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Rachelle Enns is an interview coach and job search expert. She works with candidates to perform their best in employment, medical, and post-secondary admission interviews.

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How do you feel I stand out from your other candidates?

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    How do you feel I stand out from your other candidates?

      How to Answer

      By asking this question, you are trying to determine the areas that the interviewer finds you to be the most impressive. If the interviewer tells you where you best stand out, you can use this information as positive leverage in your future interviews.

      The interviewer will most likely not mention any details about the other candidates, but they should let you know a few positives stand-outs in your application.

      Perhaps you are the strongest in a particular software program, or maybe your energetic personality makes you a great candidate. Whatever the interviewer's reply, be sure to thank them for the positive feedback.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I love to help people get problems solved, so when they call in and tell me they were in an accident and I can assist them in getting something fixed is awesome."

      Lauren's Answer

      "I am innately a people person. I gain so much satisfaction by helping others. I am eager to receive an opportunity where I can let my best qualities shine."

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