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Describe for me a time when you made the wrong career decision. How did you correct your misstep?
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I failed to convince my boss not to change an important procedure. I submitted a fair argument for not eliminating the procedure. So, I felt that my next step was to complete the procedure in the new format and let the action play out. It would either prove to be detrimental or save time over the course of the implementation.
I feel that I am an even tempered person, friendly, able to get along with all types of people and personalities. There was one instance when I learned, that no matter how you try, you can't please everybody. I worked with a sales representative that other classified as a 'difficult person'. Upon first meeting him, I realized why. He was arrogant, loud, aggressive, and constantly bragged about himself....even when he was selling to others. I was amazed at how someone like that could actually sell anything. BUT, I learned another valuable lesson- that everyone has strengths and value. Some of his top customers described it this way- "I wouldn't want to hang out with him or be best friends, but he is direct and you always know what you are getting with him".<br /><br />I tried and tried to work with this man, but could not find the 'key to successs' but I did keep trying until he eventually left the company to open his own business.<br /><br />And although I did not accomplish my goal of working more closely with him, I did learn alot from him.
In the clinic you get a customer that is a long time customer there, I didn't not know about the pet at the time. I took note of the situation. I apologized to the customer and explained that I was not aware of the situation but would be able to go over with Veterinarian and see if we could bring them in right away.
I just went right back to fix it because I know I am capable to do almost anything I put my mind to.
Fails a test but you keep on trying.
We had a big promotion on selling this quzino sandwhich we had a month to sell like for 6 rounds of it we didnt sell that much at all <br />i dont think that i pushed or prompt my server enough to really get them on board with the production How did i respond i explained to my boss maybe that is why we didnt sell as many
I helped lead a team to the Philippines. I was in charge of our transportation. Setting it up and figuring out the time and where we were going.
I plan a better plan in order to achieve the failing one.
On a personal level, I volunteered as a flag football coach on my son's team. We were 1/2 teams in the league and played the same team week after week. We tied the team about four times, won one game, and lost another two.
I apologies for something making me failed and be sure next time will worked it ok.