateur events and have very strict rules to prevent anyone from getting hurt. I had the task of disqualifying a competitor when he used an illegal technique and this is almost always disagreed with by the coaches in that specific corner. I had to stick to my decision despite screaming coaches instructing them that their competitors used illegal moves and that results in disqualification. They left I satisfied and we continued with the competition.
Last summer I was an intern at Northwestern Mutual and I worked as a Financial Representative. As part of my job I had to perform a high volume of cold calls and appointment settings. Throughout my internship I had to deal with some angry customers.
First, I asked the customer if there is anything I could do to make their experience more pleasurable and offered suggestions.
In one instance we had a customer very angry and threatened to withdraw the contract if their performance problems are not solved. I told them we will give all our attentions and dailiy report to them regarding the improvements, On 10th day I had a good news for them and they started trusting the company as the problem turned out to be in 3rd party software.
I was working at the Dollar Warehouse and a customer was upset that we had to keep small items behind the counter. I apologized and told the customer it was store policy and I'll be happy to help when they were ready for check out.
I failed to make it to work on time because I forgot the schedule had shifted back 30 minutes and I called the manager to let him know I was just a few minutes away. I found my lead for the day and let them know I was there and that I was sorry and hurried to get to work to make sure everything was ready for the guests when they arrived. During down time I again apologizd to my supervisor and my co-workers. And I felt incredibly embarrassed.
I didnt face this problem. Because I didnt handle any custome when I was working.
Yes we posted out the wrong implant component to a customer (wrong size) for his restoration job. Lucky they called as soon as they got it - we quickly called our supplier and got them to DHL it direct to the customer 'next day delivery' and covered all costs. It got there in time and we said customer could keep the other component.
Scotti not getting his meds back.
A customer purchased our products based on what the salesperson identified would help to increase their productivity and efficiency. The product didn't exactly do that and they were very upset. I called and walked them through their issues. I followed it up with an on-site visit "while I was in the area" and made sure they were satisfied with the results.
I once had a patient upset because her food went missing from the nursing lounge I was able to identify why the patient was upset and received a meal voucher to give to patient from nurse manager.
Staples- Angry customer came in and started demanding product becasue we change the store around so much. Greeted him with a smile and noticed he had a list with him so I asked if I could see the list and located all the products he needed. Talking calmly with the customer-guy went to my manager and complimented me on my service.
I was filling in the role for Home Deliveries team. So strange how no one wanted to deal with him. I called him, listened, and he undestood, and was calm.
The lady who lost her food in nursing lounge.
The customer got very angry with the insurance company when they had made 3 payments together. I had to call the insurance company to rectify the problem and the outcome was the insurance company to reverse back the balanced amount.
A customer at staples was very irrate after another technician restored her computer but forgot to save one of the users files. She verbally abused me for a few moments until I gathered her story and emotion. I politely expressed back to her those concerns and offered a sincere apology. I asked her what would help in this situation since said files had been wiped clean. After being addressed politely and hearing her story had been listened to she was open for a refund and left in a much better mood and thanked me for my patience with her.
First of all I handle this situation . Then out of control this then I tell my superviors.
The problem was that the customers parcel is damaged and yet he have paid customer duties fee. I had to be polite and explain to him that the parcel was not insured there were no flagile sticker and the difference between customer duty fee and insurance fee. The customer was certified and we were both happy at the end.
Customer that wanted olives for free on a pizza, and a stamp. Walked out, I followed him out, and got his whole family to come back in.
During my internship we had a variety of customers walk through those front doors daily. Some who were very knowledgeable about our policies and procedures, others who weren't. One day, I was assisting a customer who had just returned her rental and only needed a receipt. After pulling up her reservation, and going over the charges with her she was irate that we charged her $18.99/day for a damage waiver (which a protection product). She insisted that someone told her that the charge was one-time fee; however, after talking to my co-worker who put her into the vehicle, he said that he went over the policy with her 3 times. She was furious, because she didn't fully understand how everything worked, so I sincerely apologized to the customer, and got my manager to step in to mediate the issue.
In retail had customer who believed that they where charged incorrectly. We went through each transaction so that they could see that they where not over charged. Customer appreciated the fact that we went over each transaction.
We were running a test for him and he was complaint about the result, my supervisor gave him time to call back so we could have another test done which we did but he called again when my supervisor was out of the office and I never interrupted when he was talking and I assured him we are going to give him we are hoping for a better because the test is been done in a new chamber.
In my current job, we opened at 11:00am on a sunday and this customer was the first one in the store. He approached me in aggressive way, he put out his hand and handed me a piece of paper that was his voucher for a sight test. I didn't know what he wanted to do with it, I was just standing there asking him what it was, how may I help him? he chucked the paper at me, I asked him do you have an appointment, are you here to collect your glasses? he then left and went another staff member. The problem was not resolved as he acted the same way to my colleague and he ended up walking out.
Once the gust was very angry because the food was tasteless, I went to table I said good evening sir, my names Mohamed am the chef in charge, I heard form the captain that food is tasteless, I do apologies, would you like to make another dish but he refused, then I offer him kindly accept my invitation and I will cook for you, the gust accept my apologies and my invitation and he was very happy from my respond to him in the end I give him my business card please fill comfortable to contact mt for any issues.
An attorney was trying to obtain a detail incident report. He had been to our office several times and dealt with the employees. He asked to speak with the supervisor. I went out & listened to his complaint. I explained our process & procedures & asked if could wait a few minutes. I scanned a copy of the report to our police attorney for review and authorization. Once it was authorized I printed a copy & delivered to him. He stated I need 2 more things. My name and a hug.
A patrons child had just lost his new bathing suit or someone stole it while he was in the locker area. I gave the parent a 50% of coupon to purchase a new suit.
I approached the customer in a calm manner asked him what was the problem and it turned out he was mad cause the employee that was dealing with him ignored what the customer was wanting done and walked away and didn't continue helping the customer with the problem so I let the boss know I was gonna help the customer and give him the proper courtesy.
When busy upset about food.
I worked 6 months in call center, selling bank services, there people are everytime angry because this is how they react at the first call. I handle the problem with calm, trying to explain why I am calling them, and what benefits I give to .... In other way all the people talked to me.
Few weeks ago a customer returned dress slacks to 377, with plans of repurchasing appropriate size at our location. There was a misunderstanding in regards to payment of pants. I was blamed for a mistake that 377 had made. Collaborated with MIC to comp dress slacks as customer accommodation to keep situation from escalating.
One time I receive a call from a customer who was in the airport and didn't receive his car. I kindly asked him to give me 5 minutes and that I will call him back. The problem was that somehow the reservation didn't get to as and we were also fully booked, so I called immediately another car rental and send him the car in the airport. In the mean time a called the costumer and apologize for the inconvenience and offer him a free day for extra full insurance.
At first I say that i'm sorry. Then I clean nails and make color that customer choose.
1st listen to why r they upset 2nd apologize & correct the situation 3rd ask if they r satisfy with the end result.
Explain that this is the new trend color and the other customers love it, so I choose it by reflex, but if you prefer the ordinary color I can change it for my pay.
Apologise and do my best to fix the mistake and ensure that it won't happen again.
When I was working at woolworths I had a customer complained to me about a price, I followed the procedures taught to me and the customer left statisfied.
I had received a call from a client wishing to make a complaint about a nursing and the quality of care he had received that day. Client was very distressed and angry and did not want nurse to visit again. He did raise his voice at me but I remained calm and passed on the message to my supervisor for follow up.
I had to address an angry customer due to a mistake in product purchase. I first listened to the customers complaint, took him to the side and took everything he was saying to consideration. I then spoke to my employer in order to find a solution appropriate to the employer and customer. The customer was then calm and happy with the service.
I had an aggressive customer come up to me when I was a service supervisor at the time. The customer was complaining about the fact that the check out he went through at the time the girl that was serving him did not care about placing items in a appropriate manner and ended damaging some of the items. The customer then complained that he now has wasted his time having to come back down to resolve this matter. To ensure the customer was satisfied, I apologized on the workers behalf and insured that I will talk to her about the situation. I then replaced all damage items and gave the customer full refund on the companies gift card so the customer had the motivation to come back and shop at the store.
I had face an angry customer was not happy with the coffee that I made. Offer the customer for another cup coffee or refund the money to him.
I had to deal with a person who bullied me because of my accent. I kept calm and I did solve his issue not paying attention to his vocabulary. In the end I was satisfied with my approach although I was angry(but I did show my feelings)
Listen and understand the issues to provide better options and solutions.
I asked a more experienced employee to handle the situation and she sorted it out.
It was when we were renovating a house and the house owner wasnt happy with the colour we chose to paint so ge got angry and then we sat down, told him why we chose this paint and then he agreed because we said we are doing this coloir paint just because you dont get any rust for some years.
Whilst working as an Air Traffic engineer we had a power outage on.
At the restaurant, the food was delayed, I came an apologize, the customer kept waiting and was upset so I decided to give him a free drink and went to the kitchen to get his food, after doing that I showed him I did care and he was happy.
The customer was over charged by another employee. I check the receipt and confirmed the mistake. I then apologised and gave the customer back the their money.
He was angry at the fact our kicthen staff took very long to serve their food. I spoke to him nicely and established a converstaion so it shows I value the customer. He eventually cooled down and everything was fine.
When I worked at IGA a customer came back and returned pinapples she had bought 3 days prior. She did not have a recieipt and the pinapples did not look fresh anymore, I apologised as she was unhappy with the pinapples, but had to be staight that without the reciept I could not do a refund. It was the policy. I asked my manager about giving her a discount on new pinapples since she was very. She was happy.
Banca Sella is a banking domain based company that provides banking solutions.
I had faced a problem like this, try to convincing them by giving some words to console and try to finish of their needs asap.
We need to understand the customer issue and give the proper solution to the customer politely.
My first qustion will be the reason for why he is angry?.. And then confirm whether it is the issue of the company or that person, if company issue I will be polite and address to his angur and put all my effor to solve it or else if it is his issue I will listen to it and explain his fault to him.
During an design of an UI it was reflected on all modules and the client got more angry but I resolved the problem in half an hour.
He asked so many questions like you do. Action is I scolded him in bad words and the outcome is he stopped the project and wind up.
During my time at Euroffice, I had a customer who was enraged with the fact that he had been delivered the wrong item. He had been waiting for the item for more than a week by this point. The task I had ahead of me was to do my best to calm him down and find a solution to this problem. I used my listening skills to allow him to vent his frustrtations whilst showing empathy. I apologised to him sincerely, and explained to him that he was right to be upset and furios. This was the first step of building the rapport between me and him, to remind him that I'm here to help fix the problem and not make things worse. I then used my questioning skills to ask him what we could do to make it up to him? The questions help me discover possible solutions.
Customer felt ripped off by a sales member, the store manager and the area director both trying to calm her down and I walked in to store as I had a meeting with area director, TCIAFW take control in a friendly waymatch there tune and go alittle bit higherthen take action! and lower your tune to get customer to relax, use word like if I was in your shoes ill be upset and will need somtehing to be done etc. Easy.
One of our Customers was expecting some wine they had purchased several years ago delivered for his only daughters wedding. Unfortunately the stock had got lost in transit. The Customer had been paying storage for the wine for a few years and was saving it for the special occasion. When I spoke to the gentlemen he had been told by a college that unfortunately we could no longer locate the stock and he would need to re-order. The Customer was extremely angry and very desperate as the delivery should have been made that day (Friday) for the wedding the next day on the Saturday. I spoke to the gentleman and resolved the issue by contacting another of our Customer would could supply the same wine. I arranged for the delivery that evening and also managed to recover the original stock from where it was delivered in error. Which was then given back to the Customer who assisted.
A customer was angry because the queue length was too long and she could see that there were many unmanned tills. I apologised for keeping her waiting and explained that there was an unexpected busy period and that the team leader were doing their utmost to locate some more till trained staff to operate the tills to help the situation. I assured her that this was an unusual situation. She was grateful for the explanation and the confrontation was diffused.
A customer order some wine to be delivered on Friday for his daughter wedding on the Saturday, by four o clock the wine still had not arrived. The call was finally passed to me. By this time the gentleman was extremely angry as a member of staff had told him the wine had been lost on route and he would need to re-order for Monday. The wine had been mis delivered to the wrong address. I contacted another of our customers who had the same wine, I arranged for a delivery to be made the same night, then arranged for the incorrectly delivered wine to be collected on Monday and returned to our other customer.

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