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What is your greatest work related accomplishment to date?

This question has been answered 7 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

Most interviewers will ask you about your strengths and weaknesses; however, this question is specifically tailored for the interviewer to see what successes you value in the workplace. Ensure that the accomplishment you list is work-related. Think about the times when you were given extra kudos in the workplace or when you received a special award. Give the interviewer a brief overview of your accomplishment including why it was special for you.

Admin answer example
"My greatest accomplishment is actually from my time in University. I graduated top of my Business Administration class while also holding down a full-time admin job. It was a true success story, and it encouraged me!"
Basic answer example
"In my current position, I reduced costs by reviewing packing slips, contracts, invoices and calling out vendor billing errors. Then, I assisted Accounts Receivable by helping make collection calls which brought in revenue that we would have lost. Lastly, I created a new filing system that helped us research transactions faster. These changes resulted in a 15% revenue increase in just 90 days."
Manager answer example
"Early in my career, I created an entire department, structure, and team from scratch. It was gratifying. In my last role, I created a social cause program for our organization that gave back to the community and got our teams involved in something greater than ourselves. I have many great wins in my management career and look forward to gaining more, with your organization."
Marketing answer example
"Easily my proudest moment was setting a company record for fastest hire-to-promotion. To come to a new opportunity, crushing expectations, and see that rewarded exactly how I had hoped was such an awesome feeling and something I am incredibly proud of."
Retail answer example
"I would have to say that my proudest moment professionally was being the youngest employee in my company to be promoted to department manager. I worked hard to meet my sales targets and also spent time mentoring new hires."
Sales answer example
"Two of my proudest career accomplishments have occurred this year, in my current position. I earned a spot in the President's Club and top Customer Choice in our entire division. This recognition meant so much to me because it showed me that my dedication and tenacity truly paid off. I won the President's Club annual trip to Mexico which was exciting."
Teacher answer example
"My biggest work-related accomplishment came around the time when the school district cut my elementary Spanish program for budgetary reasons. The parents of my students rallied to ensure the district, the board, and the principals all knew that it was not an option to cut the program. I had former students come speak about how important Spanish has been for them and how impactful I was as a teacher. I knew then, just how big of a difference I had made at that community school."

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What is your greatest work related accomplishment to date?
My greatest accomplishments was finishing high school, getting married, and making the chose to go back to school.
First, graduating from college. Second, having the strength to move across the country. Third, completing my masters degree.
Passing TAKS, being the person I am as an not doing drugs or anything, and losing weight.
Only three? Served in the armed forces Graduated college, received first female refrigeration contractors license in state, Sub contracted building of own home.
1. 4.0 average 2. Express and PPB 3. If I get an internship like this that I am truly interested in.
Did Master in Accounting that made my parents proud. Met the target of enrolling 250 students in one session. Best employee of the month at ufone in achieving targets.
Graduating from highschool Receiving my bachelor's degree after my mom passed away Setting realistic goals for myself.
Finishing high school, nursing school, getting married.
Going back to school, getting my associate degree and now getting my bachelors in electrical engineering.
Finding grant money for and urban swimming program.
Graduating with a 3.0 GPA. Being a dean's list recipient while taking the max credits. Being the front face of the store customer service and being the reason they received an excellent customer service recognition from the regional and district manager.
1. Smooth running of the sales department (reports, analysis all in time) 2. New customers with available bookings now, at the shipping company. 3. Recovered receivables outstanding retail market.
Future Nordstrom Leaders, Proficiency in ASL, Exceeding metrics.
Seeing my team grow and flourish. Growing conference 1200 - 12000 (making a leap in my career) having the Ceo ask me to stay and right my own job description/define my path.
The first would be having and raising two beautiful daughters. The second accomplishment would be recently receiving my College Associate's Degree. My third accomplishment would be completing one of my dreams of singing and touring nationally with a band.
Getting my College Degree. Getting my Life Accident and Health License and owning my own business with revenues of $250,000
Raising my children, buying a new home,
My research about Navier-Stokes equations, my collaboratiosn with other professors, my happy family live.
Defending my thesis, publishing papers, winning scholarships.
One of my greatest accomplishments to date, does not pertain to my regular daytime job, but instead my volunteer work. I am the event president for a fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society. I, along with a great team of individuals have raised over $675,000 over the last eight years. Secondly, in my current job, I was successful in implementing a new process / policy to control planning.
I have been successful in all my previous jobs, I have maintained good relationship with my boss and colleagues and.
Real Madrid sponsorship, beach soccer and futsal.
Speak in english, live in other country which isnt mine and have a understanding relationship with other people.
First is when I got gold medal in 10th in drawing compitation. Then when I got placed in Infosys and after that when I have finished my MBA through distance education.
When I successfully completed my current project from end to end end requirement.
1. Chose the right field to work 2. Got educated along with being qualified 3. Made my parents proud.
Getting the opportunity to doing research at york university, getting a degree in chemistry and biology and playing soccer every season since grade 6.
Three great accomplishments are my volunteer work, positivity, communication skills.
Finishing college finding a job of my choice.
Making the soccer team for consecutive years, getting my drivers license, getting into university.
1.)Passing my matric 2.)Winning the highest trophy in dance class as dancing is my passion 3.)getting my First bible study certificate.
Passing my matric Getting my diploma And graduating for the first time G
Able to solve problems on my own, to work independently with little supervision and to be able to deal with erate customer.
- Having a successful international experiences - Learning German in a short time - Letting a good impression in my former workteam.
Holds a trade secret with NXP Holds many patents under my name Had very good publications in ESSCIRC
The first one I have monopolize with another colleague the design of crystal Oscillator for all internal customers within STMicroelectronics, in fact different divisions designed their own oscillators but after demonstrating the performances of our Oscillators, we have consolidated the design of Oscillators in our team. the second one is that I have expanded the SIPI activities by investigating EMI analysis, TDR analysis and adding some packaging studies. The third one is that I had helped one collaborator who didnít fulfill his objectives to change his behavior and being more concentrated on his work, and Iím proud that he is retained by STMicroelectronics after closing STericsson.
Sucessfully handling the support EMEA Solutions to the project Solution Architect handling the mulitple projects.
I am promoted as Quality analyst for completing 1.6 Year, I was the part of pilot project which become a US fundamental project, Now I am handling new project as Quality analyst.
Employee of the Quarter. Winning Corporate Cricket Tournament. kaizen Wave idea for the process betterment.
Completing research reports in time period along with customized reports for the client in same place time line.
My graduation project is the important thingmy military state as officer my degree.
- Joining Engineering college - Succeeding in it with GPA good - leading my team in the graduation project.
My graduation project, military state, and this is interview.
I maintained a 4.2 GPA up until this point in high school. All my achievements are pretty high school-centric right now, but I think they all show that I'm determined to always do my best.
1) keeping up good grads 2) DAR at school 3) learning how to play guitar.
My three greatest accomplishment are spiritual growth, physical grown, and mental growth.
I have established a home, started a family, and gotten my GED.
Tried for a job, trying for good job, will try for the best job.
Topper in college semester, won best project award, got best rating and promotion.
People management, Team handling, Processes learning.
Being able to send my store manager to FL for recognition for being the top 200 stores. Winning the golden bulldog which is for best merchandised store. And being able to turn one of my people into a sales lead.
1. My Organizational Behavior Journal was selected for a business conference. 2. Overcame a personal matter. 3. Landed a full time position.
When I finished running the 10 k, got accepted to my program, and when I got my co-op certificate.
I graduated from College i got a good job.
School, work, and a good listener.
Getting my insurance license, finishing dental insurance school and getting my car.
-passing math -running 5k -getting into all 3 programs of college I wanted to.
I always, enjoy listen to the music, do exercise with another people such as aerobic. Attend to yoga class.
1. I found myself to be very shy after college and now I find myself to very very confident in my personality and in my job position. 2. On a academic level, I succeeded in interior design and I love help working with clients and have an eye for detail. 3. On a professional level, my first large order was $25000 for all outdoor furniture. He loves his bachelor pad and because of that I had many people who came and asked for my services.
Developed dashboard in time. Developed frontend. Developed Holiday Calender Dashboard for my company.
I received predominantly Exceeds expectations on my yearly performance reviews working at PPD, and was viewed as a highly valuable employee. I was promoted to CRA II rapidly, due to my understanding of my role and completion of tasks with a high level of proficiency. I was successful at running my gourmet restaurant, before selling it.
Providing for a family of six. Living a healthier lifestyle. Being a positive contributor to our society.
When I worked as a CRC, I reached my subject enrolled target without screen failure subjects and I faced sponsor audit but there is no major findings and when I worked as a CRA I reached my milestones with in my time lines & without violations.
The first one is getting my degree because that made me the first person in my family to go to university and get a degree. My second accomplishment was being selected as the Secretary General for the CPIA model United Nations conference, this opened my eyes to the workings of the United nations. My third greatest accomplishment was successfully organizing a youth sports tournament in soccer, netball and volleyball and personally made sure the day was a success because my colleague fell ill on the day of the tournament.
Obtaining a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws, exceeding in my attorney admission exams and being admitted as an attorney, being promoted to head of the insurance litigation department at my firm shortly after my attorney admission.
My degree, completing Argus and heidelberg cement triathlon... So physical challenges and all my travels and friends I accumulated on a student budget.
1. Getting a 4.0 throughout high school 2. Running a fashion blog 3. AP Scholar with distinction.
Graduation from university, living in 4 different countries, making a career out of a passion.
I've been married for 36 years and have raised 3 great children. I've been involved with Our House (working homeless shelter ) for over 5 years. I went back to school and became a registered dental assist- pursued that career for 9 years and then came back to the fashion industry.
Finishing university, finshing gcses' finishin alels.
Going to college and passingmy courses becoming a supervisor also working andbeing a full timemum.
Completing my level 2 customer service and my level 2 and 3 beauty therapy.
Getting correct alevels and into Newcastle Uni - something I have always wanted to do (science) Good sales person at clearance bargains- was new - enjoy doing well - won a prize Being a tutour- rewarding- helping other people - proud.
Completing my degree, learning self confidence, passing my driving test first time.
My children Going university pass driving test.
I have recently just completed a 13 weeks working on an american summer programme in Connecticut teaching kids Drama. I have become third year student which I never thought I would do I also got to the Live arena auditions of the X Factor.
Getting my Cambridge Diploma is ICT Overcoming my weakness believing that you can achieve anything in life(regardless of background origin, color etc) if you put the work into it And finally been a naturalized British citizen.
Having my children, being the best person I can be honest and trustworthy, looking after my parents.
Graduating high school. Pruchasing my first car. And moving out.
My family my continue growth in life and just being a good person.
Graduating high school with honors, completing my secondary education, and passing my divers license test.
Plunbing nvq2, unvented hot water cirtificate and water regualtion cirtificate.
Achieving a 2.1 BSc HOns degree in construction engineering and management and a diploma in industrial studies with accommodation Securing growth and successful repeat business with in my territory for business development with Brookvent going from £16k turnover to £350 estimated by the end of the second year. Succesfully completing a 50km walk through the mourne mountains, over 5 peaks with in 14 hours, through the night and treadurous wind and rain for charity.
1 achieving a gold medal in my undergrad 2 Earning a scholarship to UCD 3Public felicitation by district commissioner for volunteering work in education.
I lost 100 pounds, I've been vegetarian for 11 years, and I've gotten over my fear of flying.
1. Working 2. Live alone 3. Helping others.
Achieved the marks I wanted, learned a new skill, teaching my little sister how to read and write.
This happens in my life so often I almost can't pick just ONE time. I'm the friend who helps the other friends reason with each other, with customers: i've had customers come in angry from other employee's and I've put a smile on their face within minutes by explaining and walking them through their issues.
There is actually nothing.
Any job I've ever had. Especially working sales, there's always suggestive selling, and most of the time there's store quotas you have to meet as a group.
Be polite and patient, try to reason and stand your ground if it's an issue with store policy. If the customer is arguing about a return policy , and doesn't want to listen to what you have to say, apologize and politely and if need be(if they ask) give them the store number and tell them to call the manager.
Getting the opportunity to compete at a national level of synchronized swimming at only the age of 16. There was a lot of handwork and dedication put into that sport. Achieving a very high highschool average, which has given me the opportunity to be accepted into the program of my dreams at university. Finally, being in OFSSA rugby for the past two years has been quite the accomplishment, working hard to make a starting position on the team!
Travelling to cornwall, cardiff and Isle of Man in 5 days conducting training sessions and meeting deadlines. Bringing my daughter up alone she obtained a chemistry degree and is now a successful science teacher. Passing my driving test first time.
My kids, my runner up sceptre award for best short term retailer, my home.
My children Currently doing my maths and English and also doing my driving.
Achieving a distiction in my fashion retail diploma, achieving my predicted grades at high school and building my confidence each day.
I have moved to a new country in my early 20's on my own accord and have since managed to buil myself a life I am proud of even though it was tough at times. I have challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone and become a braver person. I am giving back to the community by volunteering for crisis phone help lines on my spare time.
My children, my dressmaking and my relationship.
I was awarded the runner up award for best short term retailer 2012 sceptre award for the whole of the UK, probably like most parents my kids are both to myself and my husband are a great accomplishment, I have been on numerous occasions told my kids are so polite and level headed and are a credit to us. In my current job I have supported great family work days out for several years for companies such as, Sky TV, coke cola, bbc 1.
Raising £400 for charity to take part in a tandem skydive, completing my a levels, learning to drive.

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