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Answering Accomplishment Questions

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If you were hired today, what would you accomplish first?

Example #1
"I know you mentioned that the average tenure in this position, before promotion, is anywhere from 6 months to a year or more. I intend to prove over the first three months that I am a rockstar in the organization and would be of greater benefit to you in an account executive role than I am in a sales development role."
Example #2
"If hired today, I would start with analyzing all quantifiable data from the last month, quarter, and year to identify any bottlenecks or shortfalls in productivity. I would make corrections from there. Perhaps this will be in the form of creating better processes, implementing new applications for productivity, or simplifying the vendor process. This work will, of course, coincide with your biggest pain-points at the moment."
Example #3
"You mentioned earlier that staff training and retention had become a pressure point for your organization. I considered that and created a 90-day plan to increase retention while streamlining the training process via an online training manual with self-guided lessons. Would you like to take a deeper look?"
Example #4
"I created a strategic plan for you to take a look at, using one of your biggest clients as an example. This outline shows how I can make an impact as your Head of Marketing in the next 30, 60, and 90 days. First and foremost, my focus would be on getting to know your highest-spending clients by booking face to face meetings with them. It would be a discovery meeting where I would set out to see where we could serve them better, and increase their marketing spend in areas they were lacking."
Example #5
"If you hired me today, I would dive right into the training manual, learning all of your products and pricing. I would study your best selling products and work on my sales scripts."
Example #6
"When we were speaking earlier, about sales targets in this position, you mentioned that most new sales professionals begin to hit their KPI's after 120 days. If hired today, my goal would be to exceed my KPI's after the first 90 days. I plan to make a positive impact very quickly by getting on the phone, getting to know my clients, and discovering their needs immediately. I will upsell from there."

Example #7
"The first thing I would do is acquaint myself with my students, and their parents. The better understanding I have of my class and the dynamics, the more effective of an educator I can be."
Example #8
"When we were speaking earlier, about sales targets in this position, you mentioned that most new sales professionals hit their KPI's after 120 days. If I were hired today, my goal would be to exceed my KPI's after the first 90 days. I plan to make a positive impact very quickly."
Example #9
"I like many facets of your menu. It's creative and on trend. If I could make any changes to your menu I would make a couple of ingredient changes that are even more on trend right now. I also see opportunity for potential cost savings on a couple of your menu items."
Example #10
"You measure what you manage. For me, it is all about returning criminals to the community with a low reentry rate. I will work hard and smart to integrate criminals back into society with goals of not returning to the lifestyle that put them in the system."
Example #11
"Within the first few days, I would see myself learning from my supervisor and taking in any new information given to me. I'd like to take the time to get to know the operation, tools, and the team."
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