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Tell me about a time when you, or a group that you were a part of, were in danger of missing a deadline. What did you do?
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Seattle center event - all hands on deck.
Told the group if they didn't get there act together that drags everyone down. If they wanted to mess around I would ask the teacher for them to leave to group.
I've never been in that situation because I use my time wisely and like to get things done right then and there.
I was in the this group we had a project that was due but we had to work real hard to reach the goal..
Late on paper - emailed the professor explaining that I had been sick and asked for an extension and included what I had done and outlined the rest for him to see where I was going with this.
I need help to other to help me.
Capsim-unaware of the submission time turned out that we only have an hour to submit one of the rounds. 5 departments-5 teammates-what we normally do is go through each department together and develop a plan to carry out that round. Now we stayed calm did not panetic and divided up the deparments so each member worked on a different department.
- Undering a system migration/transfer. 24hr deadline, and the team was under extreme pressure. - In addition to doing my allocated part of the transfer, I also liaised with the new system's tech support team, to confirm what would be transferred automatically and what would need to be transferred manually. Also, the best way for us to do so. - we were able to complete the task before the deadline but cutting time on migrating and tranferin information that would have been done automatically.
I brain stormed what we should do next and assigned certain individuals certain duties to do based on their individual strengths.
Usually in danger of missing deadline when needed parts were going to be late in arriving. Determined options and was able to make temporary repairs until needed parts arrived.