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Tell me your involvement with budgets and food planning.

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Advice and Examples: Tell me your involvement with budgets and food planning. For a Food Service Interview Question.

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    Tell me your involvement with budgets and food planning.

      How to Answer

      Food planning and budgeting are essential skills to have when looking to grow in your foodservice career. You can take courses on these topics such as Food & Beverage cost controls, often available through local colleges and culinary schools. You likely know that costs have to be recovered through sales, so it's easy to remember this calculation: sales = labor + overhead + food costs. If you do not have formal education or on the job training related to budgets and food costs, you can find essential formulas and calculators online. Show the interviewer that you understand the importance of being aware of expenses and the advantages of food planning.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I have a certificate in Food & Beverage Cost Controls with ten years' experience building food budgets and menu planning. My current food costs are below 22%, a record low for the company where I work. I do not sacrifice when it comes to quality, but I do understand that it's important to prevent waste by overbuying."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I have excellent math skills, buying insight, and the ability to use many ingredients in multiple ways, to avoid waste and high costs. In my current role, I assist the executive chef with food planning and budgeting. I am not an expert in these areas; however, I would rate myself an intermediate level."