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William Grant and Sons Interview

30 Questions and Answers by Rachelle Enns
Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
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This position requires extensive travel. Are you able to travel at least 60% of the time?

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This position requires extensive travel. Are you able to travel at least 60% of the time?

Depending on your role with William Grant and Sons, you may be required to travel. Much of this travel will be within work hours and may require overnights. It's essential that you have a solid idea of the expectations in this role, and whether or not you can meet them. If you are not clear on the travel expectations, be sure to ask for clarification.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"I can travel 60% of the time, including overnight travel out of town. I have a reliable new vehicle, and currently, do not have restrictions when it comes to my schedule. I love to get out and meet my clients and introduce myself to potential new customers as well. Could you share with me more on the travel expectations for this position?"

Rachelle's Answer #2

"At this time, I can travel wherever it is required of me between 7am-6pm Monday to Friday. I have a commitment to my family on evenings and weekends; however. Do you have a travel schedule that you could share with me? I certainly want to meet your expectations in every way."


William Grant and Sons has a very competitive employment offer. What do you know about our offering?

Before attending an interview, you must research and understand what William Grant and Sons offers in the way of benefits, employee perks, and more. You may not have every detail; however, most companies will give you some information on their careers page. Show that you have done your homework before the interview and come prepared to discuss what excites you the most.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"In addition to advertising your competitive salaries, I see that William Grant and Sons also offers holiday bonus', a 401k savings plan, medical and dental, and more. Your compensation packages sound very generous, and I especially look forward to hearing more about your tuition reimbursement program."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"I researched your careers site quite extensively and understand that you offer reward and recognition programs, quarterly bonus opportunities, holiday bonus' and more. I am thrilled to see that there are so many opportunities present at William Grant and Sons to prove myself and be eligible for payment based on a stellar performance."


Walk me through your experience with CRM software. With which programs are you most experienced?

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps you to organize your customer data and track the actions that you need to take, to nurture accounts. Think of the names of all software and programs that you have used in your current or previous positions. Think about the features that you used and how the system helped you to better perform at work.

Some of the most popular CRMs in North America include Oracle, HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics. If you are not sure of the system used at William Grant and Sons you can certainly ask!

Rachelle's Answer #1

"I understand two different CRM programs which include Oracle and Salesforce. My previous companies were enterprise-level organizations, requiring strong CRM support and options. I would rank my skills in these systems as an 8 out of 10. Could you share with me the CRM you use at William Grant and Sons?"

Rachelle's Answer #2

"Being new to my career, my exposure to a CRM is limited; however, I would be happy to get a head-start on my learning if you would like to share with me which CRM you use. I pick up on new tech and systems very quickly."


What are some challenges the liquor industry will face in the next three years?

When you are in-the-know of industry challenges, you show the interviewer that you are engaged in the interview process. The more you know, the keener you will appear to William Grant and Sons, increasing your chances of being hired.

Traditionally, the biggest obstacles in the liquor industry include regulation, taxation, tight profit margins, and social issues related to drinking and responsible consumption. Talk about an article you recently read or statistics that you found interesting. Show that you have done your research!

Rachelle's Answer #1

"I believe that one hot topic impacting the liquor industry now, and in the next few years is the rising popularity of cannabis-based beverages. Cannabis is a shining star at the moment and is competing heavily with the alcoholic beverage industry in many regions as of late. We will see some changes coming up, I believe, as these product gain popularity."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"Government and policy change will be a continued challenge in the liquor industry. As we begin to see trade laws change, we may see less product exported globally. I recently read an article on the liquor industry and trade agreements. The idea was that the alcohol industry is becoming more aggressive in trade agreements and other agreements related to the reduction of tariffs."


How do you plan to drive the performance of William Grant and Sons brands over your first 90 days?

The performance of William Grant and Sons products should be one of the most critical concerns for you. Discuss how you will contribute to the performance of their brands and products during the first three months of your employment. Chances are, you will be on a 90-day probationary period, so it's especially critical that you have a plan for success.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"In the first 90 days of employment at William Grant and Sons I plan to call on every existing account given to me and book a time to meet with the client. I will take the time to discover what I could do to improve their service and gain more of their business. I will reach out to my existing network and drum up at least five new accounts, ensuring that I exceed my sales targets as soon as possible."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"Besides cold calling and spending a fair amount of my time prospecting new business, I will also dedicate myself to fast-track my training. My success will depend greatly on my product knowledge, so I plan to take additional time studying and learning every SKU under the William Grant and Sons brand."


Are you comfortable selling products that come with health-related warning labels?

William Grant and Sons does it's best to ensure its products are premium, and available only to those of legal drinking age. Regardless, the truth is that alcohol comes with a warning label in most regions. These warnings include not to drink during pregnancy, that drinking impairs your driving, and heavy drinking can cause health problems. Talk to the interviewer about your level of comfortability in selling products that come with a health warning.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"I believe that most things are fine to be enjoyed, in moderation. Alcohol can be terrible for you if you misuse it. I will ensure that my customers are knowledgable in how William Grant and Sons products are best enjoyed."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"I have researched William Grant and Sons products, your company's demographic, and also your marketing approaches. Many industries have products that come with health-related warning labels, so this is a non-issue for me. So long as people drink responsibly, and do not drive after drinking, I see no issue."


Walk me through your sales experience and training.

Your answer to this question should go beyond the information provided on your resume. Discuss the highlights of your sales experience, with a spotlight on your brightest accomplishments.

Knowing your career highlight reel is especially important if your resume doesn't give a full picture of your accomplishments, and is more task-based. This question is your time to show off just a bit; discussing your training, education, and experience.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"I have been in sales for over six years with my first role being a door-to-door alarm sales position. In that job, I worked my way into a team-lead position where I would train new reps on sales and closing techniques. Over the years, I have put a lot of emphasis on professional development. I recently completed 'The Future of Selling,' a Dale Carnegie program. I keep myself up to date on new sales processes, and utilize my CRM to ensure my pipeline of business is always full."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"I currently work as a business development researcher, which means that I spend most of my day prospecting and cold calling, up to 150 calls per week. I am the top researcher in my company, and I account a lot of this success for the business reading that I do on sales, account development, closing deals, and asking for the sale. I know I am ready to take the next leap to become an account manager with William Grant and Sons."


Tell me about the products available from William Grant and Sons. How familiar are you with our products?

You must have a firm understanding of the products you will be representing before your interview. William Grant and Sons offers a range of products and you should be able to list off quite a few of them. The more you know, the more you are showing engagement and interest in the role.

Talk to the interviewer about the products that you have tried, the ones you like the most, and the ones that you look forward to trying. Confirm your ability and interest in learning new products.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"I have tried many William Grant and Sons products, including (A), (B), and (C). I find your products to be premium to anything else on the market. I believe your products to be superior in many ways and will have no trouble selling in the (D) and (E) markets. I see that you launch new products every year, which is exciting! I look forward to seeing the innovative products that come from William Grant and Sons next."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"I have gone to William Grant and Sons products as my top beverage brand choice for many years! Your products are versatile; especially (A), and (B). I will quickly learn your range of products and will proudly represent them!"


This position aside, which department of William Grant and Sons are you most interested in gaining experience?

The interviewer wants to know where your interest is, aside from the position for which you are currently interviewing. The best employees are often the ones who understand the ins and outs of more than just their job function.

Perhaps you want to learn more about research and development, marketing, human resources, data and analytics, talent acquisition, or even finance. Express to the interviewer that you have an interest in getting to know William Grant and Sons and their overall operation.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"Aside from this sales-based position, I would love to have a peek inside how product research and development work with William Grant and Sons. I have a curiosity and keen interest in the process that goes into deciding which products make it to market, and which ones are scrapped."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"My educational background is in Marketing. I would love to get to know more about the marketing process at William Grant and Sons. It would be exciting to learn how product launches are born and executed."


What does exceptional client service mean to you?

William Grant and Sons is a well-known brand with popular products and an excellent reputation to uphold. Your part, as an employee of the company, will be to deliver exceptional experiences to everyone that you encounter during your workday.

By delivering excellent customer service, you are one to look for opportunities to go above expectations. You listen to your customers and sell from a perspective of their needs versus your wants. You offer support to your customers, even when you feel too busy to pick up the phone or pop in to see how they are doing.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"The basics of customer service is to be of service; meaning I make myself available to help when my client needs me. Exceptional customer service means being reliable and friendly, knowledgable in my own business, but in that of my customer as well. I was proud to win 'rep of the year' last year, with votes coming from my actual customers. It was an honor, and it felt great to know that my customers feel that my added efforts make a difference in their business."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"When my customers are thrilled with every one of our encounters, to me that is exceptional customer service. I deliver what my customers need, even when it means inconveniencing myself. I take the time to get to know their business and what keeps them up at night. Then, I ensure that my product recommendations are helpful and will ease their pain points as much as possible. My customers can lean on me, and they can trust that I will only recommend a product that they can move and profit from."


How important is it to be persuasive when working in a retail sales-based industry?

Being a persuasive person is not a negative factor; in fact, many esteemed sales organizations train their front-line employees and management on the art of persuasion.

Good communicators are often persuasive and can influence others to see their point of view without being pushy, demanding, or aggressive. It is essential to have the power of persuasion when you are selling any product or service.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"I see persuasion everywhere; in marketing, advertising, most business conversation, and even casual communication outside of work. I do consider myself persuasive but not pushy. I can convey my goals, and the reasoning behind them, very clearly. I build rapport with my clients and get to know their needs. When the time comes to ask for a sale, I can express to them how they will benefit. So, in sales, product sales, and retail sales, the power of persuasion is critical."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"As an account manager, persuasion is critical. I need to gain buy-in from my clients, and prospects when it comes to the belief and understanding that the product I represent is superior. I have trained on persuasive techniques such as 'Appeal to Reason,' 'Appeal to Trust,' and 'Appeal to Emotion.'"


How would you go about developing and nurturing a new client account?

The interviewer wants to understand your sales process, how you build rapport with your clients, and how you ensure a great relationship with all of your accounts. Talk about the way that you approach new clients, how you get to know their needs before making product suggestions or asking for a sale.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"I must understand their business, customer demographics, and existing products before ever making recommendations or asking for a sale. I go in person when approaching a new client account. I introduce myself, offer free samples of my product, and ask them about their business and customers. Being inquisitive and allowing the business owner to do most of the talking is a significant factor in rapport building."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"When approaching a new prospect, I would be sure to show them that I have done my research on their business. I look at who the owners are and if they own other businesses, what the demographics are within a 3-mile radius, and more. I will visit the store as a customer and take note of the stock they give priority placement to in their store. Once I am ready with an idea of how my product can benefit them, then I will approach with my sales pitch."


How can William Grant and Sons motivate you on the job?

Many people find motivation through financial perks, bonus opportunities, words of encouragement, or the chance for promotion and career growth. The interviewer wants to know how to keep your motivational levels high, ensuring that you are productive on the job. Discuss what keeps you motivated, even on days that do not offer a ton of excitement or activity.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"Friendly competition is always a great motivator for me, even if its competition against myself such as beating my best weeks' sales numbers. A friendly yet competitive environment allows me to have a fun and new goal to look forward to even on days that may not be as action-packed."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"I live for new opportunities and chances to gain promotion or career growth. I am newer to my career, and I want to grow and prove what I can do, so any opportunities related to career growth are highly motivating for me."


How can a liquor brand best influence a customer at the point of purchase?

You probably know that great merchandising is critical to the success of a product when placed in a retail setting. If you fail to merchandise effectively, your products may not sell as fast as expected. Assure the interviewer that you understand the importance of on-point merchandising. Discuss some of the strategies that you would implement to ensure that your product moves, should you become a new team member at William Grant and Sons.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"The checkout area is critical when it comes to upselling opportunities. I like to teach my customers about the value of impulse buys at the point of sale and how much they can increase their profitability. Customers waiting in the line need something to look at, so why not put fun promotional products around the checkout, with graphics and catchy signage? As a rep, I put a great amount of focus on displays and promotions seen from the counter or the checkout."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"When it comes to overall influence, a liquor brand can have window signage, neon signs, competitive placement inside coolers, and eye-catching signage for 'grab' items at checkout to encourage impulse buys. I look forward to learning more about your merchandising standards at William Grant and Sons."


If you could change one thing about William Grant and Sons marketing, what would it be?

It's time to take a look at the marketing efforts of William Grant and Sons with a critical yet open eye. Of course, you don't want to answer this question by completely knocking down their marketing efforts, and offering a thousand ways they could change.

What the interviewer is looking for is an insightful suggestion on how they could boost their marketing efforts in one specific area. Perhaps you think they could be more active on social media, or you know of a new advertising avenue William Grant and Sons could benefit from.

Rachelle's Answer #1

"I have seen a lot of popular brands advertising on Spotify. I think Spotify could be a fascinating new avenue to look into when it comes to William Grant and Sons marketing efforts. I like the commercials that I see and hear on television and radio; however, I believe that other digital approaches could be more lucrative and less expensive for William Grant and Sons."

Rachelle's Answer #2

"I enjoy the advertising efforts of William Grant and Sons and find the messaging to be consistent and well thought out. If I could add to your marketing efforts I would suggest adding more drink recipes onto IGTV, showing bartenders making fun cocktails with your products."

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