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Answering Adaptability Questions

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If your current company shut down today, what would you do to quickly adapt?

Example #1
"If my current company shut down today I would tap into my network, call everyone I knew, and look for a company that needed someone with my skillset. I wouldn't let it get me down, and I would certainly hit the ground running in my job search."
Example #2
"If my company closed down, with no notice, I would register as a temporary admin assistant right away. Before landing this full-time position, I worked temporary roles for nearly a year. Although it was hard not knowing what work would be available, and when - it was fun to have the variety. I would make the best of the situation."
Example #3
"That's a tough question! I have been with my company for so long that this is the first role I have applied for in ten years. If I lost my job today, I would call in a few favors from industry peers. I have a strong network and a good reputation in this industry so I wouldn't be too worried."
Example #4
"Marketers are often great with public relations so if I lost my job today, I would spruce up my resume, update my website, tidy up my LinkedIn profile and start sending off messages!"
Example #5
"There are many retail jobs available; however, I am choosy where I land. For that reason, if I lost my job today, I would take to the internet and research best places to work in my area. That's how I found your job posting!"
Example #6
"Sales professional easily adapt! If I lost my job today, I would knock on the doors of my clients and competitors until someone hired me!"
Example #7
"If my school closed down tomorrow I would make it work by gaining private tutoring gigs, and taking on substitute teaching jobs until a full-time position became available. I am confident in my ability to find a role quickly because of my solid reputation as a caring and skilled teacher."
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