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Which tools and resources would be provided to me, to ensure my success?

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    Which tools and resources would be provided to me, to ensure my success?

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      Tools and resources to ensure your success can range from technical provisions to events and education-based experiences. Look for evidence that the company will invest in you by providing positive growth and learning opportunities. An interviewer should give you at least one to two examples of ways they invest in their employees' success.

      Some tools available to employers include:

      - Personality Assessments. These comprehensive assessments, such as Gallup, will show your employer how you are motivated, the learning methods you best respond to, and your preferred leadership styles.

      - Expert Management. When junior, inexperienced people are placed in leadership positions without training, nobody wins. The interviewer should assure you that those you are reporting to are experts in their realm.

      - Individual Development Plans. These plans are roadmaps for employees, created in collaboration with their leaders. The strategies focus on timed, measurable goals. Most IDPs are visited quarterly, like a performance review.

      - Clear Metrics. If you have clear targets and expectations, you are more likely to succeed in your role. If an employer lets you roam, hoping or guessing that your performance is satisfactory, you are more likely to become disengaged and quit.

      - Constructive Feedback. Managers who give on-point and actionable feedback are incredibly valuable. Your responsibility is to make sure you can accept all feedback graciously while implementing necessary change.

      - Organizational Structure. The less hierarchical the organization, the more likely you will be to succeed. When a company is built flat, you will have better access to your leaders and other departments, allowing you to expand skills outside of your immediate job function.

      You can also let the interviewer know which tools and resources you would love to see in your next role. Let them know how to best guide you, and you will undoubtedly set yourself up for success.

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      "What kind of technical and educational help would be provided to me to succeed in this field?"

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      This is a great question to ask!

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