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What is your greatest work related accomplishment to date?

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How to Answer

Most interviewers will ask you about your strengths and weaknesses; however, this question is specifically tailored for the interviewer to see what successes you value in the workplace. Ensure that the accomplishment you list is work-related. Think about the times when you were given extra kudos in the workplace or when you received a special award. Give the interviewer a brief overview of your accomplishment including why it was special for you.

What is your greatest work related accomplishment to date?
Answer example

"In my current position, I reduced costs by reviewing packing slips, contracts, invoices and calling out vendor billing errors. Then, I assisted Accounts Receivable by helping make collection calls which brought in revenue that we would have lost. Lastly, I created a new filing system that helped us research transactions faster. These changes resulted in a 15% revenue increase in just 90 days."


"My greatest accomplishment is actually from my time in University. I graduated top of my Business Administration class while also holding down a full-time admin job. It was a true success story, and it encouraged me!"


"Early in my career, I created an entire department, structure, and team from scratch. It was gratifying. In my last role, I created a social cause program for our organization that gave back to the community and got our teams involved in something greater than ourselves. I have many great wins in my management career and look forward to gaining more, with your organization."


"Easily my proudest moment was setting a company record for fastest hire-to-promotion. To come to a new opportunity, crushing expectations, and see that rewarded exactly how I had hoped was such an awesome feeling and something I am incredibly proud of."


"I would have to say that my proudest moment professionally was being the youngest employee in my company to be promoted to department manager. I worked hard to meet my sales targets and also spent time mentoring new hires."


"Two of my proudest career accomplishments have occurred this year, in my current position. I earned a spot in the President's Club and top Customer Choice in our entire division. This recognition meant so much to me because it showed me that my dedication and tenacity truly paid off. I won the President's Club annual trip to Mexico which was exciting."


"My biggest work-related accomplishment came around the time when the school district cut my elementary Spanish program for budgetary reasons. The parents of my students rallied to ensure the district, the board, and the principals all knew that it was not an option to cut the program. I had former students come speak about how important Spanish has been for them and how impactful I was as a teacher. I knew then, just how big of a difference I had made at that community school."

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What is your greatest work related accomplishment to date?
Seeing my team grow and flourish. Growing conference 1200 - 12000 (making a leap in my career) having the Ceo ask me to stay and right my own job description/define my path.
Only three? Served in the armed forces Graduated college, received first female refrigeration contractors license in state, Sub contracted building of own home.
First, graduating from college. Second, having the strength to move across the country. Third, completing my masters degree.
1. 4.0 average 2. Express and PPB 3. If I get an internship like this that I am truly interested in.
Going back to school, getting my associate degree and now getting my bachelors in electrical engineering.
Finding grant money for and urban swimming program.
Did Master in Accounting that made my parents proud. Met the target of enrolling 250 students in one session. Best employee of the month at ufone in achieving targets.
Future Nordstrom Leaders, Proficiency in ASL, Exceeding metrics.
Finishing high school, nursing school, getting married.
1. Smooth running of the sales department (reports, analysis all in time) 2. New customers with available bookings now, at the shipping company. 3. Recovered receivables outstanding retail market.
Graduating with a 3.0 GPA. Being a dean's list recipient while taking the max credits. Being the front face of the store customer service and being the reason they received an excellent customer service recognition from the regional and district manager.
Passing TAKS, being the person I am as an not doing drugs or anything, and losing weight.
My greatest accomplishments was finishing high school, getting married, and making the chose to go back to school.
Graduating from highschool Receiving my bachelor's degree after my mom passed away Setting realistic goals for myself.

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