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What makes our stores different than other grocery stores?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you recognize something unique about Wegmans. You might mention the great selection including all of the food stations. You might recognize that it offers an abundance of natural and organic items. You may talk about its gluten-free options. You might talk about the top-notch customer service and knowledgeable associates. Or, you may discuss how Wegmans only opens a select number of stores each year to ensure it continually offers a high quality experience. Simply choose something that is different about Wegmans, and tell the interviewer.

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What makes our stores different than other grocery stores?
Wegmans is known for the care it has for its customers.
First, employees seem more happy to share information and thoughts at Wegmans. The wide variety of foods for various lifestyles is fascinating to me. And the presentation of food and information feels natural and welcoming.
The vast variety of prepared foods, extremly good customer service.
Integrity and diversity are two major traits that separate the company from other stores.
You make customers feel like they are home, like they are apart of something special.
You guys offer organic and healthy products. You also care about your customers.
Wegmans is visually appealing, the employees are knowledgeable and friendly, the food and services are high quality. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly.
The cleanliness and obvious teamwork. The store layout is also very organized, and is helped by the awesome app with the shopping list which organizes itself by aisle. There are always enough cashiers to help customers, and when a cashier doesn't have a customer, they wait out in their lane to invite people in.
It is clear how serious you are about the quality of what you sale, how knowlegable and caring and you take the time to train your employees to do the same.
The people are friendlier, and the overall experience throughout the store is positive.
Variety of products and customer service.
Everything to me personally. It is always clean the employees are always ready to help and make you a priority. They make you feel welcome instead of as if I was wasting their time. No other store has as high quality food as Wegmans and it is very easy on my wallet. Easily the best.
You want to provide great quality health foods. Also, you want to customer to be welcomed which I feel a lot of grocery stores lack that inviting persoanlity.
Your standards are high and your employees are great.
The whole entire experience as soon as you walk in, the atmosphere is exciting and bubbly and the employees are eager to assist you, not to mention all of the wonderful range of products you carry come together to make Wegmans different and ahead of the competition by all standards.
Wegmans is an international store where you can find foods from all different cultures. The service is wonderful and the employees are friendly, compared to other grocery stores.
Definitely the customer service and the cleanlness of the stores.
Wegmans has a large variety of different prepare food and a great customer service.
The food is great and its a great store too take your family to too have fun and enjoy themselves.
You value every human being and what foods they eat.
The range of choices that are offered and the courtious friendly helpful atmosphere of employees.
Wegmans provides the best service and is always a positive.
In Wegmans there is a friendly environment, the store is clean, and everyone is respectful to each other, which makes wegmans different from other stores.
I think that Wegmans offers a variety of items from food to merchandise and also offers an in store resturant which is very unique.
It was rated one of the best places to work, The company actually cares about its employees, The pay is above minimum wage and the hours are good, Its like a mini mall just for food so it has a wider selection than most grocery stores around.
Wegmans higher standards differentiates itself from other grocery stores.
Wegmans has a warm and friendly environment feel and every employee make you feel very welcome.
Great selection of products and services and of course great customer service.
Wegmans has a very friendly feel to it, and there is a great variety of organic options which most people are really starting to lean towards.
The size for one, Wegmans are much larger than most grocery stores, the number of different products offered, the employees, how customers are treated and the quality of the merchandise.

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