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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
The interviewer wants to hear that you enjoy being a part of a team and that you contribute to the success of the team. Start off by sharing the last time you contributed to a team effort. Perhaps it was a large project at work. Maybe it was on a basketball team. Or, you might have led a Girl Scout troop. All of these make great examples! Discuss how you personally made efforts to contribute to the team, and be sure to mention how successful the team was!

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User-Submitted Answers

When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
In school while working on a research lab report with other group members, I had the job of recording information as well as testing the results.
Group projects for school.
Volunteered at an event at church, I basically acted as the secretary recording how much money we raised and keeping track of everything.
In school, I was working on a research paper, and I was the person who was writing down all the information.
Changing over sales at work.
I was in a group for an English project in school. My role was to take down notes as we brainstormed ideas as well as proofread our final product.
Daily we are constantly helping each other at work to get jobs that need to be completed in a timely manner done.
This Sunday I helped to set up for a service and help to transfer residents.
Every time I walk into work im part of a team. I work with the sackers, cashiers, other assistants, managers, and other departments to offer the best customer service possible.
In a chemistry lab, I was responsible to record what is happening in a reaction, and take down note. After the lab, since I didnt get to do much I clean the equipment while my group write down my lab note.
Last week when I was in meal center a late catering order came in. We all pulled together and got it done. I delegated the work out to the team.
On my basketball team, where I was the captain. I was constantly encouraging them no matter what.
At the village bakery a customer wanted a custom cake and we had to come up with a theme so we all brain stormed and then I made the cakes and the frostings that were going to be used for the cake.
Physical training in NROTC stepping out and leading my company to finish a distance run.
I was a wing on a hockey team. We all worked together, sharing ice time and encouraging one another to succeed.
Christmas charity drive for needy children, went to stores for donations.
At my after school program called cypher. We organized events that is public for people to come to and see what we accomplish.
I was on our championship soccer team and I was midfield.
My last team effort was in school for my final project in English and I was the person who did all the research on our topic.
At market basket, I was involved in the final breakdown of the shelves before the store closed. We were behind so I decided that I would go to an isle by myself and work very proficiently in breaking down the isle. This ultimately allowed us to get out on time.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was this previous school year, in my Advanced Placement English class, my role was to gather ideas from my team members about different aspects of a project, and then presenting them in front of the class.
Everyday. My supervisor is only in the office a couple times a week so we rely on each other for a lot.
Just this morning I helped load and unload several hundred pound electrical motors. We had fifteen and we worked to make sure they reached destination safely and were unloaded efficiently without damage and moved to their respective locations. It was actually a lot of fun.
Last year, I worked on a class schedule with five other teachers.
I worked with 6 other teachers to finalize class schedules.
In my previous job, the entire team worked together to reach a sales goal. We had different roles we had to fulfill and I always made sure to complete mine.
I contribute everytime I am in the kitchen with my employees because in a pizzeria it is a team effort.
This summer actually we worked in groups to complete group challenges against other groups.No one had a specific role. We just work as a team to accomplish our goal.
Everyday I contribute to a team effort. It could be in the grill area helping complete orders or helping on the egg and meat station to make customers get their food in a very timely manner. It also has been where I clean up a spill from a customer while the other co worker gives them a new coffee.
Working through a dinner rush and getting the job done together. I was always good at organizing a way to get that done.
The other night, breakfast was running behind in their closing procedures. Bread and I helped to top the loaves with streusel with the employee took out the trash.
At Starbucks we were having a new promotion with our new at home lattes. I sampled the two flavors to the guest and explained the difference between both and then gave them a coupon to use on their next visit.
Last week in my church, we had a party for a family going back to Taiwan, I help cook food.
I contribute to a team every day at work. My role is the team leader, and I lead the kitchen into complete all daily prep tasks.
Everyday I help the prep cooks portion out pasta and other items, it helps them get their job done faster, a little team work goes a long way.
Last holiday season my team was under a lot of pressure to make our sales goals, I proposed a contest that if we attained our goal, and exceeded it, each of us who did would be in the running to be able to leave a little early on our next shift, for example if you sold over 100 dollars more you could leave 10 minutes early, 200 more 20 minutes early.
I am a volunteer fireman and I assist the interior fireman by getting them tools and supplying water.
While I was working at a daycare, my role was to make sure everything was well organized for the parents.
Last summer, I managed three stands worth throughout the produce season. This involved coordinating various schedules, gathering enough workers to unload the trucks and restocking at each stand.
I am currently on a varsity basketball team for the Syracuse Academy Atoms, we worked together throughout the season to contribute to a very successful season in which continues now into the Class B finals.
While I was working at mcdonalds, a customer ordered a lot of milkshakes and smoothies, I helped by making all of ther smoothies.
The last time I contributed to a team effort is is when I was in school and we had a final project to get done in 3 weeks and my role was team leader I had to keep everybody in place and make sure they got the job done.
When I worked at hotel Ithaca I helped other housekeepers clean rooms as a team.
In Virginia, I was on a service project and a goal was to help construct a house. We would do various jobs together.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was during school. I teach preschool and I had to teach a project.
The last time was my last social studies project. My role was to get what I could done and same with everyone else. Sadly, it was coming close to the due date and none of my partners did anything. So I ended up doing it all. I should of talked to my teacher earlier about it. I did talk to him after it was done.
We were doing a group presentation in school and l was leader.
At school, this previous year that I just finished, I was the President and leader of our Class Officers and that put me in charge of all class activities held at school. As a team we contributed a lot and finished sophomore year with many excited for junior year.
My current job often requires a collaborative effort to problem solve or troubleshoot technical issues. I contribute through either my knowledge base or research, or if needed I provide support to my co-workers by taking over other tasks to keep the workflow as fluid as possible.
The last time I contributed in a team effort was at church and I had to pick an activity to do for the pre school kids .
Organizating a big party over 200 people.... And we set up different areas to join, and I worked on decorations, there was food stations. Entertainment. Etc.
Floor set- everyone has a role when we move the store, mine was to sensor and put clothes out on the floor.
When I was in school I was the leader.
I been on a lot of teams in the past. I joined the diving team at my home school Rustin, and I did the robotics team at the technical school in Phenixville, helping design the robot for our competitions.
Last team effort on my part was on last Friday, Sept. 25th. The store took an inbound truck. The entire Ops team was in place to unload and process the truck. I was the leader of the merchandise team on the sales floor. My role to monitor productivity throughout the sales floor, ensure that the team was working at peak efficiency. I would also ensure that merchandising standards were being followed.
The leader and solving a scavenger hunt in an amusement park.
My last day of work Oct 10, myself and my team performed together under my leadership to finish out the last 10 days we were open for business, with the highest level of quality, and service we had always accomplished.
At Delta we have an advisory council which makes the decisions for the school. I offer my opinion and so does everyone else on the decision and then we vote. But if anyone is not okay with the decision it requires more discussion.
Team effort to make the nod score reach a certain goal took everyone to do their part to make it work.
A lot of times at Target I would be closing and after the store closed we would have to finish "reshop". If I got my section that I was in charge of finishing early, I would call on the walkie and see where I needed to go next. I would go and help whoever needed it the most.
I would say at school for my final practical I had to work with a partner to bake and decorate a cake and we both had to work together to get it done.
Offsite function, head chef was my role.
Yesterday, Getting the paperwork done in a timely manner.
We use a lot of team work at school so there we're all equal as a group but I tend to be the brains of it all.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was when, my family and I cleaned out my grandmothers room. It not only took less time with a few people helping, but it also made out relationship stronger.
When the kitchen gutters were clogged, drained dishwater out of sink and flooded the floor. I took a squeege to one side while another coworker took a squeege on the other to get the water flowing to the drain.
At Tully's I often dedicated my time off of my own position to help somebody else under pressure, my role was doing pull-outs and cleaning between grills and side stations. Most of the time when I would be scheduled on Wheel or Salamander, there were times I was assigned other projects but would take out my time to make sure everything was done on time efficiently and I did so by going above my job description. I often had times where I could handle two or three positions alone on Fry-side on a slower night but often contributed to team effort by hoping from one position to the other, while another coworker was busy doing changeovers or pull-outs.
The last time I contributed in a team effort was when me and my club members had to work together to find a volunteer opportunity. We all worked equally and together to find the job. I was the researcher and found volunteer groups to provide to the group.
I am directing a musical so I have to contribute to and help a group of people everyday.
At my current job we are going through many different rests preparing for spring this involves the whole team and I I'm the lead on theses projects.
Really just working at a fast pace during breakfast and lunch rushes.
When I was helping other club members work on the yearbook, I was one of the three editors.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was ?
In the job I am doing now, we had to get shipments out in time and we all worked together to accomplish it.
In business class we recently made a PowerPoint slide on a certain job in the business field and I made 2 of the informational slides and also assisted other group members.
The last time I contributed to a team effort is when we had our semi-annual inventory and my role was to count all of the merchandise in my given area.
When fruit tarts were on special sale. helped to bake tart shells and assemble the tarts it was a and package and price them it was a great team effort.
Helping team members get the work doneas team member.
I am on the board of a local radio station and I had to collect community news and make radio spots to air a community bulletin board.
Working behind a bar with other bartenders is always a team effort. We all help each other out and work as a team.
When I put together a fundraiser to raise several thousands of dollars for a club at school that I am the vice president of.