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Answering Adaptability Questions

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When have you had to change a major component of your project due to new information being presented?

Example #1
"Last year we saw new federal regulations come through which affected 80% of our ongoing projects. We had to adjust our plans quickly; however, we were able to deliver a timely product that met federal regulations."
Example #2
"As an administrative professional, my projects are often derailed by other people's schedules running late, deliveries not arriving on time, or vendors not pulling through. Although I am not usually the lead on projects, I do put a great deal of finishing work on the projects that come out of our office so, when deadlines pass, it affects me as well. I keep a positive outlook and work very hard to exceed expectations wherever possible."
Example #3
"All of our products are thoroughly tested after the design and prototype phase. My production team was certain that the design would hold up to the endurance testing, based on the components used, but it did not. We had to go back and adjust the entire product design to determine the cause and correct the fault."
Example #4
"I had a large project last month that was nearly complete when the client called to say that the color palette provided was incorrect. Because of this, our team had to re-do all of the mood boards. It took us an additional two days of work but, in the end, the client was delighted with our work, and it resulted in new opportunities to work with them."
Example #5
"I used to work for a food company. The biggest change came when they changed their menu to be gluten free, wheat free, and dairy free. I had a great deal of new information to absorb and had to study the ins and outs of the ingredients all over again. I do like to learn and am methodical in my approach. I created flashcards, studied for a week straight, and nailed it in the new ingredients test the following week."
Example #6
"I had worked with a VP in the company, the CEO, and a member of the board to craft a strategic national roll-out plan that included which companies and pitches I would be responsible for, and what they would handle. Two months later, after working on the strategy each week as a collaborative team, I was informed that we were putting a pause on the project until further notice. The executives thought the company wasn't ready for such big clients yet, so instead, I had to scale the national roll-out back to be a local market strategy. After the initial sting and frustration of pulling out of the project, I was able to use that same framework to plan local market roll-outs in several major cities effectively. It proved to be a good learning experience, overall."
Example #7
"Last year I had all of my coursework set, a curriculum written, and class seating arranged. The day before school began, I was informed by my principal that they needed to make my class a Grade 5/6 split rather than just a Grade 6 class. It took me a moment to gather myself and absorb the information. Then, I got to it! I simplified a bulk of the coursework and added more Grad 5 components. I was all set for the first day despite the setback."
Example #8
"I realize that there may be times that extra duties may be required of me. I have no problem doing additional jobs as long as it is something that I have been trained to do."
Example #9
"I have experienced stressful times associated with technology crashes, such as computers shutting down and deleting my work. When this has happened, I take a deep breath, contact my IT support, and see what they can do. It's important that rather than having a mind-melt, I troubleshoot and assess. If an unforeseen issue pops up that will affect a client deadline, I will be sure to communicate this with my manager or the client directly, and create a plan to make up for lost time."
Example #10
"Well, one idea is to re-evaluate the scope - sometimes schedules can get thrown off because of scope creep and the project changes some way in the middle of the process. Another thing we can do is 'fast-track' the schedule and more than one part of the project at the same time. Finally, a third idea is to 'crash the schedule' and put more people on the project than we had originally planned. Every project is different, and we would have to assess the situation when it came up, but those are a couple ideas."
Example #11
"I had a large project last month that was nearly complete when the client called to say that some of the needs provided were incorrect. Because of this, our team had to re-do the entire proposal. It took us an additional four days of work but, in the end, the client was delighted with our work, and it resulted in new opportunities for them."
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