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What has been the company's most significant innovation this year?

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    How can I begin to prepare myself for success in this position?

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    What has been the company's most significant innovation this year?

  3. 3.

    Who does this position report to?

  4. 4.

    What does an average day look like, in this role?

  5. 5.

    What is this company's biggest struggle right now?

  6. 6.

    What is the most critical function in this position?

  7. 7.

    How would you describe the company culture?

  8. 8.

    Are there any expectations related to overnight travel or eventual relocation?

  9. 9.

    What is your management style?

  10. 10.

    Can you share with me a bit about the training schedule and process?

  11. 11.

    How would you measure my success in this role?

  12. 12.

    How do you feel I stand out from your other candidates?

  13. 13.

    How do you encourage continued learning opportunities and professional development?

  14. 14.

    How often do you have performance reviews, or offer feedback to your employees?

  15. 15.

    What is the most important quality to possess in this role?

  16. 16.

    What is your ideal timeline for this hiring decision?

  17. 17.

    In your opinion, how can I best succeed in this role?

  18. 18.

    What is the most exciting goal for this company in the next year?

  19. 19.

    Who are your top competitors, and how do you stand apart?

  20. 20.

    Could you explain to me the typical career path of someone in this role?

  21. 21.

    Is there anything about my background that I can further clarify for you?

  22. 22.

    What are the next steps in your interview process?

  23. 23.

    How do you set clear goals and targets for your employees?

  24. 24.

    Which programs do you use to manage workflow and communication?

  25. 25.

    Which tools and resources would be provided to me, to ensure my success?

  26. 26.

    Are there set hours for this position, or is the workday flexible? (Remote Position)

  27. 27.

    What is your favorite part of working here?

  28. 28.

    Could you share with me the average employee tenure in this role, and in your company as a whole?

  29. 29.

    What would you like to see from me in the first 30 days?

  30. 30.

    Is this a replacement search, or a newly created position?

  31. 31.

    Are there any in-office expectations, such as face-to-face meetings? Are there any travel expectations for this position? (Remote Position)

  32. 32.

    What percentage of my day will entail video calls and client interaction? (Remote Position)

  33. 33.

    What supports do you have in place for remote employees? (Remote Position)

  34. 34.

    How does the company encourage team building and connection across a remote workforce? (Remote Position)

  35. 35.

    What type of growth opportunities are available for remote employees? (Remote Position)