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Why do you think you will like working at Wegmans?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you are excited about working at Wegmans. Wegmans is about providing exceptional service and a great experience. Tell the interviewer why you look forward to being a part of something as an employee of Wegmans. Recognize that you would be helping create an environment where friends, family, and business colleagues come to shop together. Be mindful that you would be a place where people can enjoy a meal. And, acknowledge that you would be the setting for many families to come pick out their ingredients for their Thanksgiving dinner. Be excited to share that you would get to be a part of something great by being an employee at Wegmans!

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Why do you think you will like working at Wegmans?
The people- getting to interact with customers and coworkers.
Wegmans has a friendly work evironment that I would like to learn more about.
I enjoy shopping there. I enjoy my interactions with those who work there. What's not to like?
It is a great work experience.
I think I would like working there because I get to be around and help people everyday.
As I heard from family and friends I heard that the staff are quite friendly and the work while being hard can be quite enjoyable.
I will like working at Wegmans because I want to be part of the friendly working experience and be able to become a part of that.
It is a clean, friendly, and amusing work environment that anyoone should feel privileged to work in.
Because the position I applied for i'm passionate about in terms of food prepping. I've figured I already had some restaurant experience that does match the skills and qualifications for the job I applied for and felt it was necessary to seek an opportunity somewhere higher since I only have restaurant experience.
I have a family history of grocers and food service, Wegmans is years in business and I will enjoy working for a company with the standards and experience of Wegmans.
The atmosphere seems very welcoming and I love working with other people.
The joyful environment, the caring each employee gives to one another and how everyone cares for the customer is something wonderful and would like to be apart of.
I love the atmosphere that Wegmans has created within its stores. Employees seem genuinely happy to be there, and that reflects highly on the entire staff and management practices of the store.
Its a new challenge and I'm always up for a new challenge.
Because they care about their customers and they are friendly like me.
Everyone seems so friendly here and very proud to work here. Both my high school and college had close-knit communities and I value that. I see Wegmans in the same light.
I like working with customers, interacting with them, talking to them, I like to hear what they have to say. I would really enjoy the team.
I think working at wegmans will help me with more experience and to learn the things that I havent learned yet.
I am people's person . I love to interact with people & I have good communication skills.
That I would be working for the very best Supermarket.
Wegmans employee like familier.
Because it seems like a comfortable environment that I can see myself working in.
The atmosphere and being able to work with poeple.
I like the family environment. I also like the ability to work as a team with other employees to be able to solve issues together and bounce off different ideas to one another.
I been to Wegmans before and the people there was nice and friendly and they make you feel welcomed and I know I can do the same thing.
I enjoy cooking and working with food and I am always trying to find ways to prepare healthier meals for my family. I feel like working at Wegman's will be a great place to learn. I also love working with people and helping customers find healthy meal options.
Because its a great store with a great reputation, I love all the gourmet items and different departments, and I think it would be a good opportunity for me.
It's clean and the employees seem to really be part of a team. I also fell pretty confident that I can handle just about any job (below management) that was given to me after I learn it.
Wegmans is a company that cares about the success and well-being of its employees. I think working in that kind of environment would be very exciting. Wegmans listens to and respects its employees. That means my gifts and contributions to the company would be appreciated and could contribute to the betterment of the organization for both employees/management and the customers.
I know I would like working at Wegmans. It is all about striving for the best and that is what I do for myself. I love making customers happy as well as taking care of the store itself.
I think it will be a good work environment for me to be in. I believe I can grow as a person while helping to improve the company.
I would like working at Wegmans because there are many culinary opportunities and in the future I see myself being chef one day as I would like to attend a culinary arts university.
Because the superior quality of products and service that I receive from wegmans is the same type of qualities I like to give to people and customers.
I think wegmans and I will be a great fit because of our great strive for customer service.
Clean and safe work environment.
Great atmoshere. , friendly employees, great learning experience.
I would like to interact with all different types of people.
I think I will like working at Wegmans because from what I've seen with present employees I feel like I can fit right into the atmosphere and universe that is Wegmans.
Because the employees seem very nices, and store is very busy, and so clean.
It's a busy place full of good food and people that I would like too surround myself in.
Because l know l will bring a positive attitude everyday.
I love shopping at wegmans so how could you not like working at the store.
I will like working at Wegmans because I love interacting with new people. I enjoy helping people and even sometimes making their days a lot better. I have had people tell me that my smile has made their day go from bad to great.
I believe that Wegmans is an excellent company and will give me the experience and skills that I need to begin a second career.
I know I'll love working with wegmans because we share the same values and I know that I'll be working alongside great people and that we'll have a common goal in mind.
The company has a good reputation and my standards are in line with that of the company.
I think that it would be a good experience for me and I've heard and see how friendly your employees are.
I woudl like to work in a friendly group of people.
It's a family oriented business that actually cares about their employees.
Getting to meet new people while helping a team satisfy the customers.
Because the environment inside any wegmans store is as welcoming to customers as it is to their employees.
The friendly atmosphere and the possibilities of raises as well as the company itself strives for excellence.
Because I will be making money for something I can say is enjoyable.
People are always happly and I would be a good fit.
Beause they have fixible sheldule.
Comfortable atmosphere, stong company.
Wegmans has great customer service, treats its employees well and is continually growing and changing.
I think I will like it because everyone seems nice.
Wegmans is known for their great customer service, and seems like an ideal place to work. I know several people who are happy with their employment at Wegmans and hope to be one of them.
It shows companionship, it helps other and give the needs to others.
Friendly Atmostphere.
I am good with the customers.
Friendly Atmosphere.
I would like working at Wegmans because the employees seem very nice and personable. Also Wegmans is a very clean place and a place that is very familiar to me since it is my family's number one grocery store.

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