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Why should we not hire you?
User Submitted Interview Answers
The only reason i can see you not hiring me is if you found someone else with experience, or older in age, but overal i feel like i am very qualified for this position.
If someone had more experience and knowledge on the job than I do but I am a good candidate for the job and I have worked many jobs I wasn't experienced with and soon became a top employee on the job because of my dedication for any job I commit myself to.
Your should hire me beause i have the skill and ability to have this job.
i dont see any reason why you should not hire be because i work diligently,
The few reasons for not hiring me would be if there were someone else older and/or more qualified for the position. Otherwise, I am a very good candidate for the job.
The reason why you wouldn't want to hire me could be my age and lack of retail experience, however I am fully dedicated and have the ability to do this job.
Barring a candidate with more experience, I believe I am as worthy a candidate as any for this position.
You should definitely hire me because I possess the qualities you are looking for in an employee.
The only reason I could imagine you not hiring me is if there were someone much more qualified and with much more experience. I am sure, however, that I would make an excellent hire for the Wegmans family.
Because you want someone to methodically do a job with limited customer interaction.