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Tell me about your greatest work related accomplishment.

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How to Answer

The interviewer would like to know which career accomplishment you value the most. Talking about your most significant achievement will give the interviewer a definite idea of where you place your values. It will also show the interviewer more about your personality, how you like to be motivated, and how to coach you in the future. It is okay to brag a little bit when answering this question. Show that you are proud of yourself and your career accomplishments!

Tell me about your greatest work related accomplishment.
Abdominal Sonographer

"The greatest accomplishment in my career was graduating University as an honors student while still working part time in a related field. This showed me that I am able to dedicate myself to my career, and reach the goals that I set for myself. It felt great to accomplish so much and be recognized for my dedication."

Academic Library Director

"The greatest accomplishment in my career was graduating University as an honors student while still working full time in a related field. I was top of my class, and working full time. This showed me that I am able to dedicate myself to my career, and reach the goals that I set for myself. It felt great to accomplish so much and be recognized for my dedication."


"As an administrator, I can stand out by continuing to educate myself in unexpected ways, which will benefit my employer. This year alone I committed to additional coursework in Excel, PowerPoint, and QuickBooks. My boss was impressed with my high level of initiative and gave me a raise, along with additional responsibilities, because of it."


"The greatest accomplishment in my career was graduating University as an honors student while still working full time in a related field. I was top of my class, and working full time. This showed me that I could dedicate myself to my career and reach the goals that I set for myself. It felt great to accomplish so much and be recognized for my dedication."


"The greatest accomplishment in my career was graduating University as an honors student while still working full time in a related field. I was top of my class, and working full time. This achievement showed me that I could dedicate myself to my career and reach the goals that I set for myself. It felt great to accomplish so much."

Event Planner

"I feel most accomplished when I am able to create an event that pleases the guests and makes an impact. I put together a concert for an event that benefitted a non-profit and raised over $10,000. Each of the vendors and the organization and I all worked so well together to make it happen. It felt so good to be able to not just have a fun event but to have something to show for it." This answer shows that you are collaborative and find satisfaction in helping others. Whatever your motivations may be, choose an example that shows what you value and how that makes you feel accomplished. "


"What have you been recognized for? What have you received the most compliments for? Or, what made you feel the proudest? Go ahead and share your greatest accomplishment describing what made the accomplishment so rewarding. You might share about receiving a promotion, getting a great performance review, or receiving an award from the corporate office. You may share a positive review you received from a customer or a large project that you led. Be prepared to toot your own horn! "

Internal Audit Manager

"My most significant career accomplishment comes from the position I am currently in. The company promoted to me to a management level position after just 3 months. The promotion was in response to my strong work ethic and level of reliability. I was very proud of that accomplishment."


"I would have to say my greatest accomplishment was reducing departmental costs by 15% by thoroughly reviewing the amount of wiring used during electrical repairs and then further training our junior maintenance techs on the importance of aiming for zero waste."


"My greatest accomplishment was reducing departmental costs by 25% by thoroughly reviewing packing slips and comparing them to invoices and contract terms for accuracy. I then trained my team to do the same so that these savings could become the new status-quo for our department."

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Tell me about your greatest work related accomplishment.
Medical School Graduation.
Maintaining focus during and after the task at hand.
Getting into the National Junior Honor Society.
Take care of anesthesia, OB, GS bariatricsurgery, pediatric, ENT . Manage critically ill patients.
I will try to become the best anesthetist in future by putting efforts on innovations.
Looking after my mu mwhen she was unwell with cancer.
Completing medical school in a country that doesn't speak english.
When I got out of bed this morning.
Completing registrars hip with its myriad of challenges, academics, exams, research, presentations, and other all the admin work, many a time I didn't think I would wonder will I complete this in time,I did.
Austria Internship because tested everything.
In a big house with my license in nursing.
Qualifying for Michigan open golf tournament.
When everything that could have wrong went wrong and at the end the job was still executed without making our guest feel the pressure.
Seeing operators who learned under my training succeed.
My greatest sense of accomplishment was on the day of our fall fundraising event. I was so thrilled with how the event turned out. we had a huge showing of people and everyone really enjoyed themselves. we also raised more money than I had even anticipated. seeing all of my hard work come together so perfectly was the most incredible feeling.
Passing my state certification to pass medication to patients.
My boss lost her husband unexpectantly and so I had to take over as the Master of Ceromonies for our Ladies Brunch introducting each speaker along with a speech I made. I then presented a power point of the receipients that I had put together. The event was a success.
When I worked at Beach Happy Services and completed a catering job and had numerous people rave about the food and service and told me that I am an asset to the company.
Customers irritate me how do I deal with it.
When I made the most amount of money!
At the conclusion of many events, when the clients have that glow of having had a successful, memorable event.
I take my work very seriously and honestly I'm not finished with a project until I feel a sense of accomplishment.
I felt the greatest sense of accomplishment when I completed my first event by myself. I was able to get every thing figured out while being short staffed.
That would have to be at my sisters wedding, I was there for her every step of the way and her wedding came out beautifully.
This is a tough one to decide on just one occasion. The top 2 have to be Rock the Hage 2015 and our Golf day for 2015. There was so much work that went into planning both these events. Late nights and early mornings and come the day of both the events I was already exhausted but once the event was running and I got to look out and everything going on and seeing how much the public was enjoying themselves it was to me the greatest sense of acomplishment.
After each event, we conduct surveys with each of the attendees. The surveys ultimately allow us to rank which events, out of the top 10 NTR platforms, did the best. I remeber when it was announced tha tPhillips Edison was the #1 event. It was such a great feeling to know that we had come in first and remained at the top as long as I remained in my posiiton.
When event chairman thanked me during closing remarks.
In general the end result of every event is seeing the guest with their friends, family, colleagues whom ever genuinely happy.
Obviously during any event I try and take a step back and soak in the moment and that really gives me a sense of accomplishment, but one moment in particular was when a very accomplished event planner in the Bay Area recommended that one of their clients worked with me. It felt good to know my expertise was appreciated by someone so successful.
After many months of planning for a 600 per son wedding, it was awesome to walk into the ballroom and see the final outcome of all that planning - it was an awesome site to see.
When we had a successful event and all my team members felt positive and successful with me.
At EF Tours, I always felt a huge sense of accomplishment on "departure days" - days where a tour group was set to depart to another part of the world for their tour. Tours take one to two years of planning and countless details have to fall into place. For instance, when I was at EF, we had an enormous issue with passports arriving on time. IF all of our students made it to departure day, it would often bring me to tears.
Bringing the community together through sport and raising funds for the Princess Margaret Hospital with the Easter Dash. Having it all come together and seeing all the smiling faces. It was a great success.
Completing a big project.
When I won the best wedding catering award.
On my previous job, as C&E executive I have had to deal with a very last minute change of an event. The advised and contracted number was 100 delegates initially however closer to the date we have been informed that the number has increased to 250. We have been very worried as they were looking to have a cabaret setup which for us it was impossible to assist with, Nevertheless after many meetings with the client and our Ops Manager we convinced them to proceed with half of the room cabaret and rest of it to be in a theater style. I am very proud to say the event had a great success and moreover they also went with a drink session right after the event concluded.
WHen customers took the time to leave positive feedback about me. Its easy to write a bad review but it takes great service to have them reach ut about the positive experience.
Peoples feedback on your event. All the hard work has paid off.
After the completion of all Weekend to End Women's Cancers events.
I would have to say that the time when I felt the greatest sense of accomplishment in my job was when I was closing down my first professional event with Lloyds Banking Group. It was an annual Christmas event for the companies key clients and investors and I had been trusted with several important jobs such as liaising with the entertainment that I had organised - The Royal Academy of Music, and our guest speaker Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Reflecting on the event, it had gone extremely well as all 400 clients had attended the event, the day had gone to plan in terms of schedule and I received some great feedback from the London based events team - shortly after this I was offered several opportunities to co-ordinate more key client events for the Bristol and Herefordshire.
When the client comes and tell you it was everything they have ever dreamed of.
After I rented out one our community center to a non resident, she returned days later, from pompano which is about twenty minutes away just to thank me & the staff about a successful event!
One example would be when I coordinated and decorated for a wedding and I was leaving and the parents came up to me, almost in tears thanking me for the the job I did.
When I was the volunteer coordinator for the Joggin' for Frogmen 5k in San Diego, I had worked on organizing all our volunteers and vendors and wrote more than 20 emails a day. It was meticulous work, making sure the paperwork was right and everything was organized. So when the event was over and all our vendors and volunteers were happy and we raised lots of money for our military service memebers, I felt so accomplished.
The greatest accomplishment in my job was when one of my employer's friends saw me working my best and they mentioned to each other that this show would be a disaster without me handling the models, costume, hair & make-up, food etc. A small compliment that wasnt intended for me to hear, gave me a lot of confidence and energy, its good to be noticed and appreciated.
It was time when I finished my target with in time and got appreciation for that.
During my second wedding I had several family members approach during the reception and tell me what a good job I had done and that they would highly recommend me to other potential clients.
When I get mentioned on trip advisor it always nice to know you're appreciated for what you do at your job.
The talent that I used and which led me to employee of the month.
When everyone raved and wrote about the event in the local newspaper and talked about the event for years to come.
When the client is clearly having the best time and the guests/party are well catered for and show their appreciation for the hard work put in. I can not pin point as this has happened on several occasions now and is the best feeling.
Every event has been an accomplishment. Event the ones that did not go as planned. Mistakes happen and instead of seeing a misplanned event as a negative experience, why not take this opportunity to learn and be a stronger leader. I learn to embrace both great experiences and bad experiences.
While I was recruitment chairman for Kappa. The day we found out that we had gotten more members than any other organization, and that they were women we were proud of and happy to have join our organization I remember feeling an overwhelming since of accomplishment. It made the stress of the week totally worth it. I realize that not every event comes with that kind of rewarding feeling so that is something that I think I'll always treasure.
I felt the greaterst sense of accmomplishment when a store I did a grand opening for was one of the top 10 in sales of grand opening.
Several answers - each time I got promoted (more responsibilities with a raise). Reaching revenue each month with the biggest accomplishment of profiting which I secured in my first year as Director of Golf.
As the Contract Administrator at Philip Morris International many of our activities and events were tobacco based. In 2010 I spearheaded a toy drive to benefit the Chesterfield County Christmas Mother program. I took great pride in coming together as an office to help create a memorable Christmas for a deserving family.
Completing the first Retirement Symposium I was challenged to plan.
Working at the VIP tent for Aspen Ideas Festival and having good reviews throughout the two days that I spent there. It was amazing to be able to connect with these clients.
I feel a great sense of accomplish when I've successfully completed a task whether it be a recruitment hire or an event.
The greatest sense of accomplishment that I ever felt in my job is when I successfully coordinated a coffee tasting event for Starbucks & we more than exceeded our goal of customers and more than tripled our sales goal for the event.
After the MegaFest event. When the event was over and I truly had time to reflect on the consumer experience and how they enjoyed it. I realized that no matter how many things may have not gone as planned the overall experience was what mattered.
During the working process, I am usually very engaged. The biggest sense of achievement is felt after everything has been done, review and feedback has been collected and everyone has appreciated the event.
Seeing the clints smile, and knowing I was a part of their happiness. Nothing will give me a greater pleasure than that.
When I was completely overwhelmed from staying late and helping children with homework each day, and one of the kids who was staying late told me that homework time was her favorite time of day, because I was so helpful and nice to her.
With my part time time at Costcutters my sense of accomplishment is when a customer compliments your work ethic to my manager. I then feel I have done an excellent Job and the customer was delighted with their service.
I made my client very happy and got the job done.
When I increased the tracking performance of my company from 9% to 98% during my internship.
Always when I see the final numbers and they are higher than projected.
Contributing to a £1.6 million revnue over 9 week period.
I fill accomplished when I see the joy in my clients.
When more than one person said if they had to hire someone to plan an event they would call me and would suggest my creative services to others as well.
Spring Boston Calling. 2013. It was the first time we organized the concert with Crashline Productions. It was not anything we prepared for. Terrible weather. More logistical issues than anyone ever expected. The longest hours I have ever worked. But at the end of it all. We helped plan one of the best concerts I had ever been too. So many people and my clients thanked me for all the hard work but it was such a rare treat to see over 5000 people enjoy an event that took so much of my energy and focus.
After planning a meeting for potenital clients once they saw the presentation and product it resulted in a 1.08 billion sale.
Knowing that the fundraiser I helped to create was successful and the Boys and Girls Club now had an additional $5000.00 to help children in my community was a wonderful feeling.
Creating a chart which enabled the department to keep a tally of all the reviews for the entire department. Sometimes as much as 150. We need to know when the reports were emailed, completed, signed by partner and returned to HR for processing. This was very helpful to the department.
Bucks live was a student ran event which was module on my course, I was very proud we had pulled it off and the problem solving we achieved.
This past summer I had a counselor who was not a very good counselor. He would use attitude around campers because he thought they wouldn't understand. It was the tone of his voice he would use around them. Campers described it as being rude and having an attitude. A camper was switched to a new tribe due to this behavior. When the camper told me, I told her that I would tell my supervisor and then reported it. I let the camper know that I reported it. The camper then gave me a hug and said "thanks for taking care of me." That statement is what gave me the greatest sense of accomplishment in my job. I had earned the trust of that camper and she knew I was putting her first.
My greatest sense of accomplishment in my job, was coordinating the reward trip for our top earners in our sales team.
Programs can be quite demanding and technical and last-minute, but once I get something as difficult as that done, it feels great to have contributed an important part even if it seems like a small thing to the customers.
Cubs. This season. I have worked on the event for three years in a row. This year was by far the most challenging due to better record and increased guest attendance.... As well as working with more vendors.
I had to arrange an farewell party for 3rd year and I was appointed by 2nd year students. They only gave me their budget and said arrange it according to your thinking. So gave them an open ground which included a stage, food counters, D.J. And a game stall which included all small small games in it. They appointed me before 5 days of farewell. I thought how would I able to do. But I did it. They were very satisfied with my work.And the most important thing is that I luved doing that job.
When I successfully secured advertising dollars for the next year from a current client that was unknowingly ready to walk, but didn't because he was so impressed with the way I handled his event.
When I turn a non-buyer into a loyal customer.
Being able to deliver great itineraries for tourist.
I worked with a client whom was very unhappy with his last event, and almost completely refused to return. He came back for one last event and I made sure it was absolutely perfect in every detail and email/phone call to him. We exceeded his expectation.
When I organised two launch receptions for 1,000 on each night. it was the first time of organising an event off site for that many people. One being a client event and one an internal event both were to celebrate the new brand launch of cantor fits...
A job where I felt the greatest sense of accomplishment was when I was confronted by multiple displeased attendees at the Breast Cancer Awareness Getaway who had been placed in the wrong room. I maintained a positive attitude and listened attentively as they expressed their concerned. Once I was free to speak I apologized for any inconvenience that it caused them and I assured them that situation would be dealt with in a timely manner with care. I spoke with one of the representatives over the counter at the hotel we were holding registration and was able to get the rooms switched for our attendees. In the end they were calmer and happier and appreciated me for not having a negative mentality towards the situation.
This summer I was asked to help out at my good friends new coffee shop. I was hired on in June to be a barista and to cashier, which I really love. I found that carefully crafting each drink was a rewarding and fun thing to do! I felt really great helping the new coffee shop take off and seeing our customers taste our handcrafted beverages for the first time was really fun. I felt great knowing that I was doing my job to the best of my ability.
At DPE LLC, we had about 150k last year, and though that might not sound alot in tech money, that is considerable progress considering it was DPE LLC 3rd Year.
When I organized a charity event and seeing the smile on the children. We worked 18 hours that day, we were exhausted but it was all worth it in the end.
After Pack-ins being able to look at the venue when the lights are dimmed, the tables sparkle, knowing that when attendees walk into the venue they feel like they have stepped into a place where they are going to have a good time. For TA it was seeing how the system became automated and simplified ... Of course it did come with its own set of issues but it was a major improvement from the Excel days.
After each store opening.
When bride smiles thanking me.
If clients come and thank you for your hard work and know you as the problem solver and even comes back and ask for you to help them.
When I received positive feedback from several company members praising our organizational day that I planned and executed.
The greatest accomplishment I have felt personally in careers is at the end of camps when I hear from the campers and their parents how special they felt during the camp and how they want to come back. Other times, in restaurant work, when I can work so smoothly during busy shifts and hear great responses from customers is really rewarding.
Working on the firearm position statement - went on to be approved by the board.
Last year after planning my first big conference, on the last day a lot of the delegates came up to me and commented on how young I was and how impressed they were on how smoothly everything ran and what a great job I had done.
I would say, I gain a great sense of pride and accomplishment from all event I plan, no matter how big or small. However, I would say planning a high-scale Wedding in 4 months, while multi-tasking other projects is my biggest event accomplishment. My biggest accomplishment in my career history in general would be when I was awarded Excellence in administration and given the chance to work from my companies offices in Australia.
Its is the little things that make me happy. No matter what I am doing I have always been in customer service and my goal is to make someones day a little bit special and seeing someone enjoy and tell me that I was a part of that makes me feel so great!
When I was able to achieve 100 percent for both of my mystery shoppers while at DQ

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