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Tell me about a time that you have helped a co-worker accomplish an important goal.

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It is imperative to be goal-oriented and determined but even more critical is to support your coworkers in their professional endeavors openly. This support is how teams succeed! What do you do, outside of your own goals, to ensure that everyone on your team is successful? Assure the interviewer that you are always willing to keep the team, or company as a whole, in mind.

Tell me about a time that you have helped a co-worker accomplish an important goal.

"I work closely with accounts payable, ensuring our bills are paid on time. However, my coworker in accounts receivable was struggling to obtain payments from customers. I stepped in and helped her make collection calls one day, knowing that my work could wait until tomorrow. I could see she was drowning and discouraged, so it was the team-oriented thing to do."


"I enjoy seeing my coworkers succeed and will help them whenever possible. One way that I support my coworkers is to help them keep organized by making suggestions on new tools that I have discovered. I had one coworker with a brand new smartphone, and she wasn't sure all the ways it could be utilized to make her day better. I spent my lunch hour helping her set it up. She was golden, after that!"

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"As a Sales Manager my team is only as successful as the lowest producing employee. It is very important that my entire team is motivated, engaged, and on point with their KPI's. Last month I hired a new employee who was struggling significantly with sales. I sat him down and realized that he simply didn't understand the product. We spent a few hours together over that next week learning the product. In the end, his sales increased by 64% and he was significantly more confident. It helped the team morale as well."


"When a new hire starts, I have become the de-facto go-to for shadowing. I always make sure to introduce myself to new-hires immediately. I schedule time for them to sit down with me and shadow what I do and how I do it. I want to see everyone succeed and, since there is no real training program in our company, I feel I need to be the change maker in the organization."


"Nearing the end of Q4 last year, all of those who had not reached their content quota were facing potential layoff. I was 123% to quota, and my co-worker was struggling at 98%. I transferred a small client to him which pushed him to 104%. He was a strong team member, and I didn't want to see him lose his job for one difficult year."


"As a sales manager, my team is only as successful as the lowest producing employee. It is imperative that my entire team is motivated, engaged, and on point with their KPIs. Last month I hired a new employee who was struggling significantly with sales. I sat him down and realized that he simply didn't understand the product. We spent a few hours together over that next week learning the product. In the end, his sales increased by 64%, and he was significantly more confident. It helped the team morale as well."


"I recently helped a coworker with marking their students' final papers. She had encountered a health issue earlier and, due to that, was running behind on her work. It always feels nice to help someone out and, I know she would return the favor if I ever needed."

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Tell me about a time that you have helped a co-worker accomplish an important goal.
Yes I'm a closer, and I offer my help to my employee when need.
Absolutely. Both my dad and I are currently involved in a program where each one of us is on a completely restricted diet and it is a very tough challenge. We both need constant support to avoid processed foods and sodas and other unhealthy foods.
Yes I have. My roommate Megan had been trying to loose weight for awhile, but she lacked the motivation. So we both got a gym membership and I would go with her, so she has some support. I would also help her to not eat so much fast foods, when she would ask if I wanted some.
I helped the eldery and people in need of assistance.
Yes, I have taken girls on my team under my wing and helped them in areas that were not their strong suits.
I helped someone achieve their desired school grades.
Studying for school to get good grades.
By telling them they can keep going and never to give up.
Customer service, always smiling, and work hard to complete job tasks.
I am always helping the seasonal employees, rather it be proper blocking done, organizing go back carts, finding products in the warehouse, or explaining what we it takes to close the warehouse as a team.
Yes, I've helped a friend to lose weight by going to meetings and helping them plan their meals.
I am always willing to help and make it a point to let people know.
By giving them help on something that made them look good and achieve there goal.
Yes I have, I was able to put my little sister through school for two years. I supported her through out her school and she was able to become a CNA and a dental assistant. She was able to better herself and become a provider to her little family.
Yes working as a team player and in a supportive roll in family life as a Mom and wife and professionally as an employee.
Through out my Volunteer experience I feel like I have helped people do both achieve there goals and to better themselves.
The cooks in my last job was they were on fast pressured environment to push the good out . So I was always right by their side to accomplish their needs of a helping hand.
Yes I have helped coworkers achieve their goals by mentoring them and providing assistance when needed.
I help coworkers everdayi help finishing their task so the store can open on time.
I'm a team player and had leasing staff who always counted on me to assist.
Help with what they need if are hand why not,
Help with what they need if are hand why not,
I helped my boss get promoted to her position.
Associate was never able to sell an item and I provided useful information that helped.
I work correct coworkers on the proper way to do something so it worked out better. Some times suggested them to clean to keep busy. Stayed positive;
I have trained other people in becoming quilt artists, many of them have gone on to win awards on a national level for their Art. It's so rewarding to have people tell you how much you have helped them, gotta love those warm & fuzzy feelings making people feel good.
A single mother could not afford our rental rates so I helped her find a suitable apartment plus assistance, after a couple of years she was able to go back to school and she is now working for the State Of Ct, plus she came BACK to rent an apartment from our community and when I left she was still a resident.
I helped several students in my life to be promoted to the next grade and to go to High School.
Yes. I have taught others how to do things. I believe that we should be of service to others.
Yes lots of times by giving them the resources they need to meet there goal.
Iv owened my own Shop for over 20 years and yes I have had some employees come in out of school and had to show them the way I would do it are a way I learened and sometimes set up meetings and classes to better educated them.
I have helped someone achieve a goal of working in the night fill area at Bunnings. We worked side by side for the week, showing her how I stock the shelves, keeping the floor safe and clear of rubbish. She stayed in the night fill team as a result.
Yes another employees % were down so I recommnded some clients to them.
My nephew I try to push him to study hard make honest good grades and when he starts working show that company he can be trusted.
I have helped with shyness.
Yes I have, I gave my time back on the east side of the state with another lady and we offered a free workout for women in the community to help better themselves through fitness and fun.
I will help them as much as like helping their studies and find good job.
I was a coach at the high school for a few months since it was pre-season for the girls. One girl was telling me that she had no confidence in herself when it came to the position I was coaching her in. I gave her a motivational speech, and by the end of the pre-season, she was one of the top players. She had the biggest transformation, and she even decided to try and take her athletic career to the next level, as a freshman!
Yes, I helped a friend of mine pass a class back in high school by keeping him focused and explaining the material in a manner more comprehensible to him.
My previous job we had to sell Plus membership, ( I sold a lot) In my break I helped an associate how to do better.
That is literally how we got promotions at my internship. Making others hit there goal and mentoring them was the way we got a promotion. The better a team does, the better everyone does.
I was always training associates so they could achieve their goals at my previous job.
I helped my manager at Papa Johns maximize his bonus potential (beat last years sales for same month by 6%) by planning and executing local marketing strategies.
Yes, I played at a high level of soccer during my high school years, and in my junior year one of the seniors was struggling to find motivation, so he came to talk to me in exclusivity to find out how he could somewhat bring the passion that I brought to the practices and games. It worked out pretty well, he tried a lot harder after our talk.
Two years ago when I was still doing cross country, I helped a teammate PR by over a minute for a 4 mile race. It was our second race of the season and he wanted to run in the 21 minute range. Since I had run that last year, I thought it was doable that I could help pace him to that. He managed to stay with me for most of the race, but he kind of dropped behind during the last mile. But ultimately, he managed to end up running 21:35 that day.
Share ideas, remind them of there strengths, suggest a class or book they might like.
I am interested in inside of the people, and am self expiriend person, it helps me to understand people and give them advice about..... What they need.
I worked with in a special education class and was able to help an autistic child master a program so he could do a letter to santa for his parents.
By teaching and informing them of the tasks that need to be done.
Not an individual, but for companies that I worked for in the past. I worked for a clothing manufacturer, and we always had to meet a deadline to fulfill a big contract, and by doing so we would have future business with that company.
I helped my friend who was struggling with themselves by talking with him and helping him deal with his problem.
Yes by working with children learning to read. They had a task to complete and I assited them in doing so by listening, modeling and reasurring them of what they were doing in a postive, promoting way.
My cousin has always had a bad temper but she wanted to work on that so together we brainstormed and found ways that she could cool herself down and it helped a lot and the difference is very noticeable.
One of my close friends has really bad anxiety about taking tests. I am always there to help him as he studies, and I frequently take time out of my day to calm him down. His anxiety has really hindered his grades. He needed certain grades to make it into the engineering school, and with my assistance, he is closer than ever to that goal.
I have helped multiple of my friends achieve their fitness goals, such as getting stronger or losing weight.
Yes, I had helped a new cashier who had just started. She was not confident and felt like she didn't know how to do anything. I assured her that she was a bright, smart indiviual and helped her to succeed in her first job.
Yes when I was coaching. A player of mine wanted to become a overall player and score a touchdown by the end of the year.
If I ever finished my work before others, I would lend a hand and help others with their work.
Yes. I had an employee at my previous store who was apprehensive about becoming a team leader. I listened to her thoughts and help guide her to make the best career decision.
Yes I helped my mom a few years ago get her GED
I have a guy where I work and each time he takes his paid check, he comes backs the next day to ask for money for cookies, he spent lavishly and I talked to him on how he can save his money, get a cell phone for himself and rent an apartment.
Recently, my friend needed help passing a pyschology class so I took time and sat with her and helped her and it aslo helpeed me to.
My boyfriend had a goal of losing five pounds so I began eating healthy with him. Together we cut out all fast food and made meals together.
Sure, that is one of my strengths. Having been in seafood for many years and learning all the health benefits they have, I have encouraged many people, who have asked how to lose some weight to eat more seafood. One lady in particular lost 30 pounds in a month and half by incorporating seafood into her diet daily.
Yes. I had an acquaintance who was homeschooled who felt daunted by the prospect of registering for community college classes. I accompanied her to registration and talked her through the process.
A while back a friend of mine was struggling with a weight issue and diabetes such as myself and together I helper her to create a menu that was diabetes friendly with nutrition involved which in turn with a daily walking schedule would help her maintain her goal of losing a few pounds.
I have been a employer for many years and would coach and train them to achieve the ultimate goal.
Yes I helped my daughters get a new job going.
Yes, motivate team members to step up there game and do better.
Helped someone get a job by looking for jobs.
I have helped employees who worked with me to better themselves by pushing them to go back to school or teach them a trade. I have gotten a few people into the welding trade. It also makes you feel good knowing that you helped someone.
I have volunteered at the YARN Foundation over the past summer where I helped tutor kids in subjects like math, science, and english.
Yes I have. In the military, I would train my marines to be the best at their job. Achieving this would bring them closer to climbing the ladder.
Helped co-worker prepare for training session, creating documentation and sample data to meet tight deadline. Gave people one on one training with computer system so they could learn hands on. Allowed granddaughters to experience all types of experiences, etc to broaden their horizons. Concerts, ballet, musicals, museums, historical locations, camping.
Yes. By encouraging them with motivating words and by being an example and row model to that person.
I help my associates reach their goals everyday by assisting them to find whatever their customers need. The success of the company can only be measured by the success of all of its employees.
Yes, putting my work aside and showing them the easy way if they are struggling.
Yes, for example when I saw that there were students in lower levels I did a smart goal and wrote down the steps that it will take me to help the student achieve a higher level in the classroom.
Yes, helped friend study & change careers.
Yes just by showing them what I have learned over the years as a customer serv rep.
Yes. I had the opportunity to help people all the time. I help my clients with their English classes, volunteers to find a position that meet their needs, arranging transportation for frail people.
As a Senior Cost controller and then manager, I helped my team stayed organized and focused by training them and I put in place formal weekly meeting to check progress and I let them knew that I was always available to talk any subjects. And the morning coffee is important too informal talk and get informations.
When given an opportunity to help others I tend to step up and do so. I feel when my co-workers, friends or family succeed at their goals or better themselves we all win. It feels good to help others, I helped a dear friend become clean and sober through setting up counseling and simply being there when I was needed.
Plenty of times have I helped a co worker finish there tasks even when I was off work.
I had an acquaintance who had been home schooled, and although she had done very well academically, she felt daunted about the prospect of registering for community college. I volunteered to go with her to register and helped her fill out the paperwork and select entry level classes.
Yes, the time was when someone truck has broken down I would help them out and bring them to the nearest truck stop.
Yes I have two team members that I developed and got promoted to team leaders in my first year at target.
I trained a new hire in drive through order taking and cash handling when she first began working at our restaurant she was very nervous and doubted herself often and now she is one of the best ones that works in drive thru.
Yes a coworker was thinking about quitting her job and I tried to help her stay focused on the job as I know she needed to work to support herself.
Many times I worked with people that I helped to bring along by increasing their responsibilties so that they would learned new skills to go along with those that they had already mastered. If for aexample, someone showed me that he wanted to learn, or followed instructions well as an apprentice mechanic in my garage, I would have them come to learn some of what went on in the front of the store. I also organized meetings 1 day per week 1 hour before the store opened to discusas our common goals, and to show the gargae staff how to help us and themselves to reach goals that I would set for the team. Helped them to earn more money (incentives) and helped us to increase sales the right way... By noticing thing that were wrong on the car, and suggesting the repair therof.
Yes by being a support system. Helping my best friend decide a new career path and supporting her decision to go back to school.
Yes I have. In my advanced a/v class, we work in groups, and therefore are all trying to achieve the same goal. If any of my group members are struggling to achieve their specific goal, such as not understanding how to edit one of the scenes, or not having any ideas for possibly shots, it is my duty to help them fix the problem and therefore achieve their goals.
Yes, by teaching them how to operate a piece of machinery or equipment. Have them write the information in a small notebook, and step back to see if they can do it on their own. Also, sharing some ideas to help them work smarter.
Always work as team since two heads seem to work better than one.
I have seen the potential in smart workers and have helped them improve their performance by not cutting corners and being more thorough in the work production, for which they've been very appreciative. It built loyalty.
I had a cashier that wanted to become a department supervisor. I worked with her and guided her within the store. She got promoted to head cashier and recently became a department supervisor for seasonal.
That situation happens a lot on the shop floor when I would have to train someone on a job. I show them methods I use or provide them with tools that help make the job easier.
I vent to the person and make sure everything is a okay and I motivate them to do better.
I always try to pass my knowledge on to my fellow co-workers. I have explained different formulas and experiences so that the next time they are asked, they can achieve an answer by themselves. They can help the customer without asking for help.
My husband was going to school to be a Physical Therapist Assistant. He was taking pre-requisite classes and I helped him with his studying. We did mock tests, and I ready his psychology 101 book to him so he could retain the information better. He passed al of his 1st semester classes. Sadly he had to stop going to school for lack of funding.
I assisted my brother through the process of getting his dream job. He had to do a two-week course of classes, which I helped him study for.

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