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Tell me about a time where you needed to work in a team environment to get a job done. What were the challenges and difficulties, and how did you face these?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Workstreams/workgroups. Different personalities. Competing priorities.
The challenges in working in a group to get a job done is assigning the right people in the group and accommodation of everyone in the group and their specific duties.
Most of my school project is done in groups and the challenging part of it is when the team members are not working well within the time set to complete the project, you luck behind and when is time to present part of the project you have to rush and put something together and sometimes if it doesn't come out well, the professor knows right away that you weren't prepared at all. I just put extra hours and get few team members around to get more things done to present something meaningful.
A pre-season certification situation where my two assistance came late from college to start the season. So I assigned for lower level aides to fill in and they learned alot and the certifications were accomplished with more detail and and we finished two day early which helped give the guards a break before starting the season.
Divide the tasks that need to be done, assist others if needed.
Closing shifts. Divide team based upon strengths to accomplish things. Person didn't want to to work in that department. Gave options of who wanted to do what.
I didn`t, as I said different individual roles.
where freedom is provided, where the transparency shown, where the wisdom of the employee is respected. and the challenges and difficulties will be there definitelf. because no one is perfect here. in that case patience, tolerance and calm minded is my solution to overcome those situations