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Give an example of a fall-time menu that you would prepare.

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Advice and Examples: Give an example of a fall-time menu that you would prepare. For a Food Service Interview Question.

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    Give an example of a fall-time menu that you would prepare.

      How to Answer

      Menu's change with the season, primarily if you work for an organization interested in working with the best seasonal ingredients, and sourcing local products. The interviewer would like to know that you have a keen interest in menu planning with a creative and exciting flair. Before your interview, you should visit the Company ABC website to see if you can gain any clues related to the type of flavors they enjoy. Lean on that as a basis for your creativity.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Some of my favorite fall ingredients include pumpkin, beets, pomegranate, and persimmons. If I were to create a 4-course fall menu, I would begin with a squash ribbon salad with a zesty orange and chile sauce. Next, an oven roasted polenta dish with mushrooms and thyme. The main could be lamb shanks braised in mint and burnt orange sauce. For dessert, I would create a pumpkin cheesecake with bourbon sauce. I have many great ideas when it comes to fall culinary."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Fall offers rich and comforting flavors. It's one of my favorite seasons to cook! If I were to create a fall time menu, I would start with a warming soup such as Pumpkin Chipotle. Next, I would create a beetroot, chevre, and walnut salad with a warm vinaigrette. For the main, I would offer a dish of cider-braised chicken breasts with marinated pears and root vegetables. For dessert, a warm chocolate cake with pumpkin spiced ice cream, house-made, of course, topped with vanilla bean."