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Why should we not hire you?
The interviewer is hoping to hear that there is no reason to not hire you! Simply tell the interviewer that you would be a great employee, and confidently share that there is no reason to not hire you! You might wrap it up by sharing that you are customer focused, have a proven employment record, and you really love Wegmans!

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we not hire you?
The only reason I can see you not hiring me is if you found someone else with experience, or older in age, but overal I feel like I am very qualified for this position.
Your should hire me beause I have the skill and ability to have this job.
The few reasons for not hiring me would be if there were someone else older and/or more qualified for the position. Otherwise, I am a very good candidate for the job.
I dont see any reason why you should not hire be because I work diligently,
I am only able to work a limited number of hours.
If someone had more experience and knowledge on the job than I do but I am a good candidate for the job and I have worked many jobs I wasn't experienced with and soon became a top employee on the job because of my dedication for any job I commit myself to.
I do not believe their is a reason for you to not hire me. I am an extremely hard worker. I give my best everyday.
Barring a candidate with more experience, I believe I am as worthy a candidate as any for this position.
The only reason I could think of is that you found someone who you believe to be superior to me in multiple aspects.
Unless, your company has a policy against smiling while working, I believe I would be a great candidate.
If you find another person with higher qulifications that I did not have.
There is no reason no to. I have over ten years experience in retail service with a lot of experience in customer service as well as I am a very hard worker.
The only reason I can see for you not to hire me is if you found a candidate with more customer service experience.
I think the only reason would be if you found someone more qualified. otherwise I think I would do a great job.
Wegmans should hire me because I have previous experience in a grocery store. I know how to operate a cash register but more importantly, I am a dedicated and hard worker. I am always on time for my shifts and truly enjoy coming to work,
The only reason I could imagine you not hiring me is if there were someone much more qualified and with much more experience. I am sure, however, that I would make an excellent hire for the Wegmans family.
You should definitely hire me because I possess the qualities you are looking for in an employee.
If there is a candidate with more experience. However, I am a fast learned and believe that I could quickly become just as competent.
The only reason I can think of you not hiring me is that you found someone with better experience or older, but I believe I am very qualified for this job.
The only reason I would think of is if someone older or having better experience but I truly do think I am qualified and able to work this position and bring great work ethics to your store.
I am a team player. I am good at everything I do and seriously work hard to complete task and finish assigments.
If there was someone that had more experience than I do.
You should hire me because I know I am a peoples person, customer service oriented and love learning new things.
The only reason I would see in why you wouldnt hire me is because you found someone with higher qualification, older, or better working hours.
They found some one better qualified then you are.
The only reason I can think of is if you had another candidate that is more highly qualified than me although I believe that I am the right person for the job.
To be honest I do not have an answer to this question.
I can see no reason not to hire me, unless you found another person with more experience.
You should hire me, I think that if you give me a chance you will see that I am a loyal and dedicated worker and I take all my responsibilities seriously.
I am a very productive and motivated person so you should hire me.
I honestly cannot think of a reason.I will go above and be and beyond to prove I was the right person for the job.
I cannot think of a reason why you should not hire me. Unless somebody is more qualified than me.
Ive never worked at a cashier but I am a fast learner and there is a first for evereything.
You should NOT not hire me!
One reason would be that right now my priority is to do well in college and it would my first obligation and my job would likely work around that.
If you dont want someone that is friendly and willing to work then I guess you shouldnt.
I have anxiety so it might be difficult at times to balance schoolwork, my social life, and a job.
I dont see a reason why not, im passionate, adaptable, reliable, profecional and I have a great attitude.
Because lm a hard worker that never gives up.
I may cause competition between your workers due to my ability and determination to work.
One of my weaknesses are that I tend to fall in love with what I do. I think that when people go through things, life is to short to not enjoy what you are doing or life is too short to stress about anything. If I do work I would get too attached to whatever task I would be doing.
You should hire me, I am reliable and interested in growing with your organization.
I tend to procrastinate but can catch myself doing it and get back on task.
I dont think there is any reason why you shouldnt hire me.
I am a very caring person, and I get the job done... I will give wegmans customer Top priority care.
Why should you not hire me? sometimes I can be unmotivated and slow, and when I feel overwhelmed, sometimes I kind of just shut down, like not speaking up when I should and things along that line.
There is no reason Wegmas should not hire me. I give 110% and want to see others succeed.
I am highly skilled and knowledgeable in this field.
I don't have an answer. I'm a hard worker and am dedicated to tasks I take on.
I'm a very reliable confident at what I do.
Obviously, I am really excited about this opportunity. But to be honest, I can't say that I am absolutely, definitely the perfect fit for this job. I don't think it's realistic to claim such insight.
Because at times I can tend to be "too nice" this at times comes across that one would be a bad manager, but I am able to channel my kindness and explain to people when I mean business and when I expect more from them.
You should hire me because, I'm hardworking and I will get the job I'm hired to do done.
If you don't want a hard worker and someone that brings a positive attitude to work everyday, then I guess I should not get hired.
Although particularly i'm not the most positive sociable person at previous areas of employment I worked at, i've found that it's accountable and possible to hold down a job while compensating for weaknesses in job performance or attitude. I've often started to hold accountability more with effectively communicated with others and increased my comfort zone in the workplace in terms of developing better social skills. I hope this isn't against any opportunity for me to get hired but i'm willing to work on any types of weaknesses I have and the results might not come immediately but over time, being that i'm like most of my employees and managers that I work with, i've often found solutions to mistakes I made and have turned myself around since then.
I cannot think of a reason why you should not hire me.
The reason why you wouldn't want to hire me could be my age and lack of retail experience, however I am fully dedicated and have the ability to do this job.
I cannot think of a reason on why you should not hire me.
I can get a little stressed under a lot of pressure, but most of the time I handle it pretty well.
I don't know why you shouldn't but I can tell you why you should. You will always be able to depend on me when you need it and I'll always do whatever I can to help customers and coworkers.
Because you want someone to methodically do a job with limited customer interaction.
Because I can have a short temper but thats very rare.
I don't really believe there isn't any reason not to, but sometimes I can be a bit sympathetic. However, I have learned to turn that into kindness yet at the same time stick to my grounds.
Their is no reason not to hire me, I will be valuable to you company and a loss if you don't.
You might have an experienced person on the waiting list. I hope that would be the major reason.
Why should you not hire me if you do not want a loyal hard working team member.
If my qualities are not what you are searching for in a candidate then that is when, however providing excellent customer service is priority to me if I do obtain this job.