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When were you able to resolve a problem within work?

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Problem-solving and dispute resolution are fundamental skills to possess. Display to the interviewer that you are capable of problem-solving within the workplace. Show that you can be a team player, even in the face of conflict.

Admin answer example
"I problem solve quite often at work, primarily with customer resolution. Just yesterday I worked with a customer who was unhappy. Through patient communication, I was able to resolve the complaint and create another returning customer."
Basic answer example
"In my most recent position we had a consistent problem with employees showing up late for their shifts or calling in sick at the very last moment. Rather than the typical documenting and reprimanding style that management usually takes, I decided to track the results of an accountability reward system. For 180 days, my employees were rewarded for coming to work 10 minutes early. Also, for every month with zero sick days, a bonus was added. In the end, we awarded those with perfect attendance a $600 bonus. The bonuses cost us less money, in the end, than the cost of lowered productivity due to absent employees. The program was a success, and upper management chose to keep it implemented for another six months. We will reassess in December, but it seems to be working very well."
Host or Hostess answer example
"You might be the most easy-going person in the world, but sometimes you can't avoid conflict. Give an example of a time you had conflict with a manager or coworker. What did you do? "My coworker and I had a misunderstanding about the schedule via text message, and she got frustrated about it. To avoid further conflict, I called her and let her know I was flexible and happy to cover for her. I care about my relationships at work and will do whatever I can to resolve issues as they arise." Show the interviewer that you are clear and concise in your communication. Give an example that shows you are proactive and don't let problems between coworkers escalate."
Manager answer example
"I am a frequent problem solver. Last week, I was eating lunch in the break room when I noticed a bottleneck of people from the assembly line all trying to get to the microwave and vending machines. It was a jumbled mess of people, and they only have 30 minutes. I developed a plan to rearrange the break room for better flow, and now the lunchtime process runs smoother for the staff. This small change alone made a huge difference in the morale of my staff."
Marketing answer example
"I have been able to resolve many issues over my marketing career, primarily surrounding miscommunications with clients. This is one reason why, when landing a Director of Marketing role, I implemented an in-depth client intake questionnaire. With this questionnaire, our new clients, and our projects leads have a solid form to refer to after their initial intake. This method has improved communication significantly."
Sales answer example
"After meeting with the operational support staff, it was clear that they felt as though they were taken for granted and completely disregarded by the sales staff as a whole. Not only did it make them feel devalued and lower their morale, but that in turn lowered their productivity. Rather than just let these feelings fester, I decided to listen to the ops staff and then bridge the gap with the sales team. By sitting down and having a conversation, and laying out a more effective way of delegating work, everyone walked out feeling better about the job, situation, and their coworkers."
School Cross Guard answer example
"In my most recent position we had a consistent problem with employees showing up late for their shifts or calling in sick at the very last moment. Rather than the typical documenting and reprimanding style that management usually takes, I decided to track the results of an accountability reward system. For 180 days, my employees were rewarded for coming to work 10 minutes early. Also, for every month with zero sick days, a bonus was added. In the end, we awarded those with perfect attendance a $600 bonus. The bonus' cost us less money, in the end, than the cost of lowered productivity due to absent employees. The program was a success and upper management chose to keep it implemented for another 6 months. We will re-assess in December but it seems to be working very well."
Teacher answer example
"I recently had a student who was very disruptive in class and often accused of bullying. I notified my principal of the situation. She called the parents in for a meeting that she led; however, I was present. We made a behavior action plan for the student with attached consequences should he deviate from the plan. It worked well and nipped the problem in the bud before there was any real emotional damage done to the other students."
XRay Technician answer example
"Even though your job may seem pretty straight forward, there can be issues with the machine and miscommunication that will require your critical thinking abilities. Take some time to think about an example that is relevant. Troubleshooting technical issues would be a great example, as those may be the most common errors you need to research and repair. If you give an example of a miscommunication or technical issue, focus more on what you did to solve the problem than the actual problem itself. Explain the process of identifying the problem and taking the steps to solve it."

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When were you able to resolve a problem within work?
Whenever I have a patient that is very cautious about their exposure to radiation, it is always nice to implement facts about using protection or the truth about the amount of radiation they are going to receive.
As a student I had to do a 10 page research paper and present it professionally in class.
I explain facts to the clients concerning radiation concerns.
I dont think I have ever done that.
During my project work in the university.
I have read xray tech magazines where how much radiation and the some stories of after effects of radiations.
The more research you do its better for you as you use it at work if you need it.
I read a paper on how to read a chest xray for a continuing education class. This helped me immensely when taking chest rays, especially if docs ask questions.
Just the two days ago I read that when taking an xray of the chest for possible pneumothorax, It is just as equally sensitive to take the X-ray on inspiration as it is taking an xray on expiration to demonstrate the aforementioned. So there is really no need to expose the patient a second time.
Being organized helps reduce stress levels. I try to be as organized as I can, have my own system that allows me to work ahead of time and maintain order.
Gentle imaging in pediatrics is important to me. We have to be advocates and protect the children we exam.
I studied for additional certification where I learned a lot of new information in the field. I then took this information and shared/taught my co workers. This made us a stronger department and team.
When performing my CEU credits I have come across many articles in the ASRT reading articles which have been fascinating.
Doorbell for euthanasia patients in animal mediciane.
Seeing other place team work and taking care of all their duties.
I actually read a book the narratives of nursing home care well before I even decided to become an xray tech student. I always carried that book with me.... Caring for the elderly and knowing how medicare is affecting our healthcare system and effecting the elderly is something to be aware of.
I have read about whiplash from a car accident and how the Cervical spine flexes and extends during such an event. Then a patient came in with the same scenario and I performed two C-spine xrays on him with a flexion and extension to see what type of damage was done to the c-spine.
Ce requirements new position for c-spine.
After joing the job I learned the work ethics.
After joing the job I learned the work ethics.
Read a research on noscomical infections and I wiped down the table and equipment more better than before.
Some of our patients usually will have concerns of the amount of radiation they may get.. According to the American College of. Radiology and radiologic associates of North America I respond to a patient who is getting a chest X-ray that it is equivalent to 10 days worth of exposure In Your natural environment. So if you think of it that, you it is very minimal exposure.
A couple times it's good to stay up-to-date on current.
In my workplace every week we need to present an interesting topic that pertains to our field. Majority of the time I personally try to include them when interesting situations occur .
Recently I have done some online modules for CT imaging and implemented them into my workplace.
I had the opportunity to attend a bone density seminar at Hologic in massachusetts and was instructed on proper bone density analysis and coding. I bought this information to my supervisor and we further researched and implemented these into policy.
I am a little shy, but when I do talk I am friendly, and good at listening.
I would say my communication skills are well.
I have good communication skills, I know when things are right and when they are wrong and I know how the customer feels within the environment and therefore I either fix a problem or satisfy the customers.
My communication skills is one of my best assets. As I said, being an actress has made me a very speaker and communicater.
I have great communication skills. I feel comfortable talking to people whether it is in front of a large crowd or just one on one.
They are great. There's always something new to learn. Asking questions is key if you are uncertain of the answer.
I have had many vollenteer experiences with talking and working with people that has helped build my communication skills.
I have great communication skills. I feel that it is very necessary for there to be communication between a team because it allows everything to work smoother.
I am easy-going but respectful, I am able to interact with all kind of people.
I feel that my communicational skills are pretty good, I think that communication is vital in all scenarios because its so easy for things to get lost in translation.
I was improve my communication skills during the years, because in my prevouis jobs I worked with a people and im also very good in communication with other employers.
I have been in situations where communication is key during my passed jobs- whether it be talking to a client on the phone or ordering equipment for a shoot. Being clear and especially honest is the key to the best communication.
My communication skills are well.
My communication skills are excellent, I know how to get the word across to customers to assure them they will have a great dining experience.
Great I am very friendly and attentive I do what every I can to make the customer Happy.
I have developed great communcation skills through my past job history, I think communcating with a customer is one of the most imporant things we can do.
I am able to commincate properly with everyone.
My communications skills are really good. Being around different people makes me getting better every moment.
I've never worked in the past, but I've resolved conflicts between a few of the girls I was babysitting for once.
I am great at communication.
Very well, communication is very important in being a hostest, you must let your servers know when they have a new table.
I think I can communicate well professionally and in a casual setting. I'm not the smartest person out there but I also don't try to sit there and ignore something I can't answer.
I believe I am amazing in that. I love treat with people and I'm feel really good when I deal with costumers and I help them to feel better.
I had been improving my communication skills from time-to-time as I had been through few internships. In addition, I had been trained in college by always working in groups and I think I had improved a lot since the first day I was in college.
I have great communication skills, easy for me to spark a conversation with someone because I'm very friendly, an I'm a very outgoing person so coming across so many people is enjoyable to me .
Very good in both verbal and writting.
I have good communication skills. I know how to keep a conversation going an sleep people upbeat.
My communication skills are superb. I show the guest that I am eager and involved in their conversation and I always show concern in whatever situation they may have.
My communication skills are decent. I can be good at times with eye contact, I know correct grammer even though at times I do not use it. But when it comes to customers and business I know how to control my voice and talk to them in a professional manner.
I have great communication skills due to years of coaching, tutoring, and taking public speaking classes.
I like to think that I have wonderful com skills, I certainly enjoy talking to everyone.
Professional, I try to be clear and concise and listen.
My communication skills are okay that is why I want this job I want to build my communication skills.
I have excellent communication skills.
My communication skills are good. I can effectively communicate with others.
I think I have great communication skills. I think being able to communicate is an essential skill that everyone would benefit from improving on. I feel as though I can communicate well with others but it is definitely something that I continuously work on.
Great, I am a very good communicator and understand that it is very important to every role that I play now and in the future.
Great. I've received awards of excellence in english, which attests to my grasp on verbal and written english.
I would say very good. I can easily communicate with anyone.

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