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Tell me about a time where you needed to work in a team environment to get a job done. What were the challenges and difficulties, and how did you face these?
Pick a recent team project that generated successful results. Give the interviewer a short overview of the project, including what the final goal of the project was. Next, share the challenges your group faced. Avoid criticizing any individuals in the group. Discuss how you rose to the occasion by coming up with alternate solutions whenever you met a roadblock. Finally, complete your answer by mentioning that your team overcame the challenges and successfully completed the project.
Answer examples
"During the fourth week a construction project, we learned that some of the materials we were planning to use had been discontinued. We faced ordering challenges, team members blaming one another, and a tight budget. We all sat down as a team, identified the problem, assigned roles, and got the job done. The stress of the situation forced us all to sit down and work it out together. We had a lot of great feedback for one another and built stronger relationships from this experience. Ever since that project, our team has worked much better as a group."
"I recently worked with a cross functional team to accomplish a business growth initiative. The group contained members of different functions who all saw things differently. We came together to share a common vision and let that guide our work to keep on track. To prevent miscommunication, we created a KPI tracker and scoreboard for the work to be done and the member(s) responsible."
"I was assigned to a project team where I was the sole IT expert for a project to improve our metrics database. The challenges I faced were understanding and explaining the system shortcomings, but still finding ways to accomplish the team's goals."
Sales answer example
"At "ABC Company", I worked with the product team to develop new user features. My role was not only to inform what functionality my sales prospects and clients were asking for that we lacked, but also get clients on board as beta product testers. The challenge arose when the clients' expectations and desires did not match our functionality. That is, they wanted the final product, but we were working on a beta to get to that end. However, through clear communication and laying out the different phases for future states of the desired feature together, we were able to meet the client's needs and develop a really functional feature."
Retail answer example
"My job is literally one big exercise in collaboration and team work. I know that I have to rely on my coworkers in order to be the best manager and employee that I can be, and they need me to be on the top of my game in order for them to be their best. We cannot achieve anything alone: we have to work collaboratively and split tasks in order to have the department run well."
Teacher answer example
"I feel the best example of a collaborative team environment is our curriculum development. About half of the department collaborates to revamp all lesson plans, for instance: do we need to update vocabulary? One funny example was when a coworker did not want to update the unit to delete words like "cassette tape", "VHS", and "tape recorder". In 2016, students don't even know what these things are- it's useless to spend time teaching these words. We spend 4 weeks negotiating what units to keep, what to revamp, and what units should be added, if any. It truly takes a lot of patience, collaboration, and compromise in order to reach a new set of curriculum standards and goals across the department."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time where you needed to work in a team environment to get a job done. What were the challenges and difficulties, and how did you face these?
Where freedom is provided, where the transparency shown, where the wisdom of the employee is respected. And the challenges and difficulties will be there definitelf. Because no one is perfect here. In that case patience, tolerance and calm minded is my solution to overcome those situations.
Divide the tasks that need to be done, assist others if needed.
The challenges in working in a group to get a job done is assigning the right people in the group and accommodation of everyone in the group and their specific duties.
Most of my school project is done in groups and the challenging part of it is when the team members are not working well within the time set to complete the project, you luck behind and when is time to present part of the project you have to rush and put something together and sometimes if it doesn't come out well, the professor knows right away that you weren't prepared at all. I just put extra hours and get few team members around to get more things done to present something meaningful.
A pre-season certification situation where my two assistance came late from college to start the season. So I assigned for lower level aides to fill in and they learned alot and the certifications were accomplished with more detail and and we finished two day early which helped give the guards a break before starting the season.
I didn`t, as I said different individual roles.
Closing shifts. Divide team based upon strengths to accomplish things. Person didn't want to to work in that department. Gave options of who wanted to do what.
Workstreams/workgroups. Different personalities. Competing priorities.